Friday, May 21, 2010

Criminal Minds: CMRT Visits Behind the Scenes Part 1

Criminal Minds Round Table paid a visit to the set on the second to the last day of filming. Filming was being done at the studio and here is what we were treated to.

This is our tour guide Jace. What a total sweetheart. Everytime someone said Hi to him and asked how he was doing, he would reply, "Just living the dream!" We believed him too.

Jace is originally from Houston. When asked what he wanted to do in this business, his reply, "Everything. I want to do it all." CMRT wishes him nothing but luck. He was great to us.

Jace took us on a tour of everything and over the next few days, CMRT will share some of our pictures with you.

The Season Finale, Our Darkest Hour, takes the team back to Los Angeles.

To the LAPD Homicide Division

Where they will work closely with Detective Matt Spicer, who will be played by former Without A Trace star Eric Close

Stay tuned for more pictures over the next few days!


  1. Jace is such a cutie! So nice of him to take you around!

  2. Jace! I am so proud of you :) keep living your dream!


  3. Jace, we could not be any prouder of you if you were our own son. We love you so much and wish you nothing but wonderful things! Love, dmo

  4. I interned on CM and Jace always responded with that line as well. He's pretty awesome


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