Friday, April 2, 2010

Mountain Conquered by Criminal Minds

The CBS crime drama Criminal Minds took over the mountain communities this week, as the FBI’s seven-member Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) stayed a step ahead of a serial killer who targets the fictional town of Franklin, Alaska.

One of the stars of the show, Kirsten Vangsness, who plays computer wiz Penelope Garcia, took a moment to say hello to The Mountain Enterprise: “I grew up in Porterville [north of Bakersfield] and always heard about Frazier Park and what a great place it is, but never visited here,” she said.

Production began Monday at the Mil Potrero Y, where Garcia witnesses a murder. Later Monday, BAU members discovered that they’ll have to share rooms in a tiny motel called the Tavern Inn—known locally as Alpine Plaza.

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  1. That is SO COOL!!!! I love behind the scenes stuff. Love all the BTS pictures they posted, especially #20 in the slideshow (surprise, surprise). LOL!!!


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