Monday, March 29, 2010

Criminal Minds: The Lighter Side - Part 6

We finish up Season 2 with episodes 16-23 which includes one of our favorites of all time...the bar scene from Open Season.
Have we missed any of your favorites from Season 2? Tell us!

2.16 Fear and Loathing - Emily burns her hand pouring herself coffee and then has a conversation with Morgan about dating, being a nerd, and a shared interest in Kurt Vonnegut.

2.17 Distress – Gideon and Morgan are at the underground lair of the Unsub and Gideon gestures Morgan to go down into it. Morgan says he’s putting in for hazard pay, and Gideon says, “Good luck with that”

2.18 Jones – JJ needs some information from Garcia and gives her a call. After getting what she was looking for JJ says, “You’re the best ever.” Garcia: “Awww…and you’re the most perceptive.”

2.19 Ashes and Dust – Reid is talking about statistics on arsonists and says he’s trying to be more conversational to which Emily replies “Yeah, it’s not working”

2.20 Honor Among Thieves – The funniest scene from this episode isn’t actually in this episode. It’s in the outtakes, which we’ve attached for those that have not seen it. Paget Brewster & “Motherballs” = hilarious!

2.21 Open Season - The infamous bar scene with Prentiss, JJ, and Garcia; one of our favorite scenes of all time. Our three ladies go out for drinks at a local bar. When Emily goes to get beer for the three of them, she meets Brad, “a real FBI Agent”. Our agents pretend to be impressed and Garcia even wants to know what its like at “Quan-Ti-Co”. Brad thinks things are going his way only to have the ladies flash their badges proving, indeed, who the real FBI agents are and sending Brad shirking away.

2.22 Legacy – At the end of this heavy case, they all watch an old Charlie Chaplin movie which results in them throwing popcorn at each other and having a good time.

2.23 No Way Out II: The Evilution of Frank – the lightest moment of this episode is both light yet heavy at the same time. As Hotch profiles his team to Strauss, defending them and the jobs that they do, the team, oblivious to the inquisition Hotch is going through, jokes around with one another in the bullpen.

We will start tomorrow with Season 3


  1. bring on season three! :)

  2. These are good ... a nice look back!


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