Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kirsten Vangsness on Twitter and MySpace

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  1. I'm not used to seeing K-Doll without glasses. She looks great either way. Unlike me who looks dorky w/my glasses on LOL. That's a nice pic of her.

  2. hi...
    my name is Enrique, im from Veracurz, mexico.
    and i love to Kirsten Vangsness, its my favorite women.

    bye and thanks

  3. I am watching the Criminal Minds, where Garcia gets shot. Whenever she talks about how hot guys don't come on to her, I always want to tell her how beautiful she is. Kirsten, you are gorgeous!

  4. that true she is GORGEOUS

  5. I believe she's the most talented, most beautiful, most gifted woman in the whole world. If her and melonie don't work out she can see me in Alabama, LOL!!

  6. If it aint broke, don't fix it. Why on earth would you change up the cast on a hit show. We are already missing JJ. I think losing one more would kill it for me. Sorry CBS.

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