Monday, March 1, 2010

An Interview with Howard Griffith of Criminal Minds

QUIXOTE STUDIOS–Howard Griffith is, for lack of a better term, a man’s man. No nonsense. No fuss. Long-sleeved, flannel shirt. White, peppered beard. A calm manner and deep voice (with just the tiniest hint that he’s from the South). He is, indeed, a born and raised Texan–one who used to bull-ride (no joke), likes football and served in Vietnam. Sometime after getting back from ‘Nam, the man accidentally found himself on a film crew, fell in love with the business and never looked back. That…was thirty-something years ago. Now, he’s in LA; the Co-Producer of the Emmy-nominated show Criminal Minds. And I’m about to bother him with question after question…

Inside and upstairs and at the end of the hall, I approach the office of Howard Griffith. His walls are covered with papers but not a thing is out of place. Each month’s calendar is perfectly lined, stretching across the wall behind him. I see week after week, and month after month into the future. Above them, are the individual photos of the cast of Criminal Minds. Their names; their characters. I study them for a minute before noticing all the binders that are in order. The papers. Files. Pens. The man is organized.

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