Sunday, February 28, 2010

Criminal Minds Favorite Victims - Part 6

This is our final post in our favorite UNSUB and favorite VICTIM series. We had a great time putting all this together and hope it gave you some new glimpses into our favorite show.

Riding the Lightening (S1, Ep 14) Sarah Jean Dawes portrayed by Jeanetta Arnette

The word that comes to mind when we think about Sarah Jean Dawes is “grace.” She was on death row, about to be executed for crimes she didn’t commit and she exuded grace. She was willing to sacrifice her own life to give her son Riley, the life he deserved. By going to her death without seeking a stay of execution to prove her innocence, she saved him from the trauma of finding out that his birth father was a horrible serial killer of young girls. Her dignity and grace moved the entire team.

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  1. She's definitely my favourite vic of the entire series and this episode was so beautiful :(


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