Monday, January 11, 2010

Richard Shepard will direct the Criminal Minds Spin-off Pilot Episode

Richard Shepard, director of the original Criminal Minds Pilot, is returning to direct the pilot episode of the Criminal Minds Spin-off.

"The upcoming Criminal minds spin-off, set to begin production in February, has found itself a director, and no other than the same guy who helmed the original Criminal Minds pilot that aired some four years ago. Richard Shepard, who directed "Extreme Aggressor" on CBS' Criminal Minds, has signed on to handle the show's spin-off as well, or at least the pilot episode, Variety reports.

"The idea of coming back and doing this spinoff was exciting," Shepard said. "I was proud of that show and I haven't directed a procedural since Criminal Minds. They came to me with this great opportunity."

Shepard, who also has in his belt the Ugly Betty pilot in addition to 30 Rock and In the Motherhood episodes, has signed a deal with CBS to direct two of the network's pilots this season. Aside from the still title-less and cast-less Criminal minds spin-off, the other one is yet to be determined.

Just like NCIS: Los Angeles, the spin-off pilot will also double as an episode from the mothership. Called a backdoor pilot set the branch-out will center on another group of FBI profiles. "I'm not ready yet to commit to doing a TV show for five years," he said. "This gives me the freedom to look at projects already in the system and come on with a fresh pair of eyes. So far that's worked out for me... I love doing pilots; they're like mini-movies. You get to help cast a show and set a look to it." So far, four characters need to be cast for the Criminal Minds spin-off - Cooper, the team leader; Gina, an undercover agent; Mick, a firearms specialist; and Prophet, a born-again ex-con."

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