Friday, January 15, 2010

Criminal Minds - "The Uncanny Valley"

I would just like to take the opportunity to express my delight with "The Uncanny Valley", written by Breen Frazier, airing this past Wednesday on CBS. This episode was superb. It was very well written and the directing was amazing.

The acting in "The Uncanny Valley" was excellent from the team to the UNSUBS to the victims. I am most impressed with Matthew Gray Gubler's portrayal of Dr. Spencer Reid. It has been wonderful to watch Dr. Reid mature and grow within the team. He is so much more certain of himself and more assertive. Matthew is certainly a talented actor in many ways and I simply cannot fathom the thought of anyone else having been cast in this role. No one else could have done it justice.

Once again, we have been made to feel sympathy for the UNSUB (Jennifer Hasty), a young woman who was sexually abused by her father (Jonathan Frakes). There was less personal story in this episode and more interaction of the team. It was a 'let's get down to business' episode and I think many viewers will appreciate that about this week's show. It is certainly one of my favourite Criminal Minds episodes of the season.

Kudos to the entire cast and crew of "The Uncanny Valley". You did an excellent job!