Tuesday, January 19, 2010


From TV Guide (January 25-31, 2010) Sweeps Preview Issue

...But what he really wants to do is direct. Matthew Gray Gubler (aka Dr. Spencer Reid) becomes the first costar to step behind the camera with the March 3 episode, one of three originals scheduled for sweeps. In Gubler's big episode, the BAU tracks a family of killers who owns a crematorium. "I finally got the gumption [last season] to ask, 'What do I have to do to prove that I'm ready to direct?'" says Gubler, who's helmed short films and videos and shadowed exec producer Ed Bernero on a pilot. "My main concern will be creating suspense," he says. As for his fellow actors, "I'd like them to let something new out." If they don't? Jokes Gubler, "I'm gonna fire a few and get rid of the deadweight." But before he does, check out the February 3 installment, which guest stars Sex and the City's David Eigenberg, and the February 10 episode, in which a serial killer terrorizes a small town. "It builds to a spectacular ending," says exec producer Simon Mirren.