Friday, January 22, 2010

CM's Own AJ Cook Stars In Misconceptions

Misconceptions starring Criminal Minds' own AJ Cook starts Friday in limited release.

AJ stars as Miranda, a married southern woman whose strong religious conservative beliefs do a complete 180 when she receives what she believes to be a message from God telling her to become a surrogate for a gay couple from Boston. As if hiding the situation from her husband isn't difficult enough, things get further complicated when one of the men (Orlando Jones) comes down South to keep an eye on the woman carrying his child and won't leave. Often light-hearted this comedy/drama touches on several relevant issues: religion, gay marriage, cultural differences, and the debate over same-sex parenting.

Also stars: Sam Ball, Sarah Carter, David Moscow, and David Sutcliffe

Go see this independent film being released in the following cities:

Los Angeles - Sunset 5, January 22nd
New York - Quad Theater, January 22nd
San Francisco - Roxie, January 29th