Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You found us!

Welcome to the Criminal Minds Round Table. When we were positing names for this blog, and Sir Bedivere suggested Criminal Minds Round Table, we knew immediately that was the perfect name for our blog.

It fit in so many ways.

Many fans, and Ed Bernero (CM’s Show Runner and Executive Producer) himself, compare the show and its characters to Arthurian legend and the Knights of the Round Table. Mr. Bernero even went so far as to say that he knew that the stories had to be “Arthurian” to appeal to the most people. The team meets to brief cases at a round table, and there are many parallels between our BAU team and the Knights and other Arthurian characters.

In addition, a Round Table discussion is what we want to have here about any and all topics CM-related. In a Round Table discussion, each participant has equal status and equal time to present views. And finally, since this is going to be a group effort amongst a group of CM fans, we are going to take turns around the table, with each of us posting about the show, our favorite characters and our favorite actors on the show.

So, please join Lady Guinevere, Sir Tristan, Sir Galahad, Sir Gawain, Sir Perceval, Sir Bedivere, Morgana, Merlin, and me, The Lady of the Lake (an extra-added benefit was that we got to choose cool names for our alter egos), in exploring our favorite show, actors, and the Arthurian legend.

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