Thursday, December 31, 2009

A&E Marathon schedule for Jan 1

A&E will have another Criminal Minds Marathon starting at 8h00am on Jan 1.
Here are the episodes that will be shown and a small synopsis;


41 - Ashes and Dust
The BAU hunt down a serial arsonist who's posing as an activist in an environmental group.


43 - Open Season
Our BAU team races to stop a pair of serial killers who abduct their victims, let them loose in the wild to hunt them.


44 - Legacy
The BAU go to Kansas City at the request of a cop whose beat is the downtown area and where 63 people have dissapeared.


45 - No Way Out: The Evilution of Frank
Frank is back and Gideon is his target. Fearing that Frank will kill her, Jane (his love) leaves him.


46 - Doubt
The BAU team, having caught the serial killer, begins to doubt themselves.


47 - In Name and Blood
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) investigates a serial killer in Milwaukee who kidnaps women by using his kid.


48 - Scared to Death
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) tracks down a sadistic killer who exploits his victims' worst fears.


49 - Children of the Dark
The BAU investigate a series of brutal home invasions that leave a trail of bodies throughout Denver.


50 - Seven Seconds
When a child is abducted at a local mall, the BAU locks down the area and must profile the people at the mall.


51 - About Face
A killer taunts his victims with "Missing" fliers that feature the soon-to-be victim's photo.


52 - Identity
When one half of a killing duo blows himself up when caught by authorities, the team must rush to capture the second half of that duo.


53 - Lucky
The pursuit of a cannibalistic "nightstalker"- type serial killer who believes Satan protects him.


75 - Brothers in Arms
A case hits close to home for former cop Morgan when a serial killer targets police officers.


76 - Normal
The team chases "The Road Warrior," an UnSub who kills blonde women driving luxury cars.


88 - Roadkill
The BAU is called to Hartford, Connecticut to help stop a killer who is running over women with his truck.


82 - Demonology
The BAU team must deal with the Devil himself when exorcisms lead to a series of murders.