Friday, July 22, 2016

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 12 - BTS: 1202. Sick Day

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

#CriminalMinds homework tonight. Reading @VirgilWilliams outline. U know if it's a VW story, it's gonna be great.
- Photo by Karen Maser
Writing partner. Happy 4th. #CriminalMinds @Casamigos - Photo by Virgil Williams
Back to work. @criminalmindsofficials #criminalminds - Photo by Larry Teng
Location scouting. #criminalminds #1202 - Photo by Larry Teng
Graffiti alley. Chinatown, Los Angeles. #criminalminds #1202 - Photo by Larry Teng
Scouting episode 1202. Stay tuned - Photo by Harry Bring
standing around creepy abandoned places. as usual. - Photo by AE Chadwick
The city I live in, the city of angels... #LA - Photo by Virgil Williams
Urban sprawl. #LA - Photo by Virgil Williams
This can only mean one thing at #CriminalMinds ... Location scout! #SeasonXII #setlife
- Photo by CM_SetReport
At @duparsrestaurants trying to figure out staging for tomorrow's #CriminalMinds shoot. - Photo by Larry Teng
UnSub Trap - Photo by Harry Bring
Set Decorator Tony can't wait for the weekend. #CriminalMinds #SeasonXII #setlife
- Photo by CM_SetReport
As if there wasn't enough fire damage. Fleabag has to add his own touch. 104*dtla
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Day 1 of my second episode of @crimmindscbs and I found the perfect thought bubble to say how I'm feeling after having my wisdom tooth removed a few days ago. More accurately, the space where my tooth used to be is what hurts.
- Photo by Adam Rodriguez
When the Special Effects boys are filling bottles with Tiki Torch oil, it's about to get real.
- Photo by John Hatchitt
My tenth episode with these two knuckleheads. First AD Terry Ham and Second AD Coach Rossett. #criminalminds #dgasquad - Photo by Larry Teng
First set strike of the season! #CriminalMinds #SeasonXII #setlife - Photo by CM_SetReport
No rest for the weary so we're working through this Friday night into Saturday morning on @crimmindscbs ! Check out the smoke cloud covering the standard LA sunshine in the background. Ominous. Godspeed to everyone battling the blaze. And on a lighter note, Happy Birthday to my cast-mate @ajcook !!! - Photo by Adam Rodriguez
Another hot day on the #CriminalMinds set. - Photo by Virgil Williams
Happy Birthday @ajcook!#criminalminds #1202 - Photo by Larry Teng
Can you guess how many seasons Reid's prop lunch has been in the BAU fridge? #CriminalMinds #setlife #SeasonXII
- Photo by CM_SetReport
The things you do when nightfall doesn't come early enough. #poormansprocess #short day - Photo by John Hatchitt
BTS from last week. A camera first Keith Peters being boss in the flames. Photo by DP Greg St Johns. #criminalminds #1202 @ajcook - Photo by Larry Teng
@LLPOS Here's what's left of the camera department. Sorry... - Photo by Virgil Williams
Removable elevators are another nifty feature at the BAU! #CriminalMinds #SeasonXII #setlife - Photo by CM_SetReport
My favorite part of the #CriminalMinds set. - Photo by Virgil Williams
Speaking of national treasure @aishatyler she gave me this mouth on my neck & I love it like I love Ron Weasley
- Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
the new guy who smells like hope & wonderful @_Adam_Rodriguez (ps PLEASE don't tell Penelope I said that)
- Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
Shooting at sunset certainly makes for a happy #CriminalMinds crew. #setlife #SeasonXII - Photo by CM_SetReport
Can you guess which #CriminalMinds character's creepy office this is? #setlife #SeasonXII - Photo by CM_SetReport
Josh Stewart likes our script. - Photo by Harry Bring
Another day in paradise on the #CriminalMinds set! #SeasonXII #setlife - Photo by CM_SetReport
Look who I found @ajcookofficial - Photo by Josh Stewart
Writer/Producer @VirgilWilliams enjoying some light reading on set. #CriminalMinds #setlife #SeasonXII
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Process trailer work with @ajcook and @_adam_rodriguez #criminalminds #1202 - Photo by Larry Teng
So it is written ..Late night shoot #CriminalMinds - Photo by BJ Rogers
This is what an unsuccessful night of Dr Reids accessories look like! #CriminalMinds#DrReid where you are
- Photo by BJ Rogers
That's a wrap on #CriminalMinds #1202... As always, much love to the cast and crew. Big episode for @ajcook @_adam_rodriguez! - Photo by Larry Teng