Tuesday, March 22, 2016

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - 1118. A Beautiful Disaster - TVLine: Kirsten on Writing Derek Cliffhanger Resolution

By Matt Webb Mitovich

Life has not been easy for Criminal MindsDerek Morgan. Just weeks ago, he was mysteriously abducted. And after barely enduring that ordeal, when last we tuned in someone had the BAU agent in his crosshairs, before a shot rang out.

Series regular Kirsten Vangsness, who last season had a hand in revisiting an old case of former team member Jason Gideon’s, co-wrote this Wednesday’s resolution to that cliffhanger (CBS, 9/8), which was directed by costar Matthew Gray Gubler and will answer some burning questions (as well as deliver some very personal drama).

TVLINE | So no big whoop — you simply had to write the episode which answers who is after Derek (played by Shemar Moore) and why, and possibly kills off a character.
Possibly, yeah — no big deal! It was really fun, like a trifecta for our little family here, because [Episode] 16 was all about Derek and that was directed by Thomas [Gibson], and the next one was directed by Joe [Mantegna], and this one had Matthew [Gray Gubler] directing it and Erica [Messer], who is our show runner, and I co-writing it. I wrote Acts I and IV, she wrote Acts III and II, and then we swapped and would give each other notes.

TVLINE | OK, I was wondering how that works.
We actually write really...

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