Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - 1111. Entropy - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'ENTROPY', written by BREEN FRAZIER.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week we'll have a brand new one!


  1. This episode is amazing. No, beyond amazing. Beyond borders of amazing(I tried).

    Anyways, Breen Frazier did amazing. MGG did amazing. Aubrey Plaza did amazing.

    THIS should be the only kind of case we should learn through the Unsub's eyes. This is beautiful!

    The lie at the end was amazing as well. Top notch

    Anyways, it kept me at the edge of my seat. It kind of reminded me of No Way Out Part 1

    11/10 A+++++++++

  2. Welcome back Dr. Reid!

    Excellent episode. Loved every minutes of it. Very good psychological thriller. Very good writing and acting by everyone involved.

    I give this one a 9/10!

  3. This truly one amazing episode! Loved thee whole story line! Gracia Just amazing Derek a.k.a Shemar MOORE just awesome!!!!!! Matthew nGray Gubler Bravo!

  4. This was great, very entertaining. I can't wait to see it again.

  5. Even after all these years, CM never disappoints.

  6. I loved it! Although it was Reid centric the whole team was on it. It is going to rank up with the top ones for me.

  7. I really did like this episode. It had an entertaining mix of elements in it. Of course, this entire episode rested on the chemistry between Matthew/Aubrey as Spencer/Cat, and I think it did that really well. It was an interesting emotional back and forth between those two, and they worked well together. Both had their turn taking the upper hand, but of course Spencer prevailed overall. It was great to see such an emotional gamut from Spencer, and even though he was so charmingly awkward at the beginning, he quickly revealed his inner strength, power and command of the situation.

    And of course this was a Reid centric episode, but I thought the team had plenty of screen time as well (probably more than "200" if I had to guess). And Hotch had a nice moment at the end, showing what a caring boss he can be at times.

    My one quibble is that the ending seemed a bit rushed, but after that much lead up, there wasn't time to have a protracted conclusion. Plus we never got that GOOD explanation for why/how the group targeted Penelope and her computers (and we probably won't), so it is just one of those things you just have accept or ignore. I know the suggestion is that there might be more to this story down the road, but I'm good for now if they never revisit this story again.

    And if they are really going to go down the road of Diana completely devolving into early onset dementia, I hope we don't have to see it, because I really don't need to see that. That is just too much tragedy piled onto melodrama in my opinion.

    While I do love some Reid sadness (and this episode definitely ended on that bittersweet note), I do hope there was some true, sustained happiness for him in the offing, because in many ways, he is the most tragic of the main characters. But tonight, my heart melted with the Morgan/Reid hug at the end of the episode. It has been too long since we have seen such tender, honest broffection between those two, and it was much needed. I mean, Reid wrapping his arms around Morgan was probably the sweetest thing I've seen all season.

    1. Well said. My only criticism was also about not really understanding the Garcia/dirty dozen computer situation. Also, I'm hoping early onset dementia won't be a reason for Reid to exit the show.

    2. True. But Dirty Dozen crappy storyline was so boring that I'm happy with that arc's ending finally in somehow.
      Seriously, I couldn't get any Dirty Dozen story.

  8. This was a very good episode. It kept my attention and I actually was able to follow it. That is a plus in my A lot of times they lose me. My only pet peeve is that I wished they had shown more of this in the previous episodes to make this story line about the hitmen interesting and make me want to know more. Instead they lumped it all into one, though well done, episode. I'm just glad this lame story arc is finally over.

  9. This was brilliance indeed, not only from a law-enforcement thriller perspective but a psychological and emotional perspective; everyone was in character, and Cat and Reid was so amazing that I don't even care that they used a fake-Jane Lynch; this was Reid's own amazing version of "No Way Out" but with a much different unsub, and the dismantling (from Reid's point of view, which was amazingly directed) of a major criminal organization. MGG came back with a bang and this episode is unforgettable. Btw, loved the reference to Jack Garrett and they have really done well remodeling the "Garcia's Computer" graphics!
    10/10 and LONG LIVE CM!!! can't wait for Tawnia's ep next week.

  10. Also, fun fact, this is Heather Cappiello's first ever directed CM episode. She made quite the impression!

  11. This episode was LIT! Holy, I haven't watched this season at all because it bored the fook outta me, but tonight's episode was so good! 10/10

  12. I didn't watch the whole episode.. My husband did... and then he came downstairs and turned it on in front of me... Much to my utter dismay....

    I don't care how well this episode was done.. the MINUTE They used misinformation regarding Alzheimer's as a plot device and to explain why Jane Lynch will probably no longer be available to play Diana Reid.. Not to mention to elude to the fact that maybe Spencer can get the disease because his mother has it.. is just BEYOND the pall...

    I lived for 5 years with my mother... taking care of her... living through horrors that this disease puts patients and families through... And the total and utter crap they used makes me angry... I hope to GOD none of them ever have to deal with a parent who suffers from this... I hope none of them have to ever seek out Dr. after Dr. after Dr. trying to find something that will help. Trying to find answers...I hope none of them have a parent throw knives at them.. or drink cups...or wish them dead... or remember only a long dead child, to where they have to tell the person over and over again about that child's death having the their parent relive over and over the loss of a child... or scream out in public that they're being abused.... only to have the cops show up and 'question' them about what's going on, having people look at your like you're some sort of monster because they don't understand that it's part of the disease the person is suffering from.... I hope none of them have their children ever see the devastation that Alzheimer's brings to patients and families...I hope this never happens to anyone associated with CM... because I lived it.. and trust me it's HELL on EARTH. When praying for your parents death seems like an ok thing to do...I pray that never is anyone's reality either.

    Yes I maybe overly sensitive to this..And yes.. it's a TV show and they have 'creative license.. But somethings are just unethical and immoral to do.. and THIS in tonight's episode has them going to far...

    There is no magic pill for Alzheimer's there is no 'test' that can be done to check if a person has it or not.. There's not even reliable genetic data to say if or what gene's are involved with the disease.. ALL anyone can do is treat symptoms.. And classify a patient based on the tendencies that they show... Sometimes the entertainment industry needs to tell the truth.

    1. Early onset familial Alzheimer's (eFAD) is genetic and does have a test that to determine if someone with a family history will get the disease.

    2. Yeah, Alzheimer is really difficult for everyone to deal with.
      My father would be pissed off like you too if he watched this show...they always treat some eh diseases soo lightly. They seem to have never researched about these kinds of diseases...

    3. Heartbroken CM Fan... They don't know if eFAD is genetic.. what they do know is that the APOE3 allele on the 19th chromosome is always been present in tested Alzheimer's tissue. BUT that not all patients who have this allele get Alzheimer's....There is a genetic component but they haven't isolated it.. there is no test to be done on the living for it... and to make it seem like there is, is just outright wrong. I wonder what Joe M or Shemar would have thought if they put misinformation about MS, or Autism in an episode to be used as a depressing plot device...Because that's exactly what they did.. Picked a disease that affects the brain and is horrific to explain why Jane Lynch won't be back and to give Spencer something else to think will happen to him as he ages.

    4. There is a possible test This is part of the info I got from the Altsheimer's Society when my brother developed Early Onset Dementia.
      "For some families with early onset familial Alzheimer's disease it may be possible to identify a specific genetic mutation that is responsible for the disease in that family. If such a mutation is found in your family this raises the possibility of testing to see if you too have the mutation. This sort of testing is called 'predictive testing', and is currently offered to people with genetic diseases with predictable inheritance patterns, such as Huntington's disease. Before having such a predictive test you will be offered genetic counselling to make sure it is the right decision for you."
      This familial genetic mutation only occurs in about 5% of dementia cases and the issues are so complex they don't generally advise the testing. Nonetheless, if it is a parent or a sibling you could get this predictive test to see if your genes carry this mutation even though they do not recommend it.
      The causes of dementia are very complex and links to genetics are not fully understood but testing does exist - they obviously couldn't delve into the complexities of the issues. I am just grateful for any public acknowledgement of this horrible disease. I watched my bother die from it and anything they can do to raise awareness for the need for research is OK in my book.

    5. I've gotten that information too from Neurologists while dealing with my mother.... And frankly Mom's neurologist said that any doctor recommending such a test is a snake oil salesmen. Because the data studies have been showing that while every confirmed Alzheimer's patient (they have to test the brain post-mortem for absolute confirmation) does have this APOE3 Allele.. Less then 1% of the actual tested number of post-mortem brain tissue were of confirmed Alzheimer's patients. Meaning that is is more than like that even though a person tests positive for this Allele there is a less then 1% chance of this meaning a person will get Alzheimer's... Also, the testing is highly unreliable when done on 'live' subjects, as there are mitigating factor's that could also cause this APOE 4 Allele to be present. Scarlet Fever to be one additional contributor.
      I'm not going to continue to argue the 'is there isn't there' of this.... What I am saying is that it is extremely disingenuous of the writer and the show to even hint at this as a means of a plot device. The adage remains... just because they can... doesn't mean it's right to do and that they should do it. It's irresponsible.

    6. Also, bringing awareness is wonderful... Except when that so called awareness is via misinformation. What people need is for those taking care of Alzheimer's patients to be granted access to medications that can slow the progression. Right now those medications are barely if ever covered by perscription insurance. What families need is the availablity of outside care help for those who decided for better or worse to take care of their family member. What families need is for the insurance industry to make it easier and more affordable to keep patients at home in familiar settings rather then having families make the decision to place their loved one in a Nursing Home to avoid being financially ruined because of the care level that is needed as the disease progresses...

    7. It was respectfully done, well-written -acted and -directed. My grandmother had Alzheimer's and I found the ep to be thoughtful and compassionate. So nice to finally see Reid shine. It has been far, far too long.

  13. This episode was wonderful and very well done! If I wasn't typing on my Kindle at the moment, I'd write a book on how great it was. Yes, it was a Reid episode (something I love), but it had good team as well. So that was awesome.

  14. Meant to include this in my original comment but this episode, for me, held great authenticity; it was also a great culmination of the Dirty Dozen arc; they made them quite an interesting criminal enterprise, and the team did an amazing job; a team centric and Reid centric episode... it doesn't get any better than that for me.
    Long Live CM|severeCMaddict out

  15. umm WOW !! Is all I have to say

  16. Best episode in years...maybe ever!

  17. What an awesome episode! The best for a long time and I loved the touching moment at the end. I thought Matthew was simply superb in this - I felt every emotion.This episode is a keeper to watch over and over.

    As for the discussion about Diana having Early Onset Dementia - I lost my brother to this last year and there is indeed evidence that there can be a familial genetic link that you can be tested for.
    It is possible to inherit genes that can cause dementia, although these are much rarer than the risk genes. Research indicates that around 5 per cent of cases of early onset Alzheimer's are due to familial forms of the disease.It may be possible to identify a specific genetic mutation that is responsible for the disease in that family. If such a mutation is found in your family this raises the possibility of testing to see if you too have the mutation.
    So this episode was especially meaningful and poignant for me and I am very happy for them to flag up and make the public aware of Early Onset Dementia and Altzheimer's - as our populations age this is becoming more and more prevalent and we need to do much more research into it.

    That aside, I just am so glad for an episode that brought back that edge-of-your-seat feeling that has been missing for long long. Keep it up CM!

    1. Sorry about your brother Mary... It's a wretched disease to have to suffer through...

      However, you are right. They do believe that there is some sort of genetic component.. but Like I said they haven't isolated it. And the testing they have done shows that while some people may have this APOE4 Allele present not all of them have gotten or will develop Alzheimer's. Yes, while a person is alive they can be tested for this APOE 4 Allele, however any geneticist will tell you that just because you test positive for it doesn't mean you'll get Alzheimer's and in trying to do live testing at this point would create unwanted hysteria in people. Like I said, misinformation is not being kind or knowledgable it's being irresponsible. I wonder how Joe or Shemar would have felt if the writer's used misinformation about MS or Autism as a plot device to create more drama for their character?

  18. Eh. Everyone has something that will be near and dear to them. I helped my mom be a caregiver to my grandma suffering from dementia, among other things, for fifteen years. She died last year when I was thirty, so literally half of my life was spent as a caregiver ( even the years I was a juvenile, I was doing a lot to care for her)Anyways. . .

    The episode had pretty good information about it. There are tests for it as others have suggested. Are they foolproof, no, but nothing truly is. They did much better with it than other episodes (such as the diabetic victim in Uncanny Valley, which is a subject dear to me-but I was able to suspend believe and love the episode anyway).

    Ok, back to the episode. I think this episode will go down as one of the great ones, I've already heard a lot of positive feedback on various platforms.

    It was impressive, every character was on the top of their game. None, even the ones who usually do so, of the characters were annoying. Even, other than her drunk scene at the end (which to be honest, wasn't far off than she normally acts, so that is saying something), Garcia didn't seem less than half of her age and that scene was believable in any case.

    This is the type of episode I have been craving. There were so many little nuggets of surprise in it.

  19. Sorry about your mother Barb. As a nurse I long ago learned to dismiss the vast majority of anything medical related they convey on TV. It is essentially like CSI where most of the science is non-existent. It is a plot device and nothing more.

    Overall I absolutely loved this episode. I thought MGG did a stellar job, my first comment was about his hair which for once looked pretty good. His acting was great as well. There wasn't a lot of Hotch, but it was jacket less delicious Hotch that was present so I was good with it.

    The end had my husband and me alternately laughing and saying "awwwww", in unison.

    I am happy for the happy Reid fans who desperately needed this.

  20. Sorry if my English is not accurate. The parents of my father developed Alzheimer's with a year apart. That was over ten years ago. It was a hard blow. We were the caretakers of my grandmother, and I felt a lump in his throat to hear the news of Reid. Even now I feel a great sadness. It was scientifically accurate? I do not know, and I do not care. What I felt and lived for 7 years, I again experienced in the final minutes of the episode. It is a horrible disease, see the person we love slowly is traumatic, and I know the fear of having the disease in the future wears. My dad fears every day, and I also.
    I am grateful to the production of CM for their good work in this episode. I felt identified with the pain of Spencer. I hope I never have to do a scene with Jane Lynch at an advanced stage of the disease, it would be too much for me. And I expect it to be this door of any outflow of Spencer Reid show. In the end, the Alzheimer suffers not only the victims, also the family.
    A hug from Costa Rica.

  21. First I’m sorry for my English and all errors.

    I didn't have any expectations for this episode. I no longer have them. I prefer to see it without expecting and don’t disappoint me. It has surprised me. A lot.

    Reid has changed, but yesterday we watched him again more or less as we knew, not an alter ego of Matthew. Because the last few seasons the characters seem the alter ego of the actors as the characters that we fell in love in the first seasons.

    I liked how they brought the case. No torture! Yujuuu!! The show is about go in the mind of the murderer and not watchhow they torture their victims!
    The game between Reid and Cat was very good and the talk between Reid and Morgan was good. But, and I know I'll take criticism, I don’t see Aubrey Plaza for that role. There were times I didn’t believe her, sorry.

    On the other hand, as JJ, Rossi, Morgan and Lewis were the restaurant was very good. When the Dra Lewis hits the other girl was amazing!

    I don’t like the end… Garcia drunk? It was enough, they could have made a different celebration, I expected something else. Come on! Out of the FBI after weeks of being locked! Celebrate with everyone!

    I read that the case of the Dirty Dozen is not yet completely closed or something like that, I guess it’s because we are missing details as... Why Garcia and only Garcia?
    About alzheimer ... prefer to ignore it because it makes me sick. My grandmother died this summer of senile dementia. She was previously diagnosed by error of alzheimer and pills nearly killed her. She lived four more years, but were four years where you can not do life, where she don0t recognize you....

    1. Sorry, my internet has not published the entire message!

      Criminal minds has lost his essence, is no longer what it was, and that's a fact. That only I have liked lot 4 of 11 episodes...

      So I prefer don't get angry about these things, we will not solve anything because it seems they don't want to listen...

  22. I loved this episode; definitely in my top 10. I do not mean to offend anyone here - I worked on a group research project at Johns Hopkins re: memory loss and this was a factor that we reviewed among many causes of memory loss. With regard to the mention of early onset dementia in the show, Genetic Alzheimer’s disease is extremely rare. Only a few hundred people have genes that directly contribute to Alzheimer’s disease - again only a few hundred people. I didn't run any testing or do any genetic screening - not my place, I only reviewed what was presented to me.

    Anyway - I think with this and with any other medical condition, the person affected does their own research as do the people around them, and come up with their own beliefs, accept facts that they feel are correct and decide what treatment they feel is appropriate for them.

    But now Diana has schizophrenia AND early onset dementia? I found that alone to be a stretch. If Diana is truly one of those few hundred people and Reid believes the genetic component is correct, I think that maybe the point was more to show Reid worrying about himself in that sometimes he seems to have "medical student syndrome" - not that he thinks he has all kinds of illnesses, but in the sense that he takes it to the extreme because some things are out of his control, and with all of his knowledge he is unable to 'fix" himself and others.

    I do not think Reid is as tragic as everyone makes him out to be - everyone single person on the team has had their share of tragedy - we all do. Maybe because he is not a "tough" person we think he hurts more than others, but tough people can hurt just as much and just not show it. I don't want to see any more of this "poor Reid" - enough already, or show equal time of "poor everybody".

    I hated this Dirty Dozen story line and I am afraid we haven't seen the last of it, unfortunately. I still don't follow it, a group of 6 is down, now what? I'm lost.

    I thought Lewis looked great in orange and loved the head bashing scene from her. The Reid/Morgan moment was wonderful but seemed to possibly be a great moment to make the departure of a cast member even more bittersweet - have them show that love and emotion beforehand, not just during the departure episode.

    A few criticisms - I was surprised that Cat didn't realize that Lewis and Morgan were agents when she seemed to do so much prior research into the BAU. When Cat was told her father didn't remember her (yes I know it wasn't him) why would she care that much about seeing him at all, and be led outside - what was she going to do about it -kill the guy but he then has no idea why she does it so where's the satisfaction for her? I was a little surprised she even believed Reid had found him when she was not able to find him. Rossi - I want another word besides jag-off; you've used that too much in the past. :) When Reid played his trump card of supposedly finding Cat's father, Hotch asked what he was doing and seemed genuinely surprised - if that was not the plan all along, how did Morgan know what was happening, what to say, and already have planned ahead to bring in the police patrol wagon if Hotch wasn't in on it? Or did they then scramble and arrange that on the fly?

    When it was over and Hotch asked Garcia if she wanted to go home, I would have liked to have seen a hug between them. I did not believe Garcia's drunk scene; it was not convincing to me and I thought it was irritating, and I think just relaxing with friends and being thankful would have more appropriate than getting wasted. Where was Sam now that she no longer needed protection? You would think she would want to be with him.

    I think the Reid/Morgan ending scene was one of the best things I have seen in the show's history. I give it a 10/10.

    1. About how did Morgan and Reid plan the trick on Cat, probably improved, kind of like Reid and Hotch in Season 1 Episode 6 L.D.S.K.

  23. The great:
    It spun the wheel all the way around, and then some, on the Reid-meter.
    At the beginning of the season, MGG indicated that he thought we would see a more mature Reid this year---and here he was! I hope the rest of the writers were watching, because I don’t want to see any backsliding in how the character is written. This was the Reid of ‘Uncanny Valley’ (if you want to talk about lack of realism in medicine, how about this episode whose whole premise was the unsub using a chemical that doesn’t exist on this planet?), without the hotheadedness.

    MGG’s performance, both verbal and non-. Those eyes speak volumes. As to Aubrey---I thought she grew into it by the end of the episode, but wasn’t convinced at the beginning. Loved her single tear as she was taken away in the police van.

    The wedding ring. (hint to the writers)

    The ‘brothers from other mothers’ finding that relationship again. The embrace was a little over the top, but I expect we’ll come to see it in a new light a few episodes from now. I also liked that it seemed like Reid and Savannah have developed a friendship, pointing again at the closeness between Reid and Morgan.

    Not so great:

    The entire plot, pretty much. It seemed like they went out of their way to make it as convoluted as possible, which I found distracting from the psychological warfare taking place at the table. If this had simply been a case about a single serial killing hitwoman, and all we had to focus on was the back-and-forth, I think it would have been more intense. Instead we got this thing with the flash drive, and the wheel, and the Snowman and the kid, and the multiple types of serial hitmen that we saw in action for a matter of seconds, each. I found it distracting and detracting.

    The use of the team--not how much, but how, period. I wish they’d done all the set-up for this episode in the ones that preceded it, so that we could have had more of the team acting and reacting in real time. Instead, they were mostly used for exposition. Only Hotch reacted to Reid’s change of plans at the end, but I would have liked to see each of the rest hear it, and process it, and figure out what he was up to. Instead, we got the kind of rushed ending that plagued so many of the season finales.

    The ‘did you get yourself tested’ bit. I know it’s being debated on several forums whether a test exists, or whether it’s used. The answer to both questions is: it depends. It depends on the circumstance, and the kind of dementia, and whether they are trying to rule something ‘in’ or rule something ‘out’. But that’s not my issue. My issue is that I think the tragedy---and the real drama---- of his mother’s dementia lies, not in what it means for Reid several decades hence, but in what it means for him now. That he’s losing the only person in the world who puts him first, and remembers the child he was, and who was his biggest fan. That’s what drove him to the swings.

    With her in that outfit, I was praying JJ was there to proposition Reid. And she didn't.


    I’ve read so many things, I can’t remember where I’ve seen them. But a couple of people were questioning the ‘hugging’ thing. I think, with Cat, and considering where he carries his gun, it was an attempt to keep her from feeling it.

    CM and medicine. As noted above, the whole premise of Uncanny Valley was preposterous. They also got it totally wrong in The Good Earth, when they treated the potentially deadly scleroderma as a skin rash. I’ve had to learn to let go of it. But I’ll never understand it. Not as long as they have a physician on their writing staff.

    On the whole, I thought it was the best episode of CM I've seen in a very long time. The bar has been raised. Now I hope the rest of the writers are able to meet it.

  24. I've seen it twice now, which I like to do before I comment in depth (not that anyone but me may care), and I still enjoyed it thoroughly. I fully acknowledge the whole Dirty Dozen thing didn't make sense, didn't interest me, didn't do NUTHIN. But the show was fun, with the fake setup (by the BAU) to the fake setup (by Cat, et, al), giving to the fake-fake setup by the BAU, and the uptake at the end by Morgan, who sailed in there, cementing the final setup of Cat, for his teammates, especially his Pretty Boy.

    The heartbreaking news about Reid's mom? I really wish they hadn't gone there, but, since they did, they have to make Morgan's anticipated exit be with Reid's blessing and assistance, somehow. The possibility of Reid getting EOA in some way shape or form, is super sad. If he had her tested, though, the way those things work, he could be tested, and he would have the marker, or he wouldn't. Congital means from birth, folks, so, if he has the chromosomal deficit, it was there from birth. Unless Diana has it because of an environmental thang, he would test for anything chromosomal no matter what age he is. Genetic chromosomal defects don't just show up on a whim. They may manifest out of the ether, but they are there. We just don't have many tools to suss them out yet. But if Diana tested with a marker, Spencer would have that marker - or not.

    Anyhoo, I loved the episode. It was full of team, it had rare Reid/Morgan, and the beginning, middle scenes of children being swung by their mothers in the park (the middle one being a memory of Spencer and Diana) were very poignant and suitable brackets to the story. If I have a complaint, it would be childish Garcia/drunk Garcia. Stupid Dirty Dozen flimsy story, eh, whut? But I'll watch this again and again. Nice.

  25. I meant congenital, not congital.... spellcheck didn't correct, WTF?

  26. We knew what you meant. At least it didn't make it conjugal.

    And it is like Huntington's, you get tested and either prepare or breathe a sigh of relief. But writers being the creatures that they are will milk it like a cow.


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