Monday, November 16, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - Is Love in the Air (Again) for Rossi? - TVGuide SPOILER!

Rossi has vowed to never remarry after his three divorces on Criminal Minds, but an old flame might change his mind.

Now that Rossi (Joe Mantegna) and his daughter Joy (Amber Stevens) have a good relationship going, her mother Hayden (Paulette Ivory), aka the second former Mrs. Rossi, might ...

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  1. I don't begrudge Rossi any happiness but I genuinely resent more focus on Rossi's personal life,when we haven't had any substantial Reid or Hotch in a long time. Specifically Reid, whose arcs (such as they were) in the last few seasons have been nothing but negative. Now he's going to be absent for 2+ episodes due to a weak rehash of a sick mother storyline. I won't be surprised if she somehow dies at the end, to silence fans begging for Jane Lynch, once and for all. Regardless, Reid is the only character who has never had anything positive in his personal life

    1. ...and who has nothing to go home to.

      I said I'd stick with the show until the end, but it's becoming difficult.

      (Had to post the remainder as a reply to my original post bc it cut me off for some reason.)

  2. What I find frustrating is this fallback to ‘romance’ as the personal sidelight. Even the newbie (who is obviously not so temporary) has already had a failed romance. And Hotch, and Garcia, and (sort of), Reid. (Alas, poor JJ is saddled with her ‘success’.) Why revisit such a tired theme with Rossi? Isn’t he the founder of the BAU? Is there nothing else interesting about his life? Such as:

    He’s already retired once. Might there be something that happens to make him wonder if he should retire again? How will he deal with the dilemma?

    Or, maybe one of the people he put away for serial murder has their conviction overturned. If via a technicality, does that put Rossi at risk? Does he have to visit the case all over again? If via the Innocence Project, does that throw Rossi into an ocean of guilt? Does it make him question his profiling abilities?

    As to the dearth of stories for Reid---and, now, the upcoming dearth of Reid himself---- I will have to keep my thoughts to myself, because I don't use that kind of language.