Thursday, October 29, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - Staff and Crew Halloween Costume Contest - Photos

Each year, one day at the end of October is one of the funniest days at the Criminal Minds set due to the traditional Staff and Crew Halloween Costume Contest... and again they've allowed us snoop!

@LLPOS on set for rehearsal #CriminalMinds @CriMiFeed Happy Halloween
- Photo by Joseph Geisinger
It's costume contest day - Video by John Hatchitt
A lil more to laugh at - Video by John Hatchitt
It's Halloween at Criminal Minds - Photo by Linda De Andrea
Any guesses on what my Halloween costume is? Heh heh heh. - Photo by Harry Bring
@PamLeonte playing in the high tech set today. Her daily wardrobe just keeps gettingcrazier.#iseeunicorns - Photo by John Hatchitt
Yes we do take our work seriously #CriminalMinds - Photo by Joseph Geisinger
He's thirsty. Watch out!!! - Photo by Linda De Andrea
Mad scientist — with Stacey Beneville. - Photo by Harry Bring
Chucky - Photo by Harry Bring
Dr. Palmer DDS & CecilPhoto by Harry Bring
Hilary And others — with Dania Bennett, Julia Ryan and Stacey BenevillePhoto by Harry Bring

Email deletePhoto by Harry Bring
Aladdin & his magic carpet! — with Ffilip BoltonPhoto by Harry Bring
F. K u — with Harry Bring - Photo by Harry Bring
I hope @shemarmoore survives this workday #CriminalMinds - Photo by Joseph Geisinger
Andre Special Effects cleans up pretty nice. - Photo by John Hatchitt
What a fun day on the set  #CriminalMinds #scriptsupervisor @CM_SetReport - Photo by Liz Graham
Happy Halloween from the #CriminalMinds Production Office! #SeasonXI - Photo by CM_SetReport