Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - 1103. 'Til Death Do Us Part - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled ''Til Death Do Us Part', written by Karen Maser and directed by series star Joe Mantegna.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week we'll have a brand new one!


  1. I'm going to get what I didn't like out of the way first....
    1. too much Psycho Sister midway through.... We knew it was her and she kinda told the story.
    2. Didn't like Hotch and Reid virtually disappearing for the whole middle of the episode.
    3. Didn't like the whole Tara Lewis having partner issues... that horse has been beaten to death.

    What I liked...
    1. Solid Reid being smart.
    2. Guest cast was well chosen.
    3. Loved ending with Hotch talking down unsub
    4. Joe did well directing
    5. Bookends were cute. Not overpowering.
    6 Glad they mentioned Dirty Dozen again. And that Hotch is in the loop with that investigation.

    I'm actually mixed about this episode. I do think Karen Maser did a good job for her first ever CM episode...
    I'll rewatch before I give my final score but right now solid 8/10

  2. I do conquer that this episode has earned a solid 8/10. I think, however, that the team did most of the unsub's revealing for us, or at least for me. Yes, in the later half of the episode we found out some info from her, but I from what I understood most of it came from the work the team did. Also, this was an awesome team episode; lots of both stationary Hotch and bad ass field Hotch, loved Reid putting his chemistry knowledge (and vast knowledge of pretty much everything else) to use! When it was just the unsub on the screen, you can obviously see that she has mental issues, but a lot of the reasons behind her issues were left to mystery, then after investigation, the team revealed more and as the episode went on we (the viewer) came to understand more and more.

    I found this episode quite exciting; it was awesome to see Michael Irvin and Morgan interacting with the kids, and even if some people didn't like the content of this episode, it had a great structure, complimentary to a good Criminal Minds episode, which gives me high hopes for Karen Maser as a writer. This being her first CM episode, I'd say she did a great job. Joe also did an excellent job directing; especially the action scenes. Based on the structure of this episode, Karen Maser is a good replacement for Janine, as we didn't know (or at least weren't supposed to know) that the unsub was even female until halfway into the episode, and she wasn't presented until well after the opening credits, which set up the pseudo-shock of finding out she is the unsub.
    This episode was bad ass, and the next one, Outlaw, looks epic. I'd love some classic Virgil Williams CM material! The combo of VW and Larry Teng is pretty interesting, too.

  3. Oh dear. Predictable.Too much unsub. Too much Garcia and her magic computer. Very clunky direction (sorry Mr Mantegna!). Morgan wearing his cap backwards - I hate that! It was mitigated slightly by the amusing plane scene at the end, by Reid looking fabulous and by another week without JJ being in every scene. This was a C minus for sure. Bring back the suspense and the profiling and the team please.

  4. Ugh. This was a rehash of If the shoe fits and almost as bad. Were it not for the ending plan scene it would have no redeeming feature at all. What did the opening scene have to do with anything? It seemed gratuitous.

  5. not enought Garcia....she wasn't very well directed...she needs to be part of the team. Too much unsurb and very predictable

  6. first episode was the best for sure

  7. Ok... I watched this a second time... and first off... That bit with Michael Irving and the whole Play 60 PSA.......... NOT necessary...
    I did like Hotch with Morgan and Garcia about the Dirty Dozen... Hotch at least seems to be in the loop.
    At first the profiling and the team were great... But then about 20 minutes in it became all about the unsub/guest cast again. And that turned me off... Like I said last week... it's great that these 'names' want to do CM but the show is about the Team, the profiling, and how they reach their conclusions... NOT about the guest cast.... If having a name as a guest star means the team turns into wall flowers get an unknown...

    Reid was good in this episode. Clearly Karen did some background on the characters because all were written in character but not over the top.

    While the middle of the episode bored me to tears the ending was good. I liked the teams interactions in the unsubs house. I also liked how Hotch took charge of the 'takedown' in a non-violent and compassionate way... The best part of the directing was when Hotch slowly walked the unsub away from the scene.

    The scene on the Jet was cute and we did learn more about Rossi's wives. However I really want to see HOTCH's backstory.... It's been nearly a decade since we got anything substantial about Hotch.... The whole Haley/Reaper thing is done... How about filling in the blanks from Natural Born Killers or Blood Hungry... Or even about his father more in Ashes and Dust???

    Finally I will have to downgrade my original assessment based on this rewatch to a 7 out of 10.... Good first attempt but writer fell into the whole unsub/guest star crevice and never got out.

  8. I don't pay any attention to who wrote and directed an episode. All I want is an episode that is entertaining, keeps my attention and has me on the edge of my seat for the entire hour. For the second time in two weeks I have been let down and the season had such a promising start. I hope the next nineteen are better otherwise we are in for a long, painful season.

    The scene with Morgan and Michael Irwin wasn't necessary to the episode at all. That time could have been applied to more talk about the dirty dozen or initial profiling of the actual case. Too much UnSub. We knew in the opening minutes that the two in the flower shop were involved and when she started talking to her hallucination twenty minutes in we knew her motivation and we had to wait forty minutes for the team to catch up. I got bored and started to do other things which I never would have done during the earlier seasons. I much prefer a lot of profiling from the team and then leading us to the UnSub, not the other way around.

    I like the Lewis character. She doesn't rub me the wrong way like Blake and a small part Callahan did. But I still think they need another permanent female character on the team to break up the boy's club feeling when they are in the field. I need a character I can identify with.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a bump in the road and the episodes will get better. I'm a loyal CM and will stick it out to the very end.

  9. I thought it was awful. The writing was just so bad, very amateur. Very predictable. The actors were wooden, although the writer didn't give them a lot to work with. Joe failed as a director. I'm just shaking my head. I think the season opener was strong but the past two weeks suggest to me that it's time to pull the plug on Criminal Minds. I get the feeling that everyone's just going through the motions waiting for the end to come. So sad. This as once an outstanding show.

  10. Everything about this episode was regrettable. They managed to use a cliched script to launch unwarranted insult at several segments of the female half of the population through unfortunate stereotyping and misuse (and the usual misunderstanding) of a medical condition. I felt bad for the regular cast, to have had to participate. Not sure the guest cast helped that out any.

    I'm sad to have to agree that this episode, and the one just prior, make it look like they've already conceded on a season 12, and are just going through the motions with season 11. What happened to striving for excellence? Maybe they need a pep rally.

    Truly, the CM highlight of my week was MGG's visit to Williamsburg.

    1. Thank you, JMO, for explaining how this episode failed, because all i have the energy to say is this episode was crappy in every way.

  11. Oh, come on! It is the 11th season! What kind of episode was this? Very amateur, very predictable. I hopefully best episodes, because Criminal Minds will lose followers

  12. Wow what great attitudes. Glass half-full kind of people on this one, huh?... I don't mean to belittle anyone; I just don't want to see people lose hope. Two consecutive episodes that may not have lived up to everyone's standards does not determine the fate of a show, especially one like CM, which has many reasons to stay on the air. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; but so am I and IMO this show will bounce back and bring some awesome episodes. I believe it already is, but everyone's perception is different. As Gideon said, in Season 2 Episode 10, Lessons Learned, "There are no absolutes when it comes to the human mind."

    Nowadays, ratings are a big contributor to a show's success. If you are truly a fan of this show and haven't given up on it as much as you appear to have, know that it's leading in the ratings over every other show except "Empire." The writers and directors have great plans for season eleven. Look at the season opener, they obviously still have the ability to crank out amazing episodes (which are universally recognized as such) and there are still 19 of them left, along with an interesting and potentially awesome, scary season arc based on Silk Road and The Dirty Dozen. I'm not being antagonistic, not by any means. I just saw that a couple people seem to be giving up hope on what is my favorite show and what I'm guessing is one of their favorites. Don't give up hope just yet. Season 10 had some (comparably) awful episodes but yet it gave us (IMO) at least 4 episodes could rank as best CM material ever. Here we are at Season 11. I really don't think anyone is going through the motions, hiring new writers, promoting Jim Clemente to Co-Producer, and launching a spinoff in January! One that has great promise.

    Sorry if I come off as antagonistic but I just want everyone who has felt let down by this episode not to lose hope, and to know that one of the best writers on the show (Virgil) is next up, and apparently episode 7 will be one to remember, according to Jim Clemente & Glenn Kershaw. (writer and director, respectively) I think right now it is far too soon to draw conclusions regarding the show's fate. But by all means, voice your opinions. It saddens me that people didn't enjoy this (and last week's) episode as much as me but I don't think it's time to give up on our awesome show!

    1. It's not a question of being glass half full viewers. I think it's important to give honest feedback and if an episode is disappointing, as this one undoubtedly was, then it is important that the production is informed otherwise their feedback would be limited to the rah rah fans who just tick the "awesome" box whatever the calibre of the episode. I realise that everyone has different perceptions and enjoy different things but there does seem to be a consensus among long time fans that we dislike the unsub show, the lack of realistic profiling. the over exposure of certain characters to the detriment of others and the reliance on the increasingly immature Garcia and her magic computer. Like most long time fans I am in it till the bitter end (or at least as long as MGG is in it) but if an episode disappoints then I have to say so in hopes that someone will see that they could and should do better.
      Oh and as for Virgil writing the next one - let's not forget he penned one of the stinkers of Season 10 - "Protection". So let's wait and see and live in hope but not necessarily expectation!

    2. I agree with you Mary. As a long timer I'm in it till the bitter end or until TG exits... The writer's directors need to start realizing that #1 - Fans want to see the team tell 'their' story, not the unsub or some 'named' guest actor tell it. #2 - Fans want to see the character's portrayed as they're supposed to be not some newer version of them because the writer is new and trying to put his/her stamp on them. #3 - Fans don't want to see a rehash, rework, overly redone storyline. By this I mean the whole Tara Lewis having relationship angst.

      As for the whole Silk Road storyline, EM has said in an interview that this isn't going to go to the end of the season. That it's going to end sooner rather then later so my guess is that it's a 1/2 year arc. Which for me is better because the last full year arc "The Replicator" really ended flat and that was after there was no real development throughout the season. It's not enough just 'mentioning' a possible connection (like copycat murder) The storyline needs to be fleshed out...

      As for Virgil's upcoming episode, I will wait until I see it, but after Protection and some other episodes he's done namely "There's no place Like Home, Rabid, A Thin Line" I'm not holding my breath that he'll get the 'hint'.... No offense but I don't think Larry Teng is that good of a director either... Afterall he gave us "200", and some other duds too..

      I will add that according to the Wiki Joe M is slated to direct the 250th episode and now I feel that yet another milestone episode will be wasted. I am 'not' a fan of JM's directing style. All too often his episodes lack fluidity from one scene to the other.

      Anyway I will watch next week and hope that episodes pick up and we stop getting the unsub central storyline.

    3. Very well put, Mary. Thank you. It's unfortunate that my remarks upstream may have been taken to reflect a 'glass half full' attitude. That would have been a misreading. For this past episode, the glass was, most definitely, empty.

    4. I respect your opinion, but after 11 seasons, the production team should filter certain stories that are obsolete and already counted. It should improve, not worsen and I did not like this episode, because I've seen the same story with other characters. As I said very predictable and uncreative. I not have the same confidence like you about Virgil, but I look forward to the work of Clemente. And I also think that Messer must take into account such views, whether she intended to CBS approves a season 12.

  13. I really liked this episode. I think it was both well written and directed. Good job 1st timers!

    However I have to ask does anyone know the name of the actor that played the unsubs love interest? He was goegeous.

  14. Love this show but tonight a major mistake. One of the meds listed for the unsub to take for hormones was a diabetic medication.


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