Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - BTS: 1106. Pariahville

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

standing around Pomona. oh the brown, brown grass of home... - Photo by AE Chadwick
still driving. - Photo by AE Chadwick
#Encinorama - Photo by AE Chadwick
standing around Encino. #NeverGoFullValley - Photo by AE Chadwick
In David Rossi mode today. - Photo by Joe Mantegna
'Handgun' lessons on the set of #CriminalMinds with one of the best in the business @shemarfmoore #criminalmindscast #shemarmoore #CrimeWatchDaily - Photo by Matt Doran
The legendary #JoeMantegna giving me some tips on how to get inside #CriminalMinds - Photo by Matt Doran
Story Time and I'm sure it's a good one. #besteverwithguest - Photo by John Hatchitt
This is what the neighborhood looks like when CM takes over the street.#allbigtrucksarebackatbase
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Sometimes they just can't make it to lunch to get their nap-on.. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Working into the night accompanied by a stunning sunset #gofelix!- Photo by BJ Rogers
Why walk when u can ride... - Photo by John Hatchitt
Dr. Tara Lewis rolling solo, repping the #BAU. Shrinkin' heads and taking names.
- Photo by Aisha Tyler

Night 2 on Criminal Minds Episode 1106 "Pariahville with @erikstiller22 @CM_SetReport - Photo by Liz Graham
IS .... IS ALMOST ... - Photo by BJ Rogers
Here's something you never get to see construction @ CM @aechadwick - Photo by BJ Rogers
So his is what goes on when I'm not on set..hmm @K_T_Rib must be Friday - Photo by BJ Rogers
This one required a do-over to see in all its glory right Krish.Good to know you both have your eyes closed @K_T_Rib - Photo by BJ Rogers
What black &white and designed with love for Miss hot & spicy @Vangsness ?? Hmm let me guess!!
- Photo by BJ Rogers
So long Pomona. It's been real. - Photo by Krish Ribeiro
Sixth floor is where the BAU resides. - Photo by Krish Ribeiro
Our wonderful catering team of Steve Michaelson and Hanna Mourad made my breakfast today perfect. Maple Pepper BACON! - Photo by Harry Bring
Poor @NolanBateman... how can you make that
costume look cool! Ya just can't
- Photo by BJ Rogers
IS...IS ALMOST...OVER.. - Photo by BJ Rogers
Thanks for the birthday gifts, BOO! @RickDunkle #bestbooever - Photo by Kim Harrison
Key lime pie or fruit or cookies or all 3 for @iKimHarrison birthday celebration? #criminalminds
- Photo by Karen Maser
ALMOST.... IS ALMOST....OVER! - Photo by BJ Rogers
craftie on set so dark… can't tell if wonderful chocolate chip or dreaded raisin. not worth the risk. just walk away.
- Photo by AE Chadwick
Hmmm.... What is that little bundle? Of JOY ... Did I say that little bundle of joy.....
- Photo by BJ Rogers
Smoking hot look who's on the lot! Luv ya ladies @ajcookofficial @aishatyler - Photo by BJ Rogers
End of episode treats! One way our awesome directors and writers spoil us. #CRIMINALMINDS #setlife #SeasonXI
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Who's ready for tonight's all new episode? #CriminalMinds #SeasonXI #setlife #TuneIn #TONIGHT
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Here is a script tease from tonight's episode. You won't want to miss it! #CriminalMinds #SeasonXI #TuneIn #TONIGHT - Photo by CM_Set Report