Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - 1101. The Job - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'THE JOB', written by BREEN FRAZIER.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week we'll have a brand new one!!


  1. Does anyone know if tonites premiere will be shown again in the next few days?thanks

    1. This premiere will be on Bravo on Saturday at 8pm, then Sunday at 5am and 10am. I always DVR those broadcasts and keep them until the DVDs come out because they show the full credits the way CM intends them (with the badass music). I live in Canada though, so it might not be the same in the U.S., however, I think Bravo has the same schedule in the USA as it does in Canada. I could be wrong though. Just tryin' to help :)

    2. Unfortunately, a quick check of Bravo's US account makes this only a Canadian thing. You lucky pup SCMA. :D

  2. No one knows yet but check out on Saturday night, often CBS will repeat CM on that night.

  3. First thoughts on tonight's episode:

    Loved that we had good profiling. The team was at its best and since they were down two agents they all had to do jobs they were not accustomed to do.

    Loved that we saw the unsub but the team did the job to tell us all about him and his motivations.

    Lots of action which was well balanced with profiling/investigation.

    Loved the new character of Dr.. Lewis. The actress, Aisha Tyler was excellent! Her character was believeable. Great adition to the show!

    Will have more to say later as I will do the official review but I can say that I loved it and it was one of my favorite season opener in years!

  4. So........ As to the episode....

    Just WOW.... so much to say and brain is still processing everything... Amazing episode... Old school CM... Profiling galore.... Intense action....Profiling galore....watching them walkthrough what the unsub did to get in his head was sublime....
    Garcia needing help to get the answers... Reid using his brain and being physical was fantastic... The cameo of AJC and the baby was great... HOTCH SMILING was fantastic....

    Bring on Season 11

  5. This was incredible. I mean... incredible! Breen must still be drinking whatever GO-juice he drank before writing Mr. Scratch. (He probably got some from Sharon; she has the mother-load) Was extremely captivating, the action was balanced with the profiling, yes we saw the unsub early but the BAU was discerning his motives and we weren't sure what the wife was up to until the near end (it wasn't a class at unsub-U) and Glenn's directing was... superior as usual (don't even get me started on him lol) the scene of the 5 of them from overhead was classic Glenn and I loved it.

    Lots of Reid, lots of Hotch, (who looks really good BTW) Dr. Tara Lewis is way cooler than I thought she would be. I'd say an excellent and realistic addition to the team. Garcia was helping, but very realistically, and her back-and-forths with Morgan were awesome. Also, it was nice to see Anderson. Almost makes up for the fact that Matt Cruz was absent. With an episode where the team is considerably short-handed, I expected to see my favorite recurring character, SES Mateo Cruz, but hey the episode was still unreal.

    I love the arc that is brewing here; the storyline is amazing and I love that it's based on the dismantling of Silk Road (Jim Clemente must be behind that one) and not for anything but Reid's hair is amazing! I whole-heartedly agree with Admin in saying this is the best season premiere in YEARS!!!
    I give it an absolute 10/10!
    As it has been said, bring on Season 11 and LONG LIVE CM!!!! :)

  6. First off, to answer Julie. There is a CM ep on Saturday on CBS. However it is from last season; "The Shoe Fits". The best place I've learned to re-watch CM eps is at CBS online. Please note, they do not post them until its aired on the West Coast. I'm in the central time zone. So the ep is posted after midnight my time.

    To the episode. If this one is the precursor and tone setter for the rest of the season....Bring. It. On. I believe this was the best season opener that I can remember other than S4 and S5. The Rossi snark was out two minutes into the episode. Since they were shorthanded, everyone had to step up more. Without Hotch, Rossi, being senior took the lead. Morgan was Morgan. And for the record, I loved the scene with him and Garcia. When done right, like that scene was, "that doesn't get old". Loved that line!

    For the Reid fans: I'm not one. However, my appreciation of the character has grown as the character has over the seasons. And boy howdy, Breen stepped it up for Reid in this one! Not one, but two take down/assault situations. And he came through in the end with the SWAT captain with that "big ol' brain of his". And his last line. "Both of them alive."

    On to Aisha Tyler. I'm always one that will not judge anything by press releases, et. al. Let me see it on my TV and then I'll give you my two cents worth. Based on what I saw, I believe she's going to be a great addition.

    And how can I not comment on the Hotch/JJ scene with baby Nix; Michael to us CM fans. And OMG! All that blond hair!

    Breen Frazier hit this season opener out of the park.

    Rockie's grade: most definite A.

  7. After my third watch, I must confess that I blew my profile of Reid using his "big ol' brain" that was spoiled before the season. It wasn't the scene with the SWAT captain. It was the garage scene with grenade.

    Secondly, I'm totally amazed at the awesome script Breen put together. Each significant little nugget that he planted lead to a bigger nugget of the profile. I could expound on this; I'll leave that to the astute CMRT reviewer.

    Lastly, did the end scene with Morgan and the unsub in the hospital set up a potential spoiler we've all read and wondered about?

  8. I love it! I hope to continue like this. And how there are fewer actors, the time seems are more share with others.

    But the episodes are very dark. At the end was almost don't see Morgan trapping sudes: S

  9. Agree with everyone here. How refreshing! I was afraid to get my hopes up going into this season, but I am now looking forward to the rest of the season. I just hope that if and when Lewis gets more screen time or JJ returns, they don't go back to relegating Hotch, Reid and Rossi to the background. Great opener. Keep up the good writing.

  10. Excelent episode. Good job. I also hope when Lewis gets more screen time or JJ eturn, they don't go back to relegating Hotch Rossi Reid and Garcia

  11. I believe it is the Dr. Spencer Reid character that places Criminal Minds above the other law enforcement TV shows.
    For, exemple, in this season 11,
    after all the evil we have just seen, he brings back our humanity, with just one sentence: "We got them both alive." So, let's keep trying, and
    more, Dr. Reid, please.

  12. i wish i can see more Reid and Garcia's nerdy scenes like on the Fisher King II and others epsiodes hey'r so cute


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