Thursday, July 30, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 11 - BTS: 1103. 'Til Death Do Us Part

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

Episode 3, Season 11. Thrilled my 1st #CriminalMinds script to be directed by the talented & wonderful @JoeMantegna- Photo by Karen Maser
Scouting episode 3 with Director Joe Mantegna. Beautiful setting. - Photo by Harry Bring
Tech scout episode 1103 with Joe Mantegna at the helm. - Photo by Harry Bring
Tech scout lunch on Hollywood Blvd with Joe Mantegna. We stopped by his Star. - Photo by Harry Bring
A boat for a Criminal Minds episode. - Photo by Harry Bring
Working with the lovely Ashley Fink on Criminal Minds today @Ashley_Fink - Photo by Dayne Johnson
I always knew @SpiresDarcy had a foot fetish, but now taking it to a new level.
- Photo by John Hatchitt
@JoeMantegna wears his director's hat (headphones) for Ep. 3 "'Til Death Do Us Part." #CriminalMinds @CrimMinds_CBS - Photo by Karen Maser
I feel a Rave Party coming on at Wrap. Who's in ?? #joeknowshowtoparty#toendadayright [1/2] - Photo by John Hatchitt
I feel a Rave Party coming on at Wrap. Who's in ?? #joeknowshowtoparty
#toendadayright [2/2] - Photo by John Hatchitt
"Beautiful but Dangerous." So true! Just one of the many fun trinkets on Ms. Penelope Garcia's desk. #CriminalMinds
- Photo by Karen Maser
Hmm, is this merely a shimmering tinsel curtain or a creepy,
scary, death trap? #CriminalMinds #TilDeathDoUsPart
- Video by Karen Maser
Who were the lucky raffle winners of #fivedollarfriday? $$$ The hard-working #CriminalMinds set PAs!
- Photo by Karen Maser
Yo Joe & mini Joe will be on set directing today! #madebyjoesfan!@JoeMantegna @dannyramm - Photo by BJ Rogers
"Little David Rossi" visits #CriminalMinds on location. @JoeMantegna @CrimMinds_CBS
- Photo by Karen Maser
#jazz Filming in Hollywood today, looked down and saw... - Photo by Joseph Geisinger
My co-director. @CrimMinds_CBS @CM_SetReport - Photo by Joe Mantegna
There are some crazy sights on Hollywood Blvd.#bestplacetopeoplewatch
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Feeding a hungry #CriminalMinds crew at our night shoot. Pizza & Co. Yum -- oven-fired pizza! #pizza
- Photo by Karen Maser
What would you order?? #CriminalMinds - Photo by Karen Maser
Huge circus going on today before we start shooting with our special guest.
- Photo by John Hatchitt
@JoeMantegna and NFL great Michael Irvin on set! .@michaelirvin88 #CriminalMinds@CrimMinds_CBS - Photo by Karen Maser
@shemarmoore @JoeMantegna @michaelirvin88 having fun on set. #CriminalMinds@CrimMinds_CBS - Photo by Karen Maser
Last minute instructions on how to play the sweeper position. - Photo by John Hatchitt
A lot can happen in a twelve hour work day. #CriminalMinds #setlife #SeasonXI - Photo by CM_SetReport
Look who's guest starring on #CriminalMinds this season! #MichaelIrvin - Photo by CrimMinds_CBS
The BAU SUVs on the move! #CriminalMinds @CrimMinds_CBS - Photo by Karen Maser

AMAZING DAY!!!! I was TRULY STAR STRUCK.. Yes I was!!!!! MICHAEL IRVIN IN DA BUILDING!!!! DALLAS COWBOYS HALL OF FAME RECEIVER.. MICHAEL IRVIN!! One of the BEST RECEIVERS to EVER play in the NFL!!! He guest starred today on CRIMINAL MINDS... I got to run around n throw passes to "THE PLAY MAKER #88"... CM Season 11 STARTS September 30th, 2015... MR IRVIN Is a LEGEND and SIMPLY A NICE GUY!!!
- Video by Shemar Moore
MICHAEL IRVIN and SHEMAR MOORE!!! Very cool moment for ME!!! Michael needs NO introduction but for you youngsters and folks living in other countries... MICHAEL IS A HALL OF FAME NFL FOOTBALL PLAYER... He is ONE OF THE BEST RECEIVERS... EVER.. TO PLAY PRO FOOTBALL!!! He will be making a guest appearance on an upcoming SEASON 11 episode of CRIMINAL MINDS.. NEW SEASON starts SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 on CBS...
- Photo by Shemar Moore
Whaaa? What are #GLEE stars @Ashley_Fink & @chriscolfer doing on #CriminalMinds set? Are we doing a musical? #Gleek - Photo by Karen Maser
FBI SUV's in location and ready to go. - Photo by Harry Bring
It's hot out and we still have a line! Where's my costume? @nellieb_wright @K_T_Rib
- Photo by BJ Rogers
Photo by Joe Mantegna
Directing Michael Irvin in @CrimMinds_CBS #stupidspellcheck - Photo by Joe Mantegna
Go get them Thomas! @CM_SetReport - Photo by Joe Mantegna
Day 6 - Photo by Joe Mantegna
Details matter. #CriminalMinds #SeasonXI #setlife - Photo by CM_SetReport
What a perfectly creepy place to dump a body, right? #CriminalMinds
- Photo by Karen Maser
@SpiresDarcy contemplating the next shot in this cool lil arboretum today. [1/2]
- Photo by John Hatchitt
@SpiresDarcy contemplating the next shot in this cool lil arboretum today. [2/2]
- Photo by John Hatchitt
On set at @CrimMinds_CBS. Looking for that #unsub. And maybe my partner, Shaft. - Photo by Aisha Tyler
Mini joe is flexy sexy! I gnomeinate him to replace the gnome cuz wherever you go there he is @JoeMantegna @PamLeonte - Photo by BJ Rogers
Liz Graham aka Fabu script supervisor wanted on the set of Criminal Minds @scriptclay @CM_SetReport
- Photo by Pam Leonte
This was made and sent to me by a fan. Are the others getting one too?
- Photo by Joe Mantegna
Joe Mantegna is back behind the camera directing! #CriminalMinds #setlife #SeasonXI @JoeMantegna @PamLeonte - Photo by CM_SetReport
Congrats to Lori in #CriminalMinds Prop department for winning #Fridayfivedollar.Don't spend it all in 1 place. - Photo by Karen Maser
@Vangsness Here's Garcia getting ready for the first scene of the day! #CriminalMinds @CrimMinds_CBS
- Photo by Karen Maser
That's a wrap! - Photo by Joe Mantegna
Last week on location with the crew! Lucky me! #CriminalMinds #setlife - Photo by Liz Graham
Here is a tease from tonight's episode! Directed by our very own @JoeMantegna! #CriminalMinds #SeasonXI
- Photo by CM_SetReport