Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - BTS: 1021. Mr. Scratch

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

MGG scouting 10-21. Spooky house. - Photo by Harry Bring
Breen Frazier our Producer/Writer working on pink revisions for Gublers next episode in
the scout van. - Photo by Ian Woolf
Tech scout Ep 10-21. - Photo by Harry Bring
Birthday cake for Matthew at table read for his episode. - Photo by Harry Bring
Table read 10-21. MGG directing. Starts tomorrow. - Photo by Harry Bring
We celebrated @GUBLERNATION birthday today!! @CM_SetReport @CMFANDISTRICT @CBSTweet woohoo!
- Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
So the shaved ice guys laughed that all I wanted was snow!! I grew up in MA! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
PRETTY BOY n BABY BOY!!! @gublergram MATHEW'S BDAY was yesterday He is DIRECTING OUR NEXT EPISODE of CRIMINAL MINDS.. Keeping it SILLY n GOOFY for ALL the BABY GIRLS and FANS!! .............. Ummmmm, as cute as you might think this pic is... It's a lil uncomfortable with Mathews "Situation" all over my neck!!!
- Photo by Shemar Moore
A spectacular candle on @GUBLERNATION's cake. Happy belated birthday, Matthew!!!
- Photo by Sharon Lee Watson
Hanging out after today's table read... - Photo by Sharon Lee Watson
Season almost done - 3 more binders to go! - Photo by Ian Woolf
A peak into the props department. - Photo by Joe Mantegna
My view at Criminal minds table read!! Thanks @shemarmoore #ilovemyjob
- Photo by Liz Graham
This guy @JoeMantegna is well taken care of, and knows how it kick it.
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Swag tee shirt given to cast and crew today. From Erica Messer. - Photo by Harry Bring
Feel sorry for these girls when they have to do a Crew Starbucks
run.#andthishappensacoupletimesaday - Photo by John Hatchitt
Friday. #awkwardfamilyphoto #workedition #blueit - Photo by CM_SetReport
Action Jackson turned Camera Man!! The camera man's job is NO JOKE!! The camera weighs 75 pounds.. Sitting on his shoulder ALL DAY!!! I'll stick to chasing Bad Guys IN FRONT of the camera.. Much Respect to ALL THE PEOPLE it takes to make this Hollywood Magic... On set CRIMINAL MINDS... - Photo by Shemar Moore
Actor and tree - on location Alta Dena,CA - Photo by Ian Woolf
been way off the radar directing the most shocking episode of criminal minds you will
ever see. - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
some of my super legible storyboards for the opening scene of "Mr. Scratch"
- Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
Guess @SpiresDarcy thought he wasn't getting enough attention so he wore this get-up
today. #attentionwhore - Photo by John Hatchitt
Bright smiles conceal a dark episode of #CriminalMinds Ep 10-21 Day 4 of 8 with director @GUBLERNATION.
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Top o' the morning to ya on this fine #StPatricksDay! From
#CriminalMinds' resident leprechaun, @theig
- Photo by CM_SetReport
LOCKED n LOADED!! Me n my partner in crime... @ajcook (IG) @ajcookofficial (Twitter) Ready to bust a cap in the UNSUB's A**!!! on set today at CRIMINAL MINDS @shemarfmoore (IG) - Photo by Shemar Moore
The life of a writer on set of #CriminalMinds. Ep 10-21 Day 5 of 8. [1/2] - Photo by CM_SetReport
The life of a writer on set of #CriminalMinds. Ep 10-21 Day 5 of 8. [2/2] - Photo by CM_SetReport 
MGG Directing. KV Juicing. A great combo! - Photo by Harry Bring
For those looking for the 2nd Hottest Screen Saver out. @Dayne9165 working his Magic.
#sightingequal2albinorhino - Photo by John Hatchitt
MGG breaks from directing in a golden 80's jacket I just whipped up! Golden boy does it
again @GUBLERNATION - Photo by BJ Rogers
How many beverages can @GUBLERNATION stack on the monitors? - Photo by Harry Bring
Where justice lives at #CriminalMinds. - Photo by CM_SetReport
Custom made jewelry for our one and only @Vangsness @CM_SetReport #apennyforyourthoughts #sneakpeek #BJRdesigns - Photo by BJ Rogers
What happens when 2 much time between shots. Custom plates, even when they don't
ask or know. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Yay! @TheReal_Jlh (here about to get stabby) got cake w/ @shemarmoore in it but it's
all love for all here at camp cm - Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
This is a giant necklace Penny Garcie is wearing today. TRUST. - Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
Pretty as Penny Garcia! Beautious as Kristen Vangsness !! @Vangsness - Photo by BJ Rogers
i always operate the dolly for one shot of everything i direct - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
so excited about that time machine I found in the woods that let me travel into the future to direct myself on an episode of criminal  minds @heyharmony - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
marvin and marvin attorneys at law @heyharmony - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
i'm almost done editing "Mr. Scratch" and and it is going to knock your socks off - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
Everyone should get to experience #CriminalMinds on the BIG screen! #Technicolor #MrScratch
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Criminal Minds episode 21 "Mr. Scratch" directed by Matthew Gray Gubler This Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS -or! - Photo by Elliot Smith
Spooky Director Gube. Don't miss the @GUBLERNATION masterpiece tonight at 9pm on CBS. - Photo by AJ Cook
TONIGHT, don't miss an all new #CriminalMinds #MrSCRATCH! Till then, here's a TEASE - Photo by CM_SetReport
Elliot in his fitting for MGG's Mr Scratch #scratchthis @heyharmony @GUBLERNATION - Photo by BJ Rogers
my shooting script and storyboards for #MrScratch - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
#MrScratch storyboards - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
i don't want to give too much away. #MrScratch - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
nothing on criminal minds will be the same after #MrScratch - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
my early design concept for #MrScratch - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler