Friday, February 27, 2015

CRIMINAL MIND Season 10 - BTS: 1020. A Place at the Table

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

Learning from the master:Ed Asner on the set of Criminal Minds!
@CM_SetReport - Photo by Jim Clemente
Table read 10-20. - Photo by Harry Bring
Courtside seats at the #CriminalMinds read through for EP10x20 "A Place at the Table." - Photo by CM_SetReport
With the incomparable Ed Asner and @GUBLERNATION after a phenomenal table read
for CM ep 10-20 - Photo by Sharon Lee Watson
Table read today. Working with many great actors! @JoeMantegna @Vangsness @GUBLERNATION @shemarmoore @ajcookofficial - Photo by Riley Neldam
"RING RING RING RING RING...Banana Phone." #Mondays #CriminalMinds #officelife
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Tried to get @nlimit19 out training last week but,Said he was busy modeling at ceramic
class. Found the art today. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Our Key Grip#john Hatchitt hard at work checking world bicycle racing updates - Photo by Joseph Geisinger
@scriptclay going over the scene with Mr Asner first thing this morning.
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Day 5 Episode 1020! Me & the Great Ed Asner! #CriminalMinds @CM_SetReport - Photo by Liz Graham
Ed Asner guest starring this episode. - Photo by Ian Woolf
@SpiresDarcy as DP today. So hope they have the time for this complete scene. Truly
amazing to watch such talent. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Working wit the fantastic Ed Asner. A friend and a fantastic actor. #CriminalMinds
@CM_SetReport - Photo by Joe Mantegna
When you find an axe around the Criminal Minds set, you can be sure it's not for chopping wood.
- Photo by Krish Ribeiro
I wanna be like this guy when I grow up!! His career speaks for itself and he's one of the nicest most solid men I've had an opportunity to share the stage and friendship with.. The one and only MR JOE MANTEGNE aka "David Rossi"... CRIMINAL MINDS - Photo by Shemar Moore
Sexy Face overload!! Goofballin' with My Original Baby Girl!! @kirstenvangsness CRIMINAL MINDS
- Photo by Shemar Moore
How long we gotta stay on Hold Hotch?! Don't they know who we are?!! "Captain Never Smile" and "Chocolate Thunder" here to save the day!!!! CRIMINAL MINDS - Photo by Shemar Moore
Happy birthday to the most joyful person I know! @gublergram - Photo by AJ Cook
Rehearsing a scene. - Photo by Joe Mantegna
#NormanRockwell sans turkey with a little more blood #CriminalMinds - Photo by Laura Belsey
Tomorrow night #CriminalMinds a Place at The Table guest starring #EdAsner - Photo by Laura Belsey
We may have wrapped production but we got 4 more episodes to go! Starting with tonight's. #scripttease
- Photo by CM_SetReport
I can't wait to see this man again tonight! What a talent! #CRIMINALMINDS #EdAsner - Photo by Molly Baker
Tonight on @crimmindscbs #haleyhotchner #thomasgibson the #incomparable @theonlyedasner plays my dad, wish we got to work together when Haley was alive! Love my #criminalminds #family #hotchner #family!
- Photo by Meredith Monroe