Friday, January 9, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - BTS: 1016. Lockdown

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

Spooky tunnel for Ep 16. @VirgilWilliams writing. Thomas Gibson directing. Shoots
next year. Early scout start. - Photo by Harry Bring
Scouting episode 10-16 at dawn. Thomas Gibson directing. #notaglamorouslife - Photo by Harry Bring
Needed a bathroom break after that intense ride. [1/2] - Photo by Harry Bring 
 Needed a bathroom break after that intense ride. [2/2] - Photo by Harry Bring 
Scouting 10-16. Very inviting, NOT! - Photo by Harry Bring 
 Photo by Harry Bring 
Scouting Pelicans in the harbor. - Photo by Harry Bring 
The boys bringing you EP1016 "Lockdown" @VirgilWilliams and #thomasgibson #criminalminds
- Photo by CM_SetReport
READY TO HIT YOUR TELEVISION SCREENS!!! Table read with cast and production team. Excited.  #CRIMINALMINDS #BIG #LamarUsher #Co-star #Thankful #BestWayToStartTheNewYear - Photo by Lamar Usher
table read time. #CriminalMinds - Photo by Ace Marrero
Time to head to set. That's me smiling as best as I can with this stache weighing my upper lip down  #CriminalMinds
- Photo by Ace Marrero
Just call me, Paulo Blarto. - Photo by Ace Marrero
The yard - Photo by Ace Marrero
Morgan refused to pick up the soap!!! On set at CRIMINAL MINDS!!! - Photo by Shemar Moore
Wishing everyone a Happy Friday from set with @shemarmoore & @VirgilWilliams! - Photo by CM_SetReport
Why I haven't been on social media lately. - Photo by AJ Cook
#CriminalMinds cast/crew dinner from @BabysBBs courtesy of actor/director #ThomasGibson
- Photo by Ace Marrero
Kate got in a jail fight on #CriminalMinds - Photo by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Also Thanks TG for our favorite burger truck last night. #twoofmyboysphotobombing.
[1/2] - Photo by John Hatchitt
Also Thanks TG for our favorite burger truck last night. #twoofmyboysphotobombing. [2/2] - Photo by John Hatchitt
Photo by Exie Booker
These Guys Are amazing The Talented writer Virgil Williams and Star actor/director of
criminal minds Thomas Gibson - Photo by Exie Booker
he then put me in his cargo pocket and took me to get a smoothie
- Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
I got my man @isaackeys all hemmed up on this #CriminalMinds set. #LivingTheDream - Photo by Virgil Williams
Like a pup in a cage, sitting in this trailer waiting for the, "Go!" I want to go out and play! #CriminalMinds
- Photo by Ace Marrero
A long empty stroll. #BTS #Prison #criminalminds - Photo by Ace Marrero
Counting down the days. #BTS #Prison #criminalminds - Photo by Ace Marrero
#BTS #Prison #criminalminds - Photo by Ace Marrero
Somebody jumped the gun! - Photo by Harry Bring
The power is out. Do not panic. I repeat, do not panic. Continue 2 read that very scary script. #CriminalMinds
- Photo by CM_SetReport
With the film gear on the outside of the door.. - Photo by Ace Marrero
#CriminalMinds episode LOCKDOWN - Photo by Ace Marrero
Andrea Special EFX & I would not make good cell mates.#prisonlifeisforthebirds - Photo by John Hatchitt
One of the better Photo Bombs of the day by @VirgilWilliams - Photo by John Hatchitt
Current situation. #CriminalMinds #Lockdown - Photo by Virgil Williams
Criminal Minds Episode #1016 Day 3 and we're still on "Lockdown" @VirgilWilliams
@CM_SetReport - Photo by Liz Graham
Intense episode of @CrimMinds_CBS Will Kate make it out? - Photo by Jennifer Love Hewitt
#Method  #CriminalMinds - Photo by Ace Marrero
Easy way of helping control light when Night Scenes are shot during the day.
#lilBTSforutoday - Photo by John Hatchitt
Step into our office. #tonight #CriminalMinds - Photo by CM_SetReport
Guess I can't scream what I really think of @K_T_Rib, bummer. - Photo by John Hatchitt
That's a wrap! Officer Nelson has left the building! It's been fun #CriminalMinds! Thank you! Airs March 4th #TeamBookIt - Photo by Ace Marrero
Can't wait to go to work tomorrow God is good !! @Vangsness @ajcookofficial
#CriminalMinds #CriminalMindsfan - Photo by Exie Booker
Just got to set early morning shoot #CriminalMinds #actorsacting #beastmode
- Photo by Exie Booker
What did theses two do to get put away again. They never stay out of trouble. - Photo by John Hatchitt
My guy @ExieBooker is doing his thing on this #CriminalMinds set. Don't miss him on March 4th!
- Photo by Virgil Williams
@scriptclay,TG and one of our former PA's who is shooting a commercial next door. #alwaysgoodtoseeoldfriendsmovingup - Photo by John Hatchitt
Think Tom SFX is a lil Worked Up about this fire scene I'd say - Photo by John Hatchitt
A furnace + Criminal Minds = nothing good. - Photo by Krish Ribeiro
Love working with these two everyday. You can see by their size why they never
followed me into cycling. - Photo by John Hatchitt
TG barking out commands for the last shot of the day. Looking to be a Great Friday ;-) - Photo by John Hatchitt
Had a blast onset of criminal minds March 4th @shemarmoore @ajcookofficial #thomasgibson @CrimMinds_CBS
- Photo by Exie Booker
Thomas Gibson director was wonderful put all my trust in him on set @CrimMinds_CBS
@ThomasG_LOVE @CrimMindsFans - Photo by Exie Booker
Series Regular and Star of Criminal Minds Thomas Gibson and also directed this episode airing March 4th #ActorsActing #criminalminds #thomasgibson #exiebooker #BEASTMODE #actress #actors #tvacademy - Video by Exie Booker
Video clip of me And Shemar Moore onset then then we got Photo Bombed by the Executive Producer writer Vigil Williams FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER @exiebooker & Facebook Exie Booker BEASTMODE #ActorsActing #actress #BEASTMODE #actorsworking #criminalminds ##shemarMoore #vigilwilliams #actorsaccess #tvacademy #emmy #criminalmindsfan @shemarmoore #babygirl #cbs #thomasgibson - Video by Exie Booker
@CrimMinds_CBS - Photo by Exie Booker
Pretty cold morning to be taking a shower outdoors.#nevercometoworkdirty. [1/2]
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Pretty cold morning to be taking a shower outdoors.#nevercometoworkdirty. [2/2]
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Yo #CriminalMinds fans we got a badass guest cast on ep 1016. And this @Corboy9
dude is part of it! - Photo by Virgil Williams
Set of criminal minds season 10 #CastingDirector #CriminalMinds #actorsaccess #tvacademy #actorslife #actorsacting - Photo by Exie Booker
Wrapped my sixth and last episode day on #CriminalMinds. Can't say enough how terrific
they all are. @CrimMinds_CBS - Photo by Robert Grant
Hanging w/#ThomasGibson at the wrap party for @CrimMinds_CBS Thanks to the entire cast & crew for a great week! - Photo by Scott Broderick
Hungout Tonight and had a few drinks with Thomas Gibson star of Criminal Minds and a few cast members... Soaking up knowledge BEASTMODE #criminalminds #ActorsActing #actorsworking #thomasgibson - Photo by Exie Booker
Start of a fun party that was thrown at a local brewery last night for the Cast & Crew.
#greattimesoffthestage - Photo by John Hatchitt
Golden Road Brewery in Glendale, CA Where worlds collide. - Photo by Joel Murray
The creative mind behind many amazing episode of CM @VirgilWilliams enjoyed working with my bro #CriminalMinds - Photo by Exie Booker
Get ready it's going down March 4 @CrimMinds_CBS @criminalmndsfan
@CriminalMindPic #CriminalMinds #CriminalMindsfan - Photo by Exie Booker
Beautiful start to Day-8 of TG's episode "LOCKDOWN" written by @VirgilWilliams. A must watch..
- Photo by John Hatchitt
@SpiresDarcy making sure MGG gets all his homework done before leaving stage to play. - Photo by John Hatchitt
My #CriminalMinds homies. @ajcookofficial has an award winning duck face. And that @GUBLERNATION kid is adorable. - Photo by Virgil Williams
punky brewster's biological parents - Photo by Matthew Gray Gubler
Had a blast with Thomas Gibson! Check him out on #criminalminds - Photo by Lauren Ray
Two cool cats from #CriminalMinds. Writer @virgilwilliams & Actor/Director
#ThomasGibson - Photo by Ace Marrero
The #CriminalMinds episode I worked on airs tonight. Serious stuff going down! These guys both rock. @CrimMinds_CBS - Photo by Robert Grant
Script Tease! TONIGHT! Episode 10x16 #CriminalMinds #tonight - Photo by CM_SetReport
TUNE in for tonight's episode! Directed by #ThomasGibson and written by
@VirgilWilliams #CriminalMinds #tonight - Photo by CM_SetReport
Walking out of this room and on to your screen in 3...2...1! #ThomasGibson #CriminalMinds #tonight
- Photo by CM_SetReport