Thursday, August 28, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - BTS: 1006. Boxed In

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

BOOM! Gonna be a #CriminalMinds kind of Halloween this year! - Photo by Virgil Williams
Prescouting episode 10-06. - Photo by Harry Bring
Another location vista. - Photo by Harry Bring
Scouting episode 10-06 - Photo by Harry Bring
About to start table read for 10-0[6]. TG directing. - Photo by Harry Bring
The boys bringing us #criminalminds EP#10x06 "Boxed In" They fancy. @VirgilWilliams #thomasgibson
- Photo by CM_SetReport 
Studying my Criminal Minds scenes for next wk in LA on a bike at @ThePeninsulaChi gym.. get'n excited!
- Photo by Billy Dec
Round two for the writers today. Stories be breakin... EP 10x06 Day 1 of 8. #criminalminds - Photo by CM_SetReport
Look how hard our mixer @joseph17981 is working. - Photo by John Hatchitt
On set with @VirgilWilliams EP 10x06 Day 2 of 8. #KillinIt #CriminalMinds - Photo by CM_SetReport
Another fun day in the Pumpkin Patch.. - Photo by John Hatchitt
We out here doin this #CriminalMinds thing. - Photo by Virgil Williams
That time of the day with @hhannamourad, know it's your favorite @cameronwurf.
Save ya some... - Photo by John Hatchitt
My character name on Criminal Minds on my trailer! Amazing 1st day of shooting in LA! Excited!?!
- Photo by Billy Dec
Friday night. - Photo by Linda De Andrea
Chillin with 2 of my favorite #Chicago homies @BillyDec and @JoeMantegna on this
#CriminalMinds set. #livingthedream - Photo by Virgil Williams
"I lost my mind, in the city of lights in the backstreets buildings & the neon lights" #criminalminds Ep10x06Day 4of8
- Photo by CM_SetReport
#criminalminds - Photo by Samantha Valtierra Bush
Photo by Krish Ribeiro
My criminal Minds family!! Love! #CriminalMinds - Photo by Molly Baker
I wouldn't want to have dinner with anyone else. #CriminalMinds #jessicabrooks - Photo by Molly Baker
Yo #CriminalMinds fans! You do NOT wanna miss @CorneliusJonesJ in episode 10-06 "Boxed In". Here's a lil taste.
- Photo by Virgil Williams 
Another fun filled night on CM chasin' down the bad guys with Rossi, Hotch, and JJ.
Thomas Gibson Directing ☻
- Photo by Joseph Geisinger
@therealkimharrison birthday!!! Woohoo! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Photo by Kim Harrison
You're never taking me alive coppers @oldgoldgarage #SDPD @joel845 - Photo by Fleabag
They saw this in the police station Its ok I escaped #CriminalMinds #Hollywood #SDPD #flea # copper #wantedman
- Photo by Fleabag
Caught red-handed! @GUBLERNATION @ajcookofficial What do you think they're in for? #criminalminds
- Photo by CM_SetReport
My #CriminalMinds makeup, office door, partners.. can't wait to film more of my @CrimMinds_CBS scenes tmrw!
- Photo by Billy Dec 
Director #ThomasGibson backstage with #CriminalMinds Crew on EP 10x06 Day 7 of 8. - Photo by CM_SetReport
Prom pic poses w/Jennifer Love Hewitt between our scenes on #CriminalMinds I doing this right?
- Photo by Billy Dec 
@VirgilWilliams made it to the front row of directing chairs today. Huge Congrats !!!
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Happy Halloween from the set of Criminal Minds..... A month and a half early.
- Photo by Krish Ribeiro
I'm so #jealous of my sister she's working #onset for #criminalminds @shemarfmoore #jj #SpencerReid #Aaronhotchner #PenelopeGarcia #DaveRossi #DerekMorgan - Photo by Tiffany Pattershall
See what my sister sends me to tease me #Aaronhotchner #criminalminds #onset OH THE TORTURE
- Photo by Tiffany Pattershell
Now this is the way to go Trick or Treating. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Ugly but I don't care I can die happy now 😭❤️❤️❤️#criminalminds #thomasgibson
- Photo by Samantha GonzĂĄlez
This cat slept the whole time while shooting in his house. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Quick, I need every push pin and thumbtack in the building! #geographicprofile #criminalminds EP10x06 Day 8 of 8.
- Photo by CM_SetReport 
Day 8 of 8 on #CriminalMinds ep. 1006 #BoxedIn. Almost done... - Photo by Virgil Williams
Friday exteriors temperature is - Photo by Linda De Andrea
Unforgettable Experience on Set with Cast n Crew of @CrimMinds_CBS . Awesome CD's @ScottDavidCast and Lisa Zambetti - Photo by John Henry K. Cabula
Baby's Badass Burgers courtesy of Thomas Gibson - on set this evening yummy! - Photo by Ian Woolf
Thank u TG for the Bad Ass Burger Truck on this beautiful Fri night. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Criminal Minds Holloween episode WRAPPED!
What a great cast and crew. And thanks to Thomas Gibson for directing me in an episode
where I was a terror to his real life son Travis. - Photo by Terrence Bernie Hines
Criminal minds #ThomasGibson - Photo by Jocelyn Gonzalez
Got to meet Joe Mantegna aka David from #criminalminds - Photo by Eduardo Torres
Well I just got to meet Thomas Gibson a.k.a. Hotch from #criminalminds These are the perks of letting Criminal Minds be filmed on my street - Photo by Eduardo Torres
Got to meet the one and only Matthew Gulber a.k.a. Reid #criminalminds - Photo by Eduardo Torres
Last one females were all up in him Shemar Moore a.k.a. Morgan #criminalminds I had a great experience last night
- Photo by Eduardo Torres
Got a pic with Spencer!! #criminalminds - Photo by Michael [no surname given]
Catching killers w @ShemarMoore & amazing team on #CriminalMinds @CrimMinds_CBS (Set DVRs 10/29 & share!) - Photo by Billy Dec
At least I saw Thomas Gibson I guess. - Photo by Rosie the mermaid [internet nick]
- Photo by Rosie the mermaid [internet nick]
Gun holding @AJCookOfficial & I btwn our scenes on @CrimMinds_CBS (w @VirgilWilliams photobomb) airs 10/29! - Photo by Billy Dec 
OMG who's watching #CriminalMinds! My "Guest Star" role is NEXT episode/week! Watch party @Rockit- come?
- Photo by Billy Dec 
A lil preview for next week's #Halloween #CriminalMinds. - Photo by Virgil Williams
#HALLOWEEN #CriminalMinds next wk 10/29! Excited I'm on the team! (Viewing party @Rockit!) Fan!? Share!
- Photo by Billy Dec 
My new Detective role on @CrimMinds_CBS airs this Weds 10/29! Set DVR! #CriminalMinds ViewingParty @Rockit!
- Photo by Billy Dec 
Photo by Braden Fitzgerald
Photo by Braden Fitzgerald
Photo by Braden Fitzgerald
Phylicia Wissa with star Thomas Gibson - Photo by Phylicia Wissa
Phylicia Wissa on set of CBS' Criminal Minds - Photo by Phylicia Wissa
The rest of the world must wait two more days... But tonight it's #Halloween on #CriminalMinds!
- Photo by CM_SetReport
In 1 hour... It all comes into focus tonight. #CriminalMinds #Halloween
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Thomas contemplates his new dressing room. #CriminalMinds #directorproblems - Photo by CM_SetReport