Monday, June 30, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - R.I.P. Meshach Taylor (Sgt. Harrison Scott in the Show)

Sgt. Harrison Scott
Meshach Taylor

One of Criminal Minds very own must bid farewell to a dear friend. While many of you already have heard the news, we, the Knights and Ladies of the Criminal Minds Round Table blog, wanted to express our condolences to Joe Mantegna and the family of Meshach Taylor, on Meshach's passing after a long fought battle with cancer. Our hearts and prayers go out to all.

Through Joe and their off screen friendship, Meshach was brought on board Criminal Minds  to portray Rossi's friend and former Marine Sgt. Harrison Scott. Meshach gave us a powerful portrayal of the often times sad conditions that our returning veterans experience; especially those from the Vietnam Era. His performance was inspiring as well as heartfelt, the friendship between Joe and Meshach clearly visible in each scene they shared. We are lucky too, that we got to have some closure for Sgt. Scott in the Season 9 episode "The Road Home", which turned out to be Meshach last onscreen job.  Again Joe, and Meshach allowed their long time off screen friendship to bind the characters together even more.

The sky will shine a bit brighter from now on with Meshach’s Star having joined so many others who have come before him. Rest in Peace.

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  1. Rest in Peace Mr. Taylor. And thank you for all your memorable works and character portrayals!

  2. After he died I realized then and only then that he had played Hollywood in the 80's movie Mannequin. I loved that character and it dawned on me the range he had as an actor and how he probably never got the recognition he deserved. I am sorry he has left this world way too prematurely. Condolences to all his family and friends.

  3. I loved Meshach Taylor as Anthony in "Designing Women". His comedic timing was impeccable.

    However, Mr. Taylor will forever be Sgt. Harrison Scott to me.

    Rest in Peace sir.

    My sympathies to his family and the Mantegna family as well.

  4. It broke my heart to learn of Mr. Taylor's passing. I remember watching him with my mom growing up on Designing Women, he was my favorite character on DW. And coming from a family full of military his portral of Sgt. Scott made me cry. I pray he has peace and my mom and I want to pass on our condolences to his family and friends.


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