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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 923. Angels - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'Angels' and written by Janine Sherman Barrois, Rick Dunkle & Breen Frazier.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that it was the 2nd of the last 3 episodes of the season... LAST episode of the season will air next week!


  1. As my heart attempts a manual restart what can I say.... but WOW...

    Team was all excellent... LOVED Garcia's 'remote' control momment.. And she was very good throughout the episode... Not over done at all..

    Reid was spot on... Rossi telling him to take care of the tied up victim because they couldn't trust the ME was priceless.

    Hotch, you could see his wheels spinning... MY God Hotch is going to go NUTS when the fallout hits from this raid...

    So it Rossi for that matter....

    I..... I...... I just don't know what to say about the ending shootout... How many 'cops' went down... Plus Reid, Plus Morgan.... and the PROMO for next week..... Someone get me the oxygen tank please... !!!!

    Breath Reilly Breath!!!!!!

  2. Splendid episode, really, nice Hotch being the boss, loved the Rossi/Blake snark, Reid spot on. But oy, who is leaving? This is going to be a long week.

  3. I'll wait until the finale next week but I'm not feeling too good on this. The whole story seems ridiculous.

  4. I honestly do not know what to say to the episode. I had looked up every spoiler before watching and I was still so upset and such after the ending scene, But overall the episode was good,but the ending did floor me.

  5. I really feel that the profiler who will be saying good bye forever will be Blake,one doesn't have to die in order to say good bye. I am some what pissed though. Why couldn't the cliffhanger just be about Reid.
    But no they just had to make Morgan part of it. Reid didn't even get a centric episode this season and the one story line he did get was shared with Garcia.

  6. Debra,

    Reid was excellent tonight... Rossi telling him to take care of finding out what the lavender smell was because the ME was incompetitent was great...

    There's alot of finale to go... Reid is concious in pt 2... that we can see..and we knew '2' agents were going to go down... Blake in the Canadian Promo is upset that he pulled her out of the way effectively taking the bullet that would have hit her..... might be the final push that makes her join her husband...

  7. I agree Barbra and over all I did like the episode very much. I just hope the second part is as good.
    And yes I saw both those promos. But I sincerely hope Reid is just dreaming about Garcia handling a gun bc if not I will be really pissed. I don't even like it when they put her in kevlar and now it looks as if she will be handling a gun.

  8. What did JJ say in Penelope???

    "You do what you have to to protect your family".....

    Garcia picking up a gun and using it to protect Reid or the others... is the Ultimate testament to what she's capable of doing to protect her 'family'.... I like that idea.... :)

  9. Yes, except for the fact Garcia is afraid of guns and doesn't even know how to handle one. I do not like it one bit. If they wanted to have Garcia coming to Reid's rescue we couldn't it have been as a blood donor.Perhaps he needed a certain type of blood and she was a perfect match.

  10. Garcia was afraid of guns in Penelope... Yet when Morgan gave her the gun and told her it was very real she understood and realized she might have to use it....

    Fast forward a few years.... She's old, wiser and much less jaded then she was back then. I think showing a character doing something they are terrified of or at least not comfortable with is a testament to the power of 'love'....

    Having her needed to give 'blood' I don't think has as much impact emotionally for not just Garcia but the other on the team too. Hotch especially as he knows that she always tries to see the good in people... Yet, she will defend her family like a mother bear... I'm excited to see her make that leap.... I don't think of it as turning her into a 'field' agent, but rather you do what you have to do at that moment to protect those you love... And Garcia is capable of doing that.... :)

    1. Garcia refused to take the gun from Morgan even though he tried to get her to take it for her own protection. That is how much she disliked and was afraid of guns. And it isn't going to stop there. I am certain they will find another excuse to put a gun in her hands. Just like they are always finding excusing to put her in Kevlar even though she has no business being in it.

    2. Debra,

      Garcia didn't refuse to take the gun... She did take it, she stood in the corner like Morgan told her to, she understood what he meant when he said "If anyone walks through that door but me, shoot him". Yes she was scared, she moved to her bedroom, yes she was terrified, but that's understandable look at what was happening.
      As for her in Kevlar, any agent when out in the field has to wear kevlar in a potentially dangerous situation. The Bank robbery was 'dangerous'.

      Think back to what Penelope said to JJ after JJ shoot Baylor
      "I never meant for you to have to do something like that"
      JJ's response
      "You do what you have to to protect your family".

      I believe that in this episode coming up that is exactly what Erica is imparting. That Garcia will rise above her fears and do anything that has to be done to protect her 'family'...And like I said I am glad to see that side of her come out with something other then a colorful umbrella drink at the end of an episode.

      We will just have to agree to disagree on this point.... Hope you enjoy the second part of the finale.

    3. I will be really pissed if Penelope is really the one left protecting Reid. She is not a federal agent. She is not trained in firearms (I hope to hell the show doesn't do any retcon and say she has been training with guns for months now). The team knows the local police are corrupt (at least some of them) and can't be trusted. So if Reids need to be guarded (which he does), it should be either someone from the team or someone from the nearest FBI field office. No way in hell would/should Penelope be the one left holding a gun protecting Reid. So unless that scene was some sort of fakeout, and it was just a ruse to smoke out the unsub, I will be highly pissed at the unreality of it all.

    4. Indeed Garcia isn't an agent. She is a computer tech analyst that happens to work for the FBI. Unfortunately she has been promoted and treated so many times as one, that people think she is. And I hope, I really do hope I'm wrong about it,but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they were grooming her to be the one to take Blake's place on the team.

      I've made it quite clear that I can't stand JJ anymore. However were I given a choice between her or Garcia as to whom I would want protecting Reid, hands down it would be JJ.

    5. Yes Garcia is an agent... If you remember the episode where JJ, Emily, and Garcia are in the bar with 'BRAD"... her badge reads Penelope Garcia SPECIAL AGENT.... so she is an agent of the FBI....

    6. Also, I did some checking.. and in fact Penelope is a Special Agent with the FBI, but as she is the technical Analyst she is not required to carry a gun....

      IF you work for the FBI you are an agent. Your rank goes up with promotions withing your department and within the Bureau itself.... So while she is a technical Analyst she has always been an agent. Non agent badges used in the FBI clearly are marked as CIVILIAN...
      I hope this explanation puts to rest whether Penelope is an agent or not.

    7. There is no way Penelope has been to the FBI Academy, so she is not a full up FBI agent in the law enforcement sense. She was hired to to do technical analyst stuff and not law enforcement activities. She has not been trained in firearms. She is not a federal law enforcement officer. I am not hung up on her rank as her job description. So if that promo is accurate and she really is wielding a gun because she is supposed to be protecting Reid (and just who would give her a gun for this purpose), I will call so much BS. I really hope that part of the promo was some sort of fakeout.

    8. mysocalledcreativelife,

      As I have said, Garcia is a special Agent.. her badge says that fact. Yes she is the technical analyst, and no she is not required to carry a gun.. But then again in LDSK Hotch made it a point to say that Reid wasn't required to carry a gun either....

      What I think is escaping people is that under these circumstances, her family's life on the line Garcia will work PAST her fear of guns, her loathing of killing and do what she must to protect her family.

      I know that 99% of any 'ordinary' citizen would pick up whatever weapon was available to protect their loved ones if the need arose....

      I don't know why there is this 'uproar' about that being BS?

      I'm done trying to find the details and explain the facts. Good day!

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Let me end with this....

      IF you were in this position... would you turn away and say "I'm not trained, sorry".....

      The whole point of this scene I believe is to show that anyone including Penelope Garcia will do whatever it takes to protect their family. This has nothing to do with Kevlar, field training, agent or not. It's all to do with 'family' and that when faced with danger ANYONE could turn lethal.

      Arguing anything different is a moot point.

  11. *takes deep, cleansing breath* I too say WOW!

    I loved the start; the team all complaining about being called in when things in their lives were "just so close to being right...normal". I love that aspect of seeing the team like that. We see them as super heroes and rightly so, but they are still human. As my dear Gma used to say: "They put their pants on just like the rest of us."

    And the Hotch and Cruz scene was wonderful! Like Diana Reid once said, "Why mess with perfection?" I agree. But I have to wonder a bit if Cruz, in his bad state after 200, he didn't get a message from Strauss in the after life kicking his butt. LOL. I miss Jayne; and I'm digressing again.

    This episode, for three writers having their hands in it, was amazing. When I have to keep guessing who the unsub might be, that's a CM win in my book. I sorta thought it was the preacher from the beginning. He reminded me of the many TV televangelists of the late 80's. (Yes, I more than remember then all.) And I knew from the get-go that #1 the "working girl" that Morgan befriended (great scene) would bite the dust quickly; and #2 the bartender/Madame was up to her eyeballs in all this. I just hoped they would have hauled her butt in; I would have loved to see the Hotch-alance on her. But alas.....

    I'm a huge spoiler follower so the rest I pretty much figured out; except of course for the unsub. Janine, Rick and Breen, you are one sneaky bunch! And I love you for it! And I have to say, writing by committee, while is a very scary thought in my fan watching world, has become a CM standout every time. (Think 100; Bo Crese) It works for me!

    As to the promo's, both of them, I must say first: thank you to the excellent CMRT peeps for bringing them to us ASAP. Once again, you peeps rock the house! But I knew that already. ;)

    My second thought; as always I will not speculate. I leave that to all the rest of you as I sit in my rocking chair, not so patiently waiting for next Wednesday.

    And here is now where I go out of my norm (BIG TIME). I usually post my two cents worth and then politely leave the discussion around here. I respect what all of you say; I'm a have one say and return to rock in my chair.

    That said, Barb I agree with you whole heartedly that if Garcia had to choose between firing a gun and protecting a member of her team, she would fire and not hesitate. You said it; Garcia is Mama Bear. And any Mama Bear will do anything to protect her cubs.

    Sorry; I'll go back to my rocking chair. Is it Wednesday yet???

    Have at it my friends!

    Rockie's grade: a solid A. (pssst writers: we better get some pissed off Hotch about 2 of his team members being down next week) *rocks away in chair*

  12. Am I the only one a little bothered about how buffoonish and incompetent they made the local sheriff's team? I'm not American and I would worry about visiting if this is the standard for law enforcement!
    There was good team work, lots of profiling, they split up JJ and Morgan thank goodness, we had some decent Reid and Blake time and the ending was exciting. At the moment, I think it misses "Awesome" by a fair way but maybe the second part will bring that in.

  13. I just saw the promos for Demons so I guess there is a good reason why the local police were so incompetent! I'll have to just wait and see how it concludes to see if that's right!

    1. One thing is to have some corrupt officers, another one is to have a whole lot of incompetent officers...

    2. Keep in mind Small towns breed small town mentality... And if they thought Cruz's friend was an interloper well could explain alot.... and why he was shot...

      From the start that female officer seemed just a 'little' too enthusiastic to want to help the BAU.... NOW I think we know why...

  14. All right, I have to say I liked this episode. The action wasn't over the top for the most part , and the story was engaging. I liked the fact that we didn't see the unsub right from the get go, though since I knew the actor playing the unsub, I knew who he was when he showed up on screen. But thankfully that was toward the end of the episode. Up until then, I thought this episode blended some good profiling and good storytelling. I liked the fact that the team didn't have the profile from the get go, and it was continuously evolving as they received more information. It was actually nice to see them working hand in hand with the local law enforcement (though we have an idea of how that will play out in the actual finale), and not that the team was working in a vacuum. I liked the fact that the episode had different red herrings the team had to ferret out, and we the audience didn't know everything from the get go or that much more than the team.

    As for the actual ending, it was exactly as I imagined. They get into a gunfight, Reid goes down, and then Morgan goes down, and they fade to black. Granted the promo for the finale gave away some of the emotional stakes they hinted at with this episode (particularly with regards to Reid).

    So I am looking forward to the actual finale, though that excitement is tempered a bit with the hints Erica has given that indicate it will follow the same formula she has employed for the past few finales. I hope she actually writes something that matches the interest for this finale. It was good to see what happens when Breen, Janine and Rick team up. Rick has lost his big episode writing privileges since "200", but I thought this was a solid episode.

  15. Though I like the fact that if Reid had to get shot, it happened while he was protecting Alex. I love Reid's protective side, and it typically comes out for the women he cares about.

    1. My take so far on this episode is that there is alot of underlying tones regarding 'family'....

      Alex and her conversation with Reid about her husband.

      Cruz coming to the BAU to 'help' his friend, regarding the case.

      Reid stepping up to save Alex and getting shot in the process

      And from the Promo's still's etc... Hotch apparently with JJ when cop grabs her
      Garcia with Reid and who knows who else at the hospital....

      So far the writing has been top notch.... I'm excited about next week's episode... And to find out Lily Kershaw is doing the episode song... Wooo hoooo love her music too... :D

  16. So CM writers, we get it, you are not a fan of Reid. However, just because EM might have some difficulty with writing a brilliant character, it doesn’t mean you have to hate him.
    I see what they did here: Reid got shot at the end of this episode, just so he would have minimal lines in Part 2—not much of a shocker.
    Anyway, Part 1 was okay, but slow going. I did not expect the Preacher to be a Pimp, but okay…
    A couple of observations: So men know the scent of lavender?? I don’t even know what lavender smells like.
    How come that blonde prostitute didn’t see the unsub behind her? windows have a mirror effect at night.
    AND Like I care about SuperNinjaJJ’s sex life or lack there of! Ewww—How inappropriate.
    I can really tell that The showrunners/writers view Reid as the weakest link for some reason. Reid is a Dr. and an agent--yet they forget that—as he didn’t even get the chance to get ONE shot in before being dropped by the PreacherPimp (aka unofficial unsub). Really?
    Also, who wants to bet that SuperNinjaJJ is the one to take out PreacherPimp with a SuperNinjaJJ headshot? I bet that is what will happen, because in Erica Messer’s world, JJ is the only Hero. BTW I like Blake and I hope she doesn’t leave. I wanted the finale to be more focused on Reid, Blake and Hotch, as they have been background decorations for the entire season. However, I did not want Reid to get shot, again.

    1. Tammi, I am not as upset about Reid getting shot as you are,just so long as he survives.But I totally agree about using this as a way to minimize his presence in the last episode of the season.

      What I am way more annoyed about was that EM just couldn't bring herself to let Reid be the focus of it. Oh no she just had to go involve Morgan. And what pissed me off even more is that on CM's social media they've got a picture of an unconscious Morgan with the caption asking "Is Morgan going to be ok" and encouraging people to share their thoughts.Now did they do the same for Reid. NO they did not. At least not as far as I can see.

    2. Well, they've been promoting Moore all over the place the entire season, as well as Cook. Do you remember when we had a debate about a spin off for Morgan and JJ? Well, I guess it turned out to be true. This season has been the JJ and Morgan hour.
      While I am sad about seeing Reid vanishing more and more every week, I am happy for the actor. He is the only one in the entire cast who has a lot going on besides CM.
      And it is true what you just said, Debra: even though one of the promos is showing Morgan perfectly fine they post a picture of Morgan lying on the ground, and encouraging fans to feel sorry for him. If either he or JJ save the day next week I am going to be mad, but not surprised.

    3. Tammi, Debra and Ms Fabiana,

      I, as you, have no idea what will really happen in "Demons", but is obvious you three are collectively missing a few points here and jumping to conclusions.

      The most important of all is that out of the some 14 million viewers "Angels" will end having once L+7 is measured, ONLY several THOUSANDS will have any knowledge of what is published online. The immense majority of the viewers will start watching "Demons" knowing what was shown in "Angels", and certainly many will have seen the promo too... And it will be the THE promo; if they are in the US, they will have seen the CBS promo, which shows only Reid alive. If they live in Canada, they will have seen the CTV promo, which shows Morgan alive, but not Reid. While you are thinking and reacting from your own point of view, - over informed hard-core fan, - the producers and publicists must address those some 14 million viewers, hard-core or not.

      Other point is that everybody seeking information on the web knows about Matthew Gray Gubler's contract situation, so those fans worried about his continuity on the show are already as worried as they are going to be. Putting the emphasis on Morgan's status, they are adding another slew of viewers on the worried camp, which in turn may entice a number of them to watch live the season finale, instead of watching recorded as some may have done otherwise.

      A third point should be... since when a wound that in real life would need days to heal enough for the person to be able to function in any reasonable capacity, has stopped a TV character from doing so just hours after getting it?

      Resuming, you are speculating, and that is something we, fans, tend to do when left with so many questions and a long week to wait for the answers, but getting angry over the conclusions your imaginations are reaching only leads to a bad mood and badmouthing. Only you, and maybe your health, will suffer from the bad mood, nobody else will know about it. BUT badmouthing without facts to back your assumptions will lead to destroy your credibility with other readers/fans, and especially with anyone from the set who may happen to read your comments; can lead too to force us, the administrators of this blog, to delete you comments if you cross the line.

      Sir Elyan

    4. Message received, Sir Elyan!

  17. @ Sir Elyan: My apologizes.I will try to temper myself better when I am commenting. TBH though, I really don't think I would of had as much of a problem with it,If it weren't for the fact that Morgan and JJ had been getting a ton of focus all season long.In fact so much so that I and many other began referring to it as the Morgan/JJ show.I also probably would not have had a problem if say Hotch had been made part of the cliff hanger, since unlike Morgan, he didn't get a lot of focus this season.

    So I just wanted to give you a little perspective as to where I was coming from,but again, I also get where you are coming from.Therefore, I will start putting a little more careful consideration into my comments before I post them.

    1. As I have directed my previous post to several people, let me tell this only to you: your tone while commenting is usually more than correct.

      My comment aimed to explain to you (or a reminder if you already knew all that), and several others, about how the publicity for the (any) show works most times. And as history proves with "Criminal Minds", much of what is said usually ends on the misleading/over-hyped camp.

      Hope you continue feeling comfortable commenting here, and debating the finer points of any episode or news surrounding our show!

      Sir Elyan

    2. @Sir Elyan: Thank you for your vote of confidence in me. And indeed your explanation has helped me to see things from a different perspective than I had been seeing them.

  18. I liked Morgan having more screentime in the second half of the season because there were several episodes in the first half, specially the ones leading up to "200" where he had hardly any screentime. And even in the episodes where he was more prominent he often had to share his scenes with Garcia. He even had to share his girlfriend storyline scenes with Garcia. Apart from the about 7 minutes of the gf storyline Morgan also did not have a "personal" storyline this season yet. The "Edge of Winter" was Morgan heavy but it was not a Morgan storyline. Rossi for example had already two personal episodes. Hotch had one as had Garcia, Blake and JJ.

    Reid also had a lot of screentime in the second half of the season and some fans seem to have forgotten that almost the whole of season 8 was a Reid season.

    I liked the first part of the finale and hope for an even better part two.

    1. Ummm... please stop calling Season 8 a Reid Season--that's not true, he had what 4 epis involving Maeve, and that was about it. There wasn't too much growth as a profiler, and NO ONE has ever had an ENTIRE season dedicated to them unlike that annoying and boring JJ

  19. Ok here I go

    The whole episode kept me at the edge of my seat, I knew that two agents were going down I just never thought it was going to be at the end. I thought everyone did a great job in this episode, now it was so funny when Garcia was mimic what to do with the remote when Cruz had it. When Reid was shot I was like nooo not pretty boy and Morgan, I can not wait for the next episode I wish we didn't have to wait so long.

    Now on to my thoughts for the next episode trailer, I was happy to see Morgan as for Garcia holding a gun I think that she will do anything to make sure that Reid will be safe. She is a mamma bear and I wouldn't be surprised if she was mad at the unsub for hurting Reid and Morgan, I sure the reason the team left her with Reid is because they knew that she would take care of him and make sure that he stays in bed and heals. Any idea where he was shot I watched the episode three times and I still can't see where he was hit, I guessing it was in or near the neck.

    1. I am pretty sure Reid got shot in the neck.

      As for Garcia, I have no problem seeing her protective side come out,especially where Reid is concerned.However "IF" it turns out that there was another one of his team mates at the hospital,say like JJ for instance,but Morgan chose to call Garcia instead, I will not be at all happy about it.

    2. I sure Reid will be the only one in the hospital, at least I hope so. I agree I think it will be Blake who leaves the show, because in the trailer she looked really guilty that Reid got hurt when he was trying to save her. Thank you for answering my question I couldn't tell I was guessing it was the neck because we see bandage wrapped around the neck. Ya I think its sweet that Garcia will get in harms way to protect her family, I hope Derek dumps that woman hes with and hooks up with Garcia.

    3. I'm glad I could answer your question.As for Morgan and Garcia I am going to have to disagree with you. I absolutely do not want them or any of the other team members to be paired romantically with each other. IMHO, stuff like that belongs in fanfic.

  20. My thoughts are that Hotch calls both Cruz and Garcia to Texas in the aftermath of the shootout. They are at that moment 2 people down, Reid worse then Morgan, and Morgan will be back on the case... They have to catch the unsub and solve the case still...
    Cruz comes down because after all Sheriff Coleman was a personal friend of his...

    Garcia comes down because well Hotch knows she can help them with the case AND be at the hospital to make sure that Reid wants for nothing by way of 'care'... Heck she did that in Route 66.

    The whole thing with Garcia however I think happens towards the end, as the unsub and his cohorts feeling the pressure of the BAU closing in on them become desperate, and with Garcia being the only one at the hosptial, remember she's on the phone with one of them telling them that 'he's at the nurses desk'. I think as the team races to the hospital to help Garcia bad things unfold and Garcia is faced with protecting Reid at all costs.... being desperate she takes Reid's gun from his personal effects and does what he has to do to protect him and others......

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    1. I have to agree with everything you wrote, we also hear Morgan tell her to get in the room. Poor Reid thought he was in the clear this season.

  21. Here's my theory.... do you remember the BTS pics Harry tweeted from what looked like a ranch or something?

    Well I see it this way... Hotch and Team, including morgan and cruz descend on said ranch (towards end of epi)... I think the team tracks McGregor and his unholy bunch there.... Mcgregor taunts them that they'll be too late to save their friends....As we see him order someone to 'kill them' in the promo. Knowing they'll never make it in time, Hotch yells for Morgan to call Garcia as another shoot out ensues.... JJ kills one of the corrupt deputies while Mogan is on phone with Garcia warning her that someone's coming, and to get in the room to protect Reid and herself..... Hotch eventually takes out Mcgregor himself.. MAYBE even in 'hand to hand'... (shades of the beat down he put on the reaper)..... Blake and Rossi take out a few corrupt deptuties and the only person left is Dinah who is arrested and will probably take a good fall for all this.... *cut to hospital*

    At the same time the 'shoot out' is happening Garcia sees one of the corrupt deputies at the hospital and gets into Reid's room... Reid awake but weak has her stay in a corner where when threatened she can reach Reid's weapon and shoot the unsub threatening them....

    Or something like that... I hope that its not McGregor Garcia takes out.... He's too 'badass' for Garcia to kill... not that a bullet won't kill him either way, but that to me would be anti climatic... I want Hotch to nail his arse...

    Now the ending of the episode is int he hospital with Reid and the team there... Blake tells Hotch that she doesn't think she can go on in the job... Hotch tells her he would understand but to just wait until they return home and recover from all this before making any hasty decisions... she agrees ( this leaves open both possibilities either JT leaving or staying.)

    Hotch then asks Reid if he'll be ok to travel...he's told tomorrow... Episode ends with the team together and Hotch saying "Ok, then let's all go home.... wheels up at 9 AM. fade to black..

  22. I have become convinced that the profiler says goodbye forever is going to be a relationship breakup rather than a profiler leaving. Perhaps Blake's marriage is a goner, or Hotch breaks up with Beth since Bellamy is not around anymore to be Beth.

    I really hope Jeanne is not leaving, she has really grown on me.

  23. It's just a guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if the promo clip we saw of Blake telling JJ "he pushed me out of the way" wasn't said as part of her recounting a sad memory. And the incident with Reid would have resurrected any residual feelings about it. It's the kind of misdirection that is easy to do with short clips, and it might be the lead-in to her deciding to let her husband go ahead and hunt for a house. Although I really liked the one they already seemed to be living in...


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