Monday, March 3, 2014

Message from the Criminal Minds Round Table Knights and Ladies

To All Our Loyal Followers:

Sometimes life doesn't cooperate: family issues, work schedule changes, illness,... Even if nothing is really grave, it can all pile up and sadly something has to give.

The Knights and Ladies of the Criminal Minds Round Table have suffered this fate lately. Due to Health issues, one of our Administrators had to step down and another had to be found to help out. Last week it looked like nobody would have the needed free time to keep this blog active, thus the message some of you got to read with our farewell.

Thankfully today our news are a bit better, a couple issues have been resolved and while not all our usual posts may be back for the time being, we, the Administrators of Criminal Minds Round Table are determined to keep this blog running to the best of our ability. However, sadly for right now the comments section will be open only in the Comments Thread posts for new episodes and the corresponding Reviews. This is not because we fear any fights breaking out if left unsupervised, but because too many spam bots are finding our blog and messing with it. With the limitations we have at present we have not enough time to moderate the comments section, hense our decision to scale back.

The good news is! Today we can announce to all of you that our quest to post all information available about our dear CRIMINAL MINDS will continue, so if you desire please, come back often for press releases, promos, articles, and interviews.