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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 916. Gabby - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'Gabby' and co-written by Jim Clemente and Erica Messer.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week we'll have a brand new one airing back at the usual time!


  1. Taking Deep Breath..

    First thoughts.... Brilliant... from writing to directing to editing to use of Team.. THIS was the CM I've loved for 9 years.... Jim Clemente nailed each team member perfectly...

    Hotch the Interorgator/Lawyer
    Rossi the smart ass with a heart his comment to Hotch about taking one for the team was spot on.
    Reid was perfect as the theorist.
    JJ was perfect as the mother figure
    Morgan the protector
    Blake the analyzer
    and Garcia was even perfect fretting her head off while digging into the awful things that happen to people to make them do the awful things to other people.

    THIS my friends should have been the 200th episode.... Not that abomination... Pure Team... Pure CM Purely wonderful.

    I will dissect the episode further after rewatch... God I love my DVR.... but for now...... another WOW!!!!!

  2. One more thing.... It was perfect to have the 2 least threatening team members (JJ/Reid) be the ones to find the kids who were already probably scared and terrified....

  3. LOVE, LOVE this episode! was perfect! Team work, JJ was the JJ that I use to love, case was complicated. Hotch was amazing!

    The writing was classic Criminal Minds! The acting was excellent, that little girl playing Gabby was perfect! Great casting and of the gests actotrs.

    Thomas Gibson directing was great, too bad he cannot direct more episodes. I love that everyone in the team was instrumental to finding that little girl. Unlike last week were only super JJ was needed, this week everyone had a part to play.

    Love Rossi,s telling Hotch that he took one for the team! Classic Rossi! Oh and was funny to see Jim Clemente play a sleaze, talk about casting against type!

    All the things that irritates me about CM lately, Super badass JJ, Morgan in general were absent tonight.

    Last, LOVE the ending with the little girl being reunited with her mom and Derek getting Garcia on the phone and showing her the reunion, sweet , sweet moment!

    This episode gets a 10 out of 10, I simply have nothing bad to say about it!

  4. Finally somebody remembered that Hotch was the team leader and not that Mary Sue. As usual Jim's episode had some of the best profiling. I really wish some of the other writers were as efficient in writing the profiling as he was. And Brigette I too was happy that the whole team got to play a part in this episode as opposed to last week's episode that was mostly dominated by the Mary Sue.

    And on a more shallow note: I thought Reid looked especially gorgeous tonight.

    20/10.. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ...

  6. Oh holy wowsers!! Where do I begin?

    I agree that this was CM in its true and finest glory. It was a total team effort from start to finish. BR nailed my feelings about each of the team in this ep, so I'm not going to repeat that. I just love that my boys Hotch and Rossi were "back in town" as the old song goes.

    And two Hotchalanches in one episode? God bless Jim Clemente and Erica Messer.

    Speaking of my boy TG, the directing was just awesome. With the closing shot of the milk running in the street at the end of the intro, I knew then it was buckle my seat belt time.

    I chat online during the episode with some friends. One of them is a mother; she felt the same thing throughout the episode that we saw from JJ. I know I'm in the minority around here about profiler JJ, and that's OK (I respect your opinion; please respect mine); yet it was wonderful direction on TG's part for this case to resonate with her.

    However, in that same chat, we try to guess suspects. I had three different ones by the 30 minute mark, so I just gave up and sat back and watched.

    I will love this episode for the wonderful team balance. Everyone was on an equal page and TG had a lot of actors that he knows personally that he had to direct and he did it beautifully.

    I especially loved the little family scene at the end. Morgan was right; Garcia needed that and Hotch's smile said that he agree and as a parent, did as well.

    However, here is my biggest thing! Jim Clemente, in every episode that he writes; has to do a cameo. But being the scumbag van driver of the woman taking these kids??? Holy Clemente Cameo!! And I loved it. It's totally him to do that! Kudos to Dayne and Anna in the make-up department!

    This very proud red, white and blue lady will say this episode was like the Canadian hockey teams: pure gold! I will add my agreement to the 10 out 10 scores! And the Rockie grading system of A+.

  7. See it can be done! Proper team, proper profiling, proper suspense, proper heartfelt moments instead of false, saccharine "family" tacked on endings. This should have been the 200th episode instead of that travesty we actually got. This was classic Criminal Minds. I have been very critical of episodes this season but I can also acknowledge a job well done. This was very well done and we want more episodes of this calibre.

  8. This shone even brighter in light of the last episode which was a complete disaster. Thomas Gibson can always direct better than the rest and does it compellingly and without a bunch of gore. The writing was superb. I am a happy fan.

  9. So perfect. Thanks Thomas, Jim and Erica. Please more episode directed by Thomas. He is the best whether actor or director. I love when ROSSI is there to comfort or soothe Hotch
    This episode ; 10/10.

  10. I enjoyed this episode immensely, although I could have spared that cheesy ending involving the emotional trio (JJ, Morgan, Garcia).

    1. I get where you are coming from. However I was actually ok with that ending, because to me it tied in to the wrapping up of the case itself.Plus it was a nice change from those cheesy "We are family" moments they are constantly doing. I also found Garcia less annoying which was a refreshing change for me.As for JJ I just plain cannot stand to hear her voice nowadays.I put her on mute every chance I get. Unless of course they happen to stick her with Reid.

    2. I disliked that ending because I don't enjoy that typical ending in which a child is saved and everyone is like awwww. It is annoying. Children also die, and there are unsubs that kill them, but anytime a child is in danger on a CBS show, we all know they will be ok. Bland. Also, my other issue is that they put the rest of the team in a line, and then they developed this 'emotional JJ, empathic Morgan and worried Garcia. None of those three actors are good at transmitting emotions. And what about the others? Decorations.
      Still, good for everyone who enjoyed it.

    3. I think you might have missed Hotch's warm smile as Morgan streamed the feed to Garcia. Remember hotch has already said that Garcia is the emotional one of the team the one who reminds them to feel... The one who always looks for the good as the horror fills her screens.... I think Hotch's smile was homage to that representation of Garcia.

  11. This episode is just simply awesome... The whole idea is just BRILLIANT!! Who would have thought that Sue was behind all these?! And the girl that played Gabby is adorable!! Anyone knows what's her name? I love how the entire team work together to find her. And Hotch trying to push Sue's limit, that part was unexpected. :)

  12. Angry Aaron, be still my beating heart, hit “save” on DVR (do sexy growl noise). Perfection all around, very strong supporting cast. Julia Butters as Gabby – this appears to be the child’s first acting job and she is a natural. Sue was compelling, and Kate, who eerily reminded me of Meredith Monroe/Hayley, was convincing. Even the music – a perfect match. The episode flowed seamlessly between the suspects and the team members. Wonderful direction by TG, shouldn’t be surprised, as All That Remains remains one of the best episodes ever. Add Jim Clemente as the creep and you have flawless.

  13. The children never die? Umm, have you watched Mosley Lane or The Caller? Just to name a couple. Tragic and heartbreaking.

    1. They were already dead. The ones they cast to tag along the episode and make the audience to be engaged are saved. The same applies for most cases in which adults are involved too. If the character has been on the screen for several scenes, it will be saved.

    2. I'm not sure having Gabby killed off would have made this a better episode. Jim Clemente wrote this script based on his last case he worked as a profiler for the FBI. It's nice to watch a genuine success story.

      I gave this episode a two thumbs up. It hit all my right buttons of what I love about this show, team work, good profiling and suspense.

  14. Hotch is the best interrogator for sure. Gosh, i love those scenes with him. Great episode. Even better ending. Hotch's smile was so cute. :p

    Also, Jim Clemente was awesome. It was great to see him, made me laugh. :D

  15. Definitely a major improvement over the last few episodes. Absolutely loved seeing an emotional Hotch and his using it to make Sue demonstrate her sociopathic traits. Her involvement was a bit too telegraphed to be a surprise, but the funneling of the kids into the underground adoption network was interesting. Loved that all team members were able to contribute, each doing what we've known all along they do best.

    Nice touch at the end, with Morgan including Garcia in the reunion over the phone. It was a caring, normal, appropriate interaction. It wouldn't have been surprising if JJ had been more affected by the case than the others. Still, I was surprised when Morgan asked her if she was okay, since she didn't look at all upset to me.

    Overall, a step back in the right direction, and away from 'the episode that must not be named'.

  16. Jim gave us a great script. It's refreshing to not know the unsub from the get-go. And he balances the screen time for each member of the team beautifully. It was so wonderful to have Hotch back as team leader again! Thomas did a great job directing. All in all a very good episode. But I'm still tired of Garcia. I didn't feel that moment with her was needed at the end. I wouldn't have minded if she wasn't so annoying nowadays, but it felt gratuitous. Loved Jim Clemente in the wig! I wish the other writers would take note that this kind of episode is what we expect of Criminal Minds.


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