Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 914. 200 - "Where Is JJ?" TV Guide SPOILER

by Joyce Eng

In the final minutes of Wednesday's Criminal Minds, JJ (A.J. Cook), who had been distracted and furiously texting Cruz (Esai Morales) all episode, gets kidnapped by a mysterious perpetrator unbeknown (for now) to the rest of the BAU.

"That's something I've had in my head for..."

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  1. I can't wait until the next episode - AJ Cook is my favorite BAU character and it's about time that she has a episode.

  2. She's had many episodes in the past where it was JJ that pushed and moved cases forward. and that was even before season 7.
    And while I'm sure her fans are happy that this milestone is all about her. I fear the damage done to the team from something so improbable will doom CM in the end.
    Old saying goes...."Be careful what you wish can come back and bite you in the a*ss".

  3. improbable? 90% of television is improbable. The BAU having a private jet and solving cases in a couple of days is improbable but it entertainment. We buy into it because we want to and because we are fans of the show and it's not that serious. LIGHTEN UP people! Its a great show and just because its not your favorite character at the center of the story maybe it will be next time. JJ deserves to have stories written about her as much as anyone. I love JJ and Hotch and I think it will be great to see how Hotch reacts and tries to find her. Reid and JJ that will be great too! And Emily, priceless!! If it makes a select few grumpy because it's focusing on JJ, then maybe go bowling on February 5th and rejoin us all the following week. It's not that serious!! Just enjoy the BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!

  4. I love what you said- A.J. Cook -is a fantastic actress and deserves another episode.All the characters had a lot of episodes but JJ and Garcia have had the least. So go bowling and enjoy the night Barbara!!

    1. There had been lots of episode that focus on JJ and Garcia, North Mammon, The big game/revelation, Lucky, Penelope, In Heat, Cold Comfort, Exit Wounds, Risky Business, Public Enemy, JJ, Reflection of Desire, Hope, Hit/Run to name a few.

  5. For me it is all about does this milestone episode celebrate Criminal Minds - the uniquely intelligent criminal profiling show that set it apart from other procedurals. From everything released I don't think so. This kind of drama is improbable in the CM context and is atypical of everything the show is. It also seems to have everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it so bound to be a rushed affair. Add to this all the spoilers released from the show - I've even seen pictures showing the end of the show and JJ's retrieval so absolutely no mystery or tension left to it. Whoever controls publicity for CM should be fired!
    Also JJ has had a huge focus throughout the show but especially since season 7 - I still cringe over the dreadful Hit/Run episodes!

  6. I loved Hit and Run but we are all entitled to our opinion. That's whats great about CM fans, we are all so passionate about our show and its characters. Just give 200 a chance. Maybe just maybe you will like it. Its easy for me to say because I'm a huge AJ Cook fan. I 'm still not over AJ being fired in season 6 out of the blue and being replaced by a look a like. What was that about !?! So when JJ came back with more focus all the better! That being said I love all the characters on the show so I am rarely disappointed. The 100th episode centered around Hotch and it was fantastic. All the others were there too. So this time it's JJ and I'm sure all others will be involved as well. I will agree that it seems alot will be happening in one hour but we will have to wait and see. I can't wait! Like I said we are all entitled to our opinion and that's a good thing!


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