Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS - Thomas Gibson ('Criminal Minds'): "Someone will die tonight" - Interview

by Nathalie Chuc

A beautiful deep voice sounds on the phone, it is Thomas Gibson, - alias, Aaron Hotchner of Criminal Minds, the Unit Chief of a team of FBI profilers. In all simplicity, the actor tells us more about the double episode that ends tonight, Season 8 on TF1.

NC: The killer, "The Replicator", seeks, more than ever, to harm the team of profilers: someone will die... A cast member said goodbye - we don't disclose who. Thomas Gibson, how was it?
TG: It's always difficult, especially since it's an actress I've known for a long time. We played together in theater in the 80s. All good things come to an end. But I can tell you that she'll be back in Season 9... in flashbacks! [laughs] In series, goodbye is never final.

NC: In this double episode, your character spends quality time with his girlfriend and his son, it is rare to see Hotchner smile!
TG: Indeed! It's nice for me too. I think it's important to show that our characters have a life after work. Like real FBI agents, they are struggling to balance career and personal life. In particular Hotchner,  who is very - perhaps too - invested in his job. He is torn because he would like to be the best father and take care of his girlfriend, Beth. In Season 3, we saw that his marriage failed because he was working too much. He has learned several lessons since then.

NC: Will we see again, in Season 9 for example, his girlfriend Beth?
TG: Yes, but it's complicated because Bellamy Young, the actress who plays Beth, is a regular in another series, Scandal. She plays Mellie Grant, the First Lady! So it is difficult for her to find time to come to Criminal Minds, but our common goal is certainly to bring her more often.

NC: His private life is definitely at the heart of the intrigue tonight, because everything begins with his reunion with his brother Sean...
TG: Yes! Moreover, we had not seen Sean (Eric Johnson), the brother of my character, since Season 1. It's been a while. So, with this plot (Brothers Hotchner), we understand what happened to him during that time. And fans of the series will be pleased, I think, to discover another facet of Aaron, to see him as a big brother.

NC: You've directed an episode of Season 8, the 14th: will you repeat the experience?
TG: This is very timely because I am right there preparing to direct another! I cannot wait actually. It's a good story too; will begin to film right after the Christmas holidays - the team takes a break. With directing, I'll be busy in January! [laughter] It should be Episode 16. I love being a director and I'm pleased that they let me. It's a lot of work but it's so interesting and I have the support of all.

NC: Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, plays a key role in the finale...
TG: It was fantastic to have him among us, it's Luke Skywalker afterall! He's just lovely. He's an icon in the United States. On the set, we all asked him to take photos and to sign us autographs. He happily played the game. For me, it is one of our best guest stars. And the icing on the cake, he's a fan of the series, which is always a plus.

NC: Jeanne Tripplehorn (Basic Instinct) was a rookie this Season 8: your verdict?
TG: Jeanne has really found her place. It turns out that I also knew her well before she came among us - we went to the same school in New York. In fact, if you work long enough, like me, in Hollywood you always end up finding old friends on a shoot! We are lucky to have her with us. Her talent is obvious. And she watched the series too...

Thomas Gibson is 51 years old. He began on stage at the age of 10. In 1997, he was revealed to the public thanks to the role of Greg in the sitcom Dharma & Greg, with Jenna Elfman. Recognition became global in 2005 when he landed the role of Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner in Criminal Minds.

Due to the fact that the original interview was published in French, we have posted it in its integrity after being translated into English by us. To read the original feature go to: Le Figaro

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