Saturday, December 28, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - Interview With Co-Exec Producer Harry Bring!

by Tari Jordan

Need something? Ask a busy person to do it. During his well-earned downtime while the show is on mid-season hiatus, Harry graciously agreed to answer questions about himself, his career in the industry, and Criminal Minds via email. What follows is the candid interview in its entirety.

“Collaboration is key, all the time.”

TJ: How long have you been with and what brought you to Criminal Minds?
HB: This is my 3rd season with Criminal Minds. Mark Gordon brought me to the show. I had been with Mark 5 years on Army Wives. I left Army Wives after 5 seasons as it was shot in Charleston, South Carolina and it was too long to be away from home (LA). After Army Wives I took a new show from Fox called “Chaos”. The pilot of Chaos was shot in LA and the series was supposed to shoot there too. At the last minute Fox moved the show to Vancouver and I had already committed, so a year in Vancouver for me. When Chaos was cancelled after 12 episodes I came home. There was an opening on  Criminal Minds for the Line Producer slot and Mark offered it to me. Bingo! At home, 12 minutes from work, 24 episodes. Blessed.

TJ: We know that you are now happily with Criminal Minds , but please tell us...

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