Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 908. The Return - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'The Return', and written by Kim Harrison.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that yes, next week we'll get too a brand new one!


  1. does anyone know the name of the song played at the end of tonight's episope?

  2. does anyone know the name of the song played at the end of tonight's episope

  3. I loved this episode. The scene with Garcia and Morgan was funny and Garcia was so right!

    The case was so interesting! had me guess about what was going on the whole time. Interesting that the unsub used kids he had kidnapped years ago and reprogrammed to act out his revenge. Loved that we had lots of the team, but too bad that it seems that Hotch, Rossi and Reid kinda disappeared at the end. Very sad scene between the mother and her son at the police station. She tried so much to connect with her son but I guess it would take much longer to get to him.

    Was disappointed by the ending of the case. It felt as if the writer ran out of time. Would have preferred they cut back on the last scene with Morgan and his girlfriend and have a better ending.

    Oh and have to say, that dog at the start, was SO cute!

    I will give this one a 8/10. Like the case much more this week than last week but last week had one of the best team moment and this week although II did like the first scene with Morgan and his girlfriend, I could have done without the last scene if it meant for a better end to the case.

  4. I completely agree Brigette. Beginning was great. Loved Garcia's "You got Morgan'd line. Dog super super cute. Where's Clooney? He die in the interim years?
    Case was fantastic mysterious, suspenseful with some heartbreaking moments.
    Loved JJ's nurturing side again. I can't stand Ninja JJ. I was a little upset that it was Hotch/Rossi/Reid light but over all great case.
    Drawback is ending.... it was 'blah'... They established Savannah in the beginning they didn't need another scene. Should have finished the case better.

  5. Out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the Morgan/Garcia scene at the beginning. With all due respect to the Morgan fans, IMHO he can be a bit self-centered at times and Garcia is always the one that brings him back to reality. I think specifically back to the ep "The Company". Garcia was over the top in that one IMHO, but she got the point across to Morgan and he came up with the clue that helped solve the case. So I was sorta expecting more over the top Garcia and didn't get it while she lovingly kicked Morgan's fine butt back into reality again.

    The case was superb in my world with great profiling by all the team. And although Hotch quickly profiled the bomb in the car, he was pretty much a no-show in this ep. While my Hotch fangirl side doesn't drink, far less like, Hotch Light, I know it gets served now and then.

    And again, I absolutely loved the mixture of the pairings/trios of the team. That seems to be the idea this season with the writers, and I for one love it. In my world, we call that "stirring the pot". Stir away CM writers!

    I knew that JJ was going to bring in the mother to talk to Daniel. That was pretty much telegraphed; yet it was a very emotional scene. Daniel was really battling with himself inside and that intensity showed. Kudos to the both actors.

    I felt the ending with the unsub was anti-climatic at best; and my only gripe with the episode. It was like "let's hurry up because we have to get back to Morgan and his GF." Again Morgan fans, just my feelings only. However, Rusty was just the cutest doggie I've seen. Derek how could you not love that look he gave you?? LOL

    If the ending with the unsub had been much better, this one would have scored an easy 9/10 in book, taking away points for serving Hotch Light. But the ending with the unsub just took it down to an 8.25 in my world.

  6. I agree with Brigittetgfan.
    I liked the episode... except the ending...
    The case was good and interesting, I loved the "you've been Morgan'd" line, that was brilliant, and IMO, that was sufficient to establish Morgan's relationship. We didn't need that super cheesy scene at the end. That time would have been better spent on developing the catching-the-unsub scene, maybe with the whole team involved?

  7. It was OK but there was not enough Rossi and especially Hotch.

  8. I liked the episode enough...but I agree, the ending of the case was far to abrupt.

  9. Beginning and ending were the best. Morgan with his girlfriend. LOVED IT. Also, conversation between Morgan and Garcia was BEST. Love Garcia, she is totally awesome and wonderful.

    Case was pretty good. Love Blake and Rossi scenes so much. And JJ was so awesome at the end. Great job.

  10. I thought this was a really good episode also. I agree that the Morgan scene at the end I could do without. I did however love Morgan and Garcia in the first scene. I liked the pairing this season and I feel season 9 is just better written. Would have liked more Hotch but i thought overall good team representation and JJ awesome as usual!!

  11. Totally agree! Great episode! So far this one and episode 3 r my favs! I wish we saw a bit more of rossi and reid though, but the pairing was great. The story line was thought out so well by the cm writers! I loved how Morgan was the one to get Daniel to put down the bag. He didn't do this by tackling him to the ground but instead talking to him and being comforting! JJ was also great this episode! Jj has always been my favourite character but now I love her even more! This JJ in season 9 is a great mixture between JJ from season 5 and 8. In season 5 JJ was too soft and she barley shown in the Field. In season 8 she was completely different. She was always in the field and had no soft side ( at least that she showed). I loved how she was in season seven and that is exactly how she is this season too. She is nurturing but at the same time she is in the field and she knows how to kick ass and use a gun! That's the type of JJ I love! It was fantastic how she stopped the whole place from blowing up and how she comforted Daniels mom. In the seen with the bomb we saw her being nurturing and tough at the perfect times! I also loved the top she was wearing this l episode. I know it is so off topic but is suited her so well! I also love Morgan's girlfriend and I think it is time he got one. The scene between Morgan and Garcia was great. So pretty much I loved this episode and I have no complaints! Keep at the good writing cm!!!


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