Wednesday, November 6, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 907. Gatekeeper - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'Gatekeeper', and written by Rick Dunkle.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that yes, next week we'll get too a brand new one!


  1. Matthew Gray Gubler is a very talented man! Not only is he a brilliant actor, he is also a brilliant director! I am constantly impressed with his work, and I hope he directs a full length film (a horror film I hope!) soon. The whole CM cast and crew are amazing and talented people. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Well done Mr. Gubler. Brilliant job sir. Cm never disappoints. Thank you.

  3. ♫Sing us a song, you're the piano man. ♫Sing us a song tonight♫

    And holy shizzers, Rick Dunkle and and MGG did!

    To be honest, the actual unsub part of the episode was meh to me. At best. But the team stuff was brilliant. I loved the group of Hotch, Blake and Morgan at the beginning. And the partners at the end with Hotch and Rossi running the "battle" from HQ was all fantastic.

    However, it was the end scene that I will take away forever from this one. My Hotch, tie undone and smiling. Actually smiling. Be still my foolish Hotch heart. KV tweeted shortly after it aired for the East/Midwest peeps how much ALL the actors had a ball filming that scene. Which just made it sweeter for me.

    IMHO, it hasn't been since Seasons 4 and 5 that this CM fan has had this many strong CM episodes, back to back, out of the gate. I hope everyone involved can keep it rolling.

    ♫And you've got us feelin' alright♫

  4. Well I really liked that episode. MGG did a great job directing it (as usual), the case was interesting, we didn't see too much unsub (for once), and the team moments were just brilliant!!
    That's what I expect from CM, well done!!

    Oh and I'm wondering how many takes were required for Reid's line on the plane. His delivery was impressive!

  5. Another great episode. This season is off to a terrific start, best in years. Loved the end scene of course...nice to see the team so relaxed and having fun, including Hotch. It was great when Hotch said "next up David Rossi". I cracked up at that. Also really enjoyed Reid delivering the baby and them toasting him after and him saying he read all the manuals when JJ was pregnant. Typical Reid. I liked the case as well. I thought there were parts that were creepy and made me shut my blinds. And, references were made to the Pats and Sox....that right there is outstanding in my book. Also, liked Garcia calling Hotch Sensei.

  6. Ending was brilliant. Laughed so much. Last scene + Reid delivering and holding the baby were one of the best CM moments ever!

    Unsub story was pretty good. Best scene with that guy was when "Itsy bitsy spider" song played. This song will never be the same again. :D

  7. I really like this episode! I thought the story was good and I too made sure my blinds were closed. I loved the ending scene with the whole team!! My personal favorite season is season 7, but season 9 is becoming a fast second. I love the scenes when the team is off work and just being themselves and having a good time with each other. I'm looking forward to getting snippets of the storyline with JJ and the new section chief. I can't wait to see how that turns out. Hotch being casual is always awesome and I thought Reid was really good in this episode as well. I like the pairing of Reid and JJ and I thought Garcia was a lot of fun in this particular episode. Loving this season so far!

  8. Good episode but not my favorite for this season. Liked the case ok but was going a bit slow. The directing was good, loved the camera work as the unsub was taking away after Reid tricked him into giving up the scissors.

    The best part was first lots of team, they worked the case and we got profiling! The team at the end was just great! loved them at the bar, singing! oh and Hotch did set up Dave! sneaky Hotch!

    that last scene is why I am giving this episode a 8.0/10 without it it would get a 7.

  9. Absolutely loved the end of this episode! We so rarely get to see the team smiling, laughing and having fun together as the family they are.

    The episode supports the comments you always hear from neighbors of criminals, "... he always seemed like such a nice, quiet person..." We never really know our neighbors, or just what they're up to.

  10. The Gatekeeper unsub portion dragged somewhat, but Garcia's tracking was brilliant (guess she knows something about players) and I really am enjoying what's happening with Reid this year, (helps if you're directing the show I guess). Every tragedy he's faced seems to make him a stronger man, and now to see him involved and participating in the fun stuff without much urging is just heartwarming. I've always loved the quirky antics of Reid and Garcia, but they were starting to look downright silly and way off character but this season things are getting back to the characters we so loved in years past. Now wouldn't we all like to see the CM Five doing Piano Man at our local bar next visit. They'd bring the house down.
    Such a better feeling this season, Hotch strengthened; Blake quietly winning our respect; and I'm really looking forward to the Garcia backstory, but a little uneasy about Morgan with a new GF, and while I'm a huge space away from this shipper label, the Garcia Morgan dynamic has been a powerful draw for so many (I liked it too) that I'm a little iffy about it. Best to judge when it comes over the screen I guess.

    And yes, Rossi - you're adorable. You have the respect from all your co-workers, and I can't help but enjoy the new JJ's return to self, love when she shows her softer side, and support for Reid.


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