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Entertainment Weekly: SPOILER for the 200th episode

Any news on the Criminal Minds 200th episode? — T

For this huge milestone episode, EP Erica Messer reports it will be a “JJ-centered” hour penned by longtime writer/producer Rick Dunkle. “The general [idea] is [filling in] while she was gone. So season 6, that year we didn't have her, we want to tell you those stories,” Messer teases. In the episode, she added,...

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  1. Oh noes!! This looks like an episode to miss - or at least to watch with a stiff drink. The back stories and the personal stories are never done well in CM. I was hoping for a great criminal story with a compelling unsub. I could care less about JJ's spell away from the BAU.

  2. I'm looking forwards to this episode, I just hope it's wrote well.

    I've wanted to know about JJs time away. I think it could answer a lot of questions about JJs personality altercation, why she was able to return to the team. Why did she chose to become a profiler? Why was that her only option? Where was she actually at, DOD, State?

    I am worried about it being the 200th episode. I was hoping that it would be team centric. But then again, Hotch got 100 and Prentiss got 150, I am glad that JJ is getting more focus rather than one of the male leads getting 200th episode.

    I know JJ often has a divided audience, people either love her or aren't that bothered about the character, but I think more time needs to be spent on JJ to develop her character and to explain things that have been overlooked rather than dealt with earlier on,

    I think the wrtiters can forget that spoilers and their ways of thinking doesn't always make up or portrayed on screen. It's well enough saying JJ went to Rossi to announce her return rather than Htch because TG was in negotiations, but saying that through an interview doesn't come across during the episode and little things like that add up to big gaping holes.

    I'm looking forward to season 9 and learning more about JJ, I just hope the writing is up to par and other characters and the team/victims aren't overlooked in favour for unsubs and poorly executed backstories/plots.

  3. I don't like JJ at all, but I don't mind her getting some focus. I know she's got fans out there who love her.
    But I'm sorry for the network to think she's entitled to this huge milestone episode is absolutely ridiculous.

    This episode should be team centric and it should be about them profiling,not filling in the gaps concerning JJ's absence.
    I know Hotch got 100,but I'm sorry I just don't think JJ is in the same league as he is. Now as far as Prentiss getting 150,I didn't know that it was considered a milestone episode. If it was I don't think she should have gotten it, even though I loved Emily.

    My only hope is it'll be similar to 100 which even though it was Hotch centric the rest of the team got excellent screen time.

  4. I totally agree. This episode should be team centric and should feature t
    the entire cast. I don't mind JJ having some focus even though I don't like the character since she returned but such a special episode should absolutely not feature one cast member above the others. I do wish they wouldn't drop spoilers but just let us be surprised. As it is, I already am inclined to not bother watching this episode because of the spoilers.

  5. I agree with the last 2 Anonymous in parts of what they're getting into: we deserve an explanation about what JJ did during her absence from the BAU, why she got to be involved in the Doyle fiasco, how that played in her return to the BAU, and we want the details we didn't get about her actual returning. Not unhappy with learning about all that, specially because she went there to work as MEDIA LIASON, not super-kung-fu-agent!

    AND they can do all that including the whole team: Rossi played a part on her return; Hotch was heavily involved in the cover-up the FBI and the DOD (or whatever agency) did when Prentiss was sent away for her protection; when she effectively returned, Morgan was in charge, and of course Rossi and Garcia were still in Quantico, so he/they probably was/were involved in that part. No clue how they can use Blake, unless we get to tell that story because a case from that time comes to bit them where the back loses its name though...

    My personal wish? Strauss was alive and in charge, hoping we get to see her again!

    One thing seems sure, this episode will be about work, not about a personal tale involving super-mom JJ!

  6. I don't think any of the characters that have had arcs or character focused episodes have been totally about them, the team has always had input or the episodes were case driven. I think Reid, Hotch, Morgan and Prentiss have come the closest to having completely characters centred episodes, but even then the team were featured or there was others/cases involved too.

    I am curious to see what the writers have in mind for JJ next season. I didn't expect that they would focus on JJs time away from the BAU in the 200th episode, i had imagined that the 200th would be team orientated, but I'm not going to read too much into the spoilers that are coming out right now. It's a little early for that script to have been penned and Erica Messer has often said things about episodes before a season started that never came about was hyped up over nothing.

    I do want to see more of JJ, I want to know more about her and I want the writers to solve the kinks of the character. I think none of the writers, other than Erica Messer has managed to write JJ as a character in her own right, 'All That Remains' and 'JJ' being more recent stand out JJ episodes.

    Most of the profilers have lines which are interchangeable. There's only Reid and Garcia who have distinct voices. But I think they have struggled to find JJ's role in the team. She's now a mix of Premtiss and Morgan and I agree it's not ideal. They could have given her a speciality in relation to the media role she used to play, but they chose not to. I think season 8 managed to give JJ some separation from Prentiss, but I don't think pairing her with Morgan helps either of their characters. They can't just plop JJ into Prentiss' place because they need a lead female field agent and have her act as Prentiss 2.0. I dont think she is completely ruined as a character. I think shes settled a little in season 8, but i can understand why people think shes done a 180. So I hope season 9 gives the writers a chance to give JJ some better development and personality in her own right and appease some naysayers, because I think they've had a lot of missed opportunities with the character, which could have been addressed sooner and perhaps could have avoided the debacle of season 6.

    As for the back stories, I think Reid and Morgan's back story episodes were handled well, but Prentiss and Rossi's had a lot of issues.

    I don't think JJ's arc is going to be completely about JJ. JJ insides tend to be about others more than JJ. The team are going to be heavily featured, it's not like they're going to be ignored, it's just recent media interviews have been about JJ, and I'm guessing the new section chief is goingn to play a significant role. Most of the writers don't concentrate a lot on JJ, they've only ever focused on JJs home life, other than EM and JC who write about her sister and JJs departure, so I'm wondering how Rick Dunkle is going to approach JJ's time away from the BAU.

    I am interested to see what season 9 holds, I know what I'd like to see, more team/victim, less focus on unsubs back story, less of characters personal/live lives and more team interactions, but I don't want to judge so soon about the potential storylines, but I hope the show just continues on some of the great episodes of season 8, which was a little patchy, but for a while there, they had some good, old school CM episodes.

  7. Finally -we'll see what JJ did that year away from the BAU .I'm looking forward to it- yes I'M a A.J. Cook fan, E.J. Jahnes

  8. Just do something to make her more palatable-the new JJ makes me think of people whose affect is totally inappropriate to the task at hand, distracted and confused about who she is. Geez, I loved her as JJ as per JJ episode - what happened? I laughed at the Kung-fu reference, but yeah, she's now become about that silly.

    What are they doing with our characters, turning most of them into something a lot less attractive then what they once were (not in the physical sense here). Surely maturation makes good people better, not caricatures. The only ones getting more mature have been Reid, Rossi, and now Blake. I sometimes think the writers haven't really been long times fans like so many thousands of us have.

  9. Oh yes, forgot something. (per above) Stop trying to sell your show with spoilers, and iffy story lines - just concentrate on good team centric material with the continuity and the detail of old. That's what sold your fans in the first place, and what will continue to do so.

  10. I am disappointed. I just don't like the new JJ, and I had to watch her centric episodes by recording them to be able to skip a lot of material, so I guess the producers will just make me miss the 200th episode, I hope they enjoy the cake, since I don't see what good would come on digging on what she did with who. Her perfect life so far is unbelievable as it is, and it doesn't need even more ornaments. I didn't mind her with her previous role and personality. It was good, and set her apart from everybody else, but now she is indeed as a blond Morgan. I miss her presenting the cases, since another change since her return was the icreasing screen time of Garcia, and she, presenting the cases alone, but also in the way she does, it's just so awful and ridiculous. Are we suppose to believe she chooses
    them too, as once JJ did? I wish the writers would focus more on the 'minds' part of criminal minds,
    and not so much on csi aspects and romantic relationships. I still enjoy some episodes, but
    some story lines seem to be stolen from a soap opera.

  11. I know this is not about the 200th, but I watched Mayhem this week-end and again thought it was one of the very best ep's written by Rick D. so if he follows up to something like Mayhem he's do us all good. It was full of action, Hotch was great, Morgan the constant hero, with a good inclusion of the M/G relationship, and the team work was wonderful in this ep with all the characters taking a significant part...Unsubs were super cool and super vicious, sadness and heroism all present. Now if he just matches or betters that one, we'll all be walking talk. You go Rick.

  12. Okay having a JJ center arc is awesome. But why can't they write more about the other characters?I mean they do come up with a lot of ways how to kill people why can't they come up with more personal stories about the characters?


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