Thursday, August 22, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - BTS: 905. Route 66

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

Nice to be back on the set of Criminal Minds with my old friends! Great people... Good times! #fearthereaper- Photo by C. Thomas Howell
@kirstenvangsness I'm at my fitting & totally coveting Garcia's sparklers!! Xx - Photo by Meredith Monroe
On the set of CM season 9 ep 5! - Photo by C. Thomas Howell
Photo by C. Thomas Howell
Photo by C. Thomas Howell
The lovely @meremonroe and the awesome Thomas Gibson. Really have enjoyed working with them.
- Photo by C. Thomas Howell
Guess who just got a CM9 hat?! Woohoo! #fearthereaper - Photo by C. Thomas Howell
Photo by C. Thomas Howell
@virgilwilliams the man behind the pen for ep 5 season 9! - Photo by C. Thomas Howell
@virgilwilliams and @Meremonroe chillin' BTS on Ep 5 season 9! #CriminalMinds - Photo by C. Thomas Howell
Does anyone recognize this stylish cat? He cleans up really well. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Joe an one of his many beautiful babies. - Photo by John Hatchitt
A true Hollywood Power couple, gorgeous. - Photo by John Hatchitt
@JoeMantegna and @Meremonroe rollin' old skool! - Photo by C. Thomas Howell
... and thank you to the amazing cast of #CriminalMinds. It was an honor. #fearthereaper
- Photo by C. Thomas Howell
@CThomasHowell @Meremonroe #ThomasGibson & @JoeMantegna on the set of #CriminalMinds 9x05 "Route 66".
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Me and Dougie Fresh. AKA @dougaa, director extraordinaire. #CriminalMinds - Photo by Virgil Williams
Night driving @CrimMinds_CBS written by @VirgilWilliams who crushed it again!!
- Photo by Doug Aarniokoski
Me and my main man, @JoeMantegna. Proud to write words for him. #Chicago #CriminalMinds
- Photo by Virgil Williams
Photo by Joe Mantegna
@GUBLERNATION has promised to direct another masterpiece. So all is forgiven. #CriminalMinds
- Photo by Virgil Williams
Falls hottest accessory. #FoamFinger - Photo by AJ Cook
@LLPOS birthday!! We love him. @CM_SetReport - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Think the Heat & Dirt has gotten to our mixer @joseph17981. He is starting to dress like
Fleabag the set dresser? - Photo by John Hatchitt
Jack Kennerly talks actor choices with "Criminal Minds" casting director Scott David today.
Jack is following production of the CBS show from beginning to end.
- Photo by David Hume Kennerly
Agent Jack Kennerly on the set of Criminal Minds today - Photo by David Hume Kennerly
2 of my Fav guys shooting together on #CriminalMinds @ToddStashwick &
@JoeMantegna - Photo by Wendy Lynn
And the photobomb award goes to... - Photo by AJ Cook
Great ending to the day having Erica stop by an say hi. See everyone tomorrow, Cheers. - Photo by John Hatchitt
EP 905 kickin ass with this today guy @shemarmoore and the amazing team
@CrimMinds_CBS #blessedtoworkoncriminalminds - Photo by Doug Aarniokoski 
I know you will find this hard to believe but, we found yet another 100*+ dirt lot. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Hookem horns with @GUBLERNATION #criminalminds - Photo by Doug Aarniokoski
So we finally made it out of the dirt & heat. Thank god it's Fri. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Happy Friday!! Being productive and trying not let the day go to the dogs...or cat.
#meow #mynewkitten - Photo by Dania Bennett
& CM fix: were spoilers on set yesterday so here is self picture with the spoiler being
my trailer is kinda messy. - Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
Thomas Gibson, star of "Criminal Minds," today on the set of the show. - Photo by David Hume Kennerly
Tonight on @CrimMinds_CBS Route 66 written by the man @VirgilWilliams, great time makin it - hope y'all enjoy !!!
- Photo by Doug Aarniokoski
Good times on the set of @CrimMinds_CBS ROUTE 66 - w/@VirgilWilliams - check it out tonight on #CBS
- Photo by Doug Aarniokoski
Me and my man, Thomas Gibson. A lil teaser from tonight's #CriminalMinds. Hope you guys like it!
- Photo by Virgil Williams


  1. MGG and TG sit on the same side as the photo was taken, that's why they're not in the pic.

    There always seems to be someone who asks where those two are when they're not in the pic :S

    Can't wait to see how they flashback to Foyet and Haley. I didn't realise that we needed the flashback, but how did we go without Reaper flashbacks for so long?

    I'm glad they're finally addressing the fallout from 100.

  2. Cannot wait for this episode. I'm viewing all the past seasons of CM now and am up to S5 again. TG is such an expressive actor; can't wait to see what he displays in this new episode.

  3. Oh... my...!!! O.O

    Thomas!!!!!!!! :D

  4. This episode will be awesome! TG look so handsome! thanks for posting those pictures!

  5. Anything that will allow TG to showcase his acting abilities sits well with me. He is the best actor of the lot in my opinion, and in those ep's where he is looking weak, it's all about writing or directing, it's not about him. I hate to be the person writing for the 200th ep. Trying to match 100th is a daunting task, in large part to him. No one forgets that ep., and most fans can recount it in full detail. He was awesome!

  6. Where can I get Garcia's shoes? Cool, Cool, Cool!!!! Love to see her chasing an unsub in those...

  7. OMG that kitten is so adorable. I wonder who it belongs to.

  8. @ Anonymous (September 4, 2013 at 8:23 PM)

    From other tweets and pictures posted this last weekend, looks like the kitty belongs to Dania Bennett (her twitter handle is in the blog right hand column) :-)

  9. I've been wondering for 3 seasons now, how you guys could have such a powerhouse actor as Gibson and practically NEVER use his full talents. Hopefully Route 66 will let us see the master in action again. The only cast member with the whole package: talent, looks, voice, body. Give us more!!!


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