Monday, July 8, 2013

Criminal Minds Season 9 First Day! Table read for episode 901: "The Inspiration"

The cast, crew and writers of Criminal Minds are back today after a well deserved vacation. They've started work on Season 9, Episode 1!

Here are some pictures from the first table read of the season!

 Picture by Harry Bring 

 Picture by Janine Sherman Barrois. 
The producers gave to Criminal Minds stars Thomas Gibson, A.J Cook and Kirsten Vangsness birthday cakes, as all three of them celebrate their birthdays during July!


  1. I just love those pics so much. As i understood there will be more pics tomorrow :)

  2. Welcome back! Maybe a short 9 weeks for the cast, but a loooong 9 weeks for the fans!

  3. I can't wait going to request every show off wow that would be nice lol

  4. Where in the world is Matthew? I do not see him anywhere.

  5. I'm pretty sure he's right down the bottom of the table next to JT!

    Hops we get more pics soon, to tire us over till September.


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