Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Criminal Minds - Release Date and Pricing for 'The 8th Season' DVDs

Criminal Minds SEASON 8 DVD SET will be out on September 3, 2013 for 64.99$, but you can get IT for 45.99$ pre-ordering at Amazon.com


  1. I get that Hotch and Rossi are considered the leads and that SM is the next highest paid but you would have thought Reid would be more prominent with the majority of the season being about him. Not complaining, just thought I'd point it out.

    (I know some people will also complain about AJ being prominent but I love that she is one PB is no longer on the show)

  2. * now Paget is no longer on the show

  3. If I had my way, Hotch's photo would be biggest and still at the forefront. And Blake would be airbrushed out. Completely. Nada. Gone. Toast.

  4. Jeepers why stop there.Why don't they just go ahead and stick Reid behind Garcia and have him be dead last, for crying out loud.

    I think Reid deserves to be up there with Hotch and the other men,but of course if that was done,no doubt there would be screams of sexism.

  5. Personally I don't think its sexist, although having the four men being highlighted over the girls may add fuel to the CBSsexismfire, but on most box sets covers there is usually only one or two people as the main focus or in the centre and the rest tend to be on equal setting.

    I get Hotch and Rossi being the central two characters just based on their roles within the team. Hotch is the boss, Rossi is a BAU founder and senior agent (they're also both the highest paid actors on the show).

    I don't really know why Morgan is always featured so predominantly. I know Shemar is one of the other higher paid actors (I don't know why)but for me Morgan, Reid, JJ and Blake (Prentiss/Seaver/Elle)are equals on the team as the cluster of profilers.

    It's probably because I've never really been attached to Morgan as a character, there's something that I don't really click with. I can take or leave him. He's a pretty face, he has a lot of background and a lot of character development, we've seen his traumatic past, his family and their issues, we've seen him screw up, take charge, seen his specialties, his personality and kind of a love life, and seen him become affected by cases and he has very different relationships with different teammates, so on paper he should be one of my favourites. Morgan is probably one of the better thought out characters with heroic traits and flaws yet, for me like Reid, I don't get what other people love about him so much...

    Rambling sorry!

    Season 8 was definitely Reid centric, his thing with Maeve was a big issue/there for a lot of episodes. Rossi got his part at the end as did Blake and Hotch. JJ and Morgan got episodes in the middle and I'm sure Garcia had some story line at some point... But it was Reid's season so I'm a little surprised he's shoved further to the back of the cover but it's not a huge deal though it's just the cover of a box set and CM's box sets always look good no matter where they have people...


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