Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jayne / Erin, Thank You So Much

We, the Knights and Ladies of the Criminal Minds Round Table, would like to congratulate Jayne Atkinson for her magnificent portrayal during 7 seasons of FBI Section Chief Erin Strauss, and give her a big Thank You! for all the effort and time she has dedicated to our show, Criminal Minds.

[L] 223: Strauss introduction on Criminal Minds - [R] 302: Strauss wake-up call during her 1st time in the field
[L] 306: Strauss butting heads with Rossi - [R] 509: Strauss talking about Haley's death to Hotch
[L] 709:  Strauss confronted about her drinking problem - [R] 723/724: Strauss in the fiel helping the team
[L] 816: Strauss apologizing to Blake - [R] 816: Strauss backing the team to pursue The Replicator

Controversial, and complex a woman that she was, Erin Strauss will be missed by all.

Jayne Atkinson, on the other hand, is a classy dame and a great actress whose next works we'll all love to follow and enjoy for years to come.

[L] 823: Strauss working seamlessly with the team - 824: Strauss last smile to Rossi and us all

Ma'am, has been a pleasure to meet you...

~~ Sir Elyan The White ~~


  1. Thank you for all your hard work.
    And giving us fans Erin Strauss for so long.
    I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we.

  2. Jayne was fantastic portraying Strauss all those years. I'm gonna miss her, and I wish Jayne all the best for whatever lies in her future.

  3. Thank You Jayne for making Erin Strauss such and interesting character! Will miss you on CM but wish you all the best in all your future projects!

  4. Yes definitely a big thank you and huge hug to Jayne for her Erin Strauss work. We will miss you as Strauss and really which we could've gotten a longer time to see the Strauss/Rossi, Strauss/ Blake and Strauss/Team relationships develop and grow.

  5. Thank you, Jayne, for honoring us with your great acting and even greater class in our screens while we were enjoying our favorite show.

    You made us hate Erin Strauss from the get go, and later, as the seasons progressed, you convinced us to turn our feelings around bit by bit until tears sprung in our eyes watching her good bye. Very few actors are able to accomplish such a feat, less so given the small amount of scenes we got to enjoy you acting in.

    Knowing your name won't show up again in the episodes credits fills me with sadness, but thankfully, it'll show up in multiple other credits, and I plan to enjoy every single one of those instances to the full... I know your skills won't ever let me down.

    All my love, Maria

  6. Thank you for making us grow on loving Strauss, even when she was giving a ahrd time to the team.

    We'll miss her so much!!!


  7. Thank you from the fans- I wish you the best Jayne in whatever you decide to do next. E.J. Jahnes

  8. Thanks for all you gave to a superior show! Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  9. I really wish they didn't kill off Erin. There were so many other ways to go with her character and in my opinion, she did not come full circle. Jayne, I wish you good luck and I also hope to see you in other projects.

  10. We'll miss you jayne, loved.u on criminal minds! Wishing the best for you!


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