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Criminal minds SPOILER for episode 8x23 'Brothers Hotchner' and the season finale

Mike: So sad to see Criminal Minds on the TBD list in your CBS story about renewals. Can I get scoop to make me feel better?

TBD doesn't necessarily mean definitely canceled. But we will give you some cheer-up scoop! The penultimate episode of (maybe) Criminal Minds final season will revolve around a case involving a baggage handler who goes on a murdering spree to get revenge after this daughter dies of an ecstasy overdose. You know, the usual lighthearted stuff we expect from Criminal Minds.

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  1. This is just my opinion but I really think CBS should forget about renewing Jeanne Tripplehorn's contract.

    That way it'll free up some additional money for the other cast members who may be asking for a raise.

    I also want them to go back to just having 6 profilers, the way it use to be.
    JJ can be the lone female profiler.I don't see why 2 female profilers are necessary.It seemed to me the show worked fine with just the one female profiler.

    It pains me to say this bc I actually like the character of Alex a lot better than I do JJ.
    However the reality is Jeanne doesn't have much of a fanbase. So I don't think she'd be missed all that much.
    Therefore I do believe she is the most expendable.

  2. I'd vote Joe Mantegna off the island personally.

  3. IF, and only IF this is the final season CBS need to get Paget in the final episode. Cool, we got Blake, but she is not one of the Magnificent 7. Have Prentiss visit for a last time and share with the family. A finale without her is no finale for me.

  4. I've said from the beginning when they announced that AJ would be returning but Paget wouldn't that AJ could and should be the show's female lead. When given the material AJ has the talent imo. JT is not bad as Alex. I don't mind Alex at all but ya know the show has tried to replace its female leads twice now (JT & Rachel) and really neither has had a wow effect. Imo when that happens just go with what you've got...even if just for a little while to see how the cast and storylines work out. The network didn't even give the show a chance without an actress in Paget's spot so to speak; they just filled it immediately. They don't know what the show would like or how it would be with just AJ in the lead. But at least give it a try before cramming someone new in there. Especially after how piss poorly things went with Rachel Nichols. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  5. I agree some of my favourite episodes are from season 2 after Elle left and before Prentiss showed up and season 3 in between Gideon and Rossi. A smaller team can work. Its not that I don't like JT, I do, I think in season 7 it was obvious Paget didn't want to be there and her performance came across as forced, so I didn't mind seeing her go, especially if she didn't want to be there. JT seems like a nice person, but AJ could have easily taken lead profiler and the writers could have had more time for the replicator or other storylines instead of rushing through or trying to please seven characters storylines in conjunction with the replicator (I would have been happier to miss out all the JT scenes and flesh out the stalker arc properly!)

  6. I can't see full new in the E!Online... Can you help me please??

  7. Sorry this is all that there is about this spoiler.

  8. Why we need two females?

    Because BAU 'Sausages Club' while easy on the eye and pleasant to watch isn't politically correct and CM as a show that happens to air in prime time and revolving around an elite unit in a government agency has to be politically correct and therefore different.

    Why AJ/JJ couldn't have taken the lead?

    Because while majority of the fans were happy to have AJ back not all of them were happy with that JJ they got back. Some might have felt cheated that they fought to bring old JJ back and instead of being (for most of the time) old, kind and gentle JJ she seriously kicks butts. There's nothing wrong with having a strong female character on the show because they are needed (desperately on that) but with JJ we don't get to see her transformation, we hear about it, we didn't witness it and we do remember that she used to be different and this different depending from the person feels.... (insert opinion here).

    There's also another reason why JJ/AJ couldn't have taken the lead and its much more down to earth. JJ spend years in the position of a communication liaison on the team and yes it prepared her for the position of a profiler better than anything else but you have to remember that (at the time when decisions regarding season eight had been made) JJ had been a profiler for a year - on its own it sounds solid and foolproof but once you measure JJ's year against Reid's, Morgan's, Hotch's and Rossi's field experience, separately of course. Yes, she brings all of her skills to the table along with her experience in the position of a media liaison but on her own JJ wouldn't be overly convincing.

    Personally I think that the stalker arch is fleshed out properly. We've been promised a season long unsub and season long unsub we got. The only thing that makes him different from Foyet or Doyle is that we didn't get to see his face. Having replicator lying low is a legitimate plot device, he waits, he enjoys their discomfort and is waiting for a moment of vulnerability to strike again. The big arch isn't a problem, it's the smaller ones around it that might or might not bother you and yes, you don't get enough of everyone in the entire season (various people for various reasons) but come to think about it the last time we got enough of everybody without someone dying or leaving the show was in season 4, yes AJ was temporarily replaced for the duration of her maternity leave but we knew that she was coming back. Since then Foyet, Doyle, Emily coming back and leaving for good,having Hotch move on, introducing and killing Maeve... there's only as much of life-changing events you can cram into a season without making people think that this is the most unlucky group of people in the entire world.

  9. You can count me as one of the viewers who's angry that we didn't get the original JJ back.And I definitely wouldn't be happy with her being in any kind of lead role.

    As far as I'm concerned they totally messed up the dynamics of the team by not putting JJ back in the role of media liaison.
    I understand what your saying about the need for female agents,by putting JJ back on the team in her original role the team would've had it's 2 female agents,but still only 6 profilers.

    Also in light of the fact that the profiling had been diminished to the point that even 6 profilers were now too many,for them to decide to add a 7th profiler was imo absolutely asinine.Although I will admit there has been some improvement in that regard this season.

    Speaking of JJ I read something somewhere that completely dumbfounded me.
    For the longest time I couldn't figure out why some people had a problem with JJ going out with the team when she wasn't a profiler.
    Why did it matter to them that she wasn't a profiler. She was still a highly qualified FBI agent licensed to carry a fire arm.And I'm pretty damn sure that there are FBI agents all over the country who are out in the field and involved in investigation who are not profilers.

    LOL I suppose I should get back to what I was originally referring to.Apparently some viewers were ignorant of the fact that JJ was already an FBI agent.Some of them thought she wasn't an agent until they made her a profiler.

    Now would somebody please explain to me how it is that these people could be watching the same show as those of us who were aware that JJ was already an FBI agent and yet be totally clueless to the fact that she was one.

  10. I think part of the reason that they made JJ a profiler was because of those casual viewers or viewers who weren't paying attention (and also the network bosses who didn't have a clue). I don't mind that they made JJ a profiler but I do think it could have been done better. I think they should have stressed that JJ's speciality is with the media and victim/family interaction, she should have kept picking cases and we should see her doing more press briefings, if you have a speciality on the team, Idk why they don't utilise it. But then, I wish we saw more of the others use their specialities too. I think JJ coming back could have been explained better too, I understand that the writers didn't know what was going on half the time with cast changes and Paget especially, but they could have easily said JJ went away to handle something important and her duties were done and was given an option of where to go, communications could have had a budget cut, so the only way back to the bau was profiling, JJ could have had some doubts but realised she was only going to be happy there so decided to take the classes with Hotch and Rossi's help, the prentiss being dead arc was rushed through instead and we missed a lot of JJ's return because of it.

  11. Can anyone remember when Jeanne joined the show, there was a blurb that said she had signed in for one season and CBS offered her several comedies for after her CM contract was up? I don't know if I made this up or not, but I'm sure I read it somewhere but can't remember where :( anyway my point was that I think the only way they can satisfy the replicator arc is for something really bad to happen, while Hotch may get the penultimate episode, I think (hope), that if someone does get snuffed in the finale that it's Blake, (although) I would perhaps like to see another season 4 finale where theyre all in trouble but Blake ends up leaving. I'm looking forward to Hotch's episode especially seeing Sean again, I just hope it's not a bookend storyline, like some personal storylines go!

  12. Change can be good, and then again it can be difficult, and CM has had it's share of difficult. The truth is, the really loyal fans know the story lines through and through, my guess better then the new writers coming on. Consequantly, continuity was lost, important detail fell through the cracks, and compromise ruled. I also believe that during these transitional times, the actors played a disproportionate role in deciding the lines and scenes, based on their own agenda's and Voila! downhill they slid. I'll still watch, and be looking for the original core values and roles they all played so well, but admittedly it's getting harder. There is one thing at play however that we rarely see in our CM blogs, and that may simply be that some of the actors may simply want to leave while the show is on top, better for their careers, and that's understandable

  13. I confess I was very happy when I found that Blake was leaving (episode 8x22)


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