Sunday, March 24, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS: The Replicator's Game. Part II

Once more we found ourselves with a week with no new Criminal Minds episode to look for!

That's the reason we postponed posting the second part of our little game until today; these waiting weeks feel too long, and we all can use something to amuse ourselves for the duration.

After getting so many and thoughtful answers to the question posed in the first part of the game, here is the second chance to play with us: again, easy, with just a few rules, and our wish to entertain all.


  1. Write in this post comments why do you think the guesses about who "The Replicator" is given in the 1st part of this game are wrong (list below).
  2. You can give reasons for some, or for all; REASONS, nothing derogatory about the fans that gave those guesses will be tolerated.
  3. If you post as an Anonymous, please sign with a name or nick your post/s.
  4. Do NOT reply to other posts; this is a game, not a debate, everybody is entitled to their opinion, and nobody is more right than the rest... except the writers.

  • Frank Breitkopf - "No Way Out" and "No Way Out II: The Evilution of Frank" unsub.
  • Agent Anderson - FBI agent working as support staff for the BAU.
  • Elle Greenaway - Ex-FBI agent, worked for the BAU during a year and half.
  • Marcus Talbot - Photography teacher, accomplice to the unsub in "Out Of The Light".
  • Kevin Lynch - A/V Teach working for the FBI, and Garcia's ex-boyfriend.
  • Karl Arnold - "The Fox" unsub, and Foyet's messenger in "Outfoxed".
  • Stephen Gideon - Jason Gideon's son.
  • Jason Gideon - Ex-FBI agent, former Senior SSA, and founder of the BAU.
  • Sean Hotchner - Aaron Hotchner's younger brother.
  • Spencer Reid - FBI Supervisory Special Agent working for at BAU.
  • William LaMontagne Jr - Jennifer Jareau's husband.
  • Mr. Cavanaugh - Husband of Reid's thieving neighbor, Mrs. Cavanaugh.
  • Seattle SWAT agent - Agent that took the killing shot on "Empty Planet".
  • Wrongly accused suspect - By Erin Strauss and Alex Blake during the 'Antrax Case'.
  • Erin Strauss - BAU Section Chief.
  • Sam - Garcia's new boyfriend.
Have fun, put your neurones to work and spread the word!


  1. Elle and Gideon - simply bc I don't see a way in hell the two actors who played these characters would be back to the show.

    Reid, Strauss, Will - I don't think the Replicator is someone THAT close to the team, let alone one of their own. Will, for example, would have to explain to JJ his disappearances, or travels to different states. And actor Josh Stewart is only back this season because of fans request, otherwise Will wouldn't have returned.

    Sean Hotchner, ex-unsubs/suspects - they'd have to explain HOW they had access to the team's case files.

    Sam - too early to tell, but I think it'd be rather cruel to have Garcia yet again be used by someone who is not genuinely interested in her, this time to get to her team. Too much deja vu.

  2. Agent ANDERSON....after Elle GREENAWAY was shoot he think he never have any chance to become a member of Hotch team... so... he want to prouve he is better tan all the team.

  3. It has to be Agent Anderson! It would be interesting if Lola "Elle" or Mandy "Gideon" would return to the show for this huge comeback but its not them.

    It can't be Spence...Really?!?!..., Strauss nor Will because their close to the team and wouldn't hurt them.

    Sam would need motive and Kevin wouldn't have the balls to pull this off!

    As for the other suspects "SWAT Agent and Mr. Cavanaugh" its totally pointless to even mention them.

    The Fox is in jail and we barely know Sam! The wrongly accused suspect would have a personal motive towards Erin & Alex not the rest of the team specially targeting Spencer and JJ.

    Agent Anderson would have access to case files because he is support staff for the BAU.

    -Ryan Brown

  4. It wouldn't be anybody on the team, but the person would have to access to internal files. The only person on the list that makes sense is agent Anderson, but they have made his character seem not smart enough to pull it off. I don't think the Replicator is on this list.

  5. It wont be Gideon, MP hates the show, the show runners don't want him back.

    Elle doesn't really make sense either, I could see LG coming back for a guest appearance but I don't think Elle has motive for going after the team, especially after being gone for so long and she killed an unsub, it makes more sense that if she was an unsub that she'd go after rapists/killers than the FBI

    Sean H, Will, Kevin, Reid, Strauss, Swat dude, Gideons son... Would add drama but I agree, too close to the team and nine of them have motive either.

  6. OOps didn't sign the previous post. (Beth btw)

    Also wanted to add that Franks dead, just because we didn't see a body was probably to do with the fact back in those CM days, we didn't need to see a train splattered body, the act of seeing Frank jump in front of a train and our imaginations were enough for the writers to get across the point that someone is dead.

    Also, if Anderson is not involved somehow, I'll be upset :(

  7. I really thought about this-went over the clues again -the main one was . The Replicator has to work somewhere in the BAU.No one else has access to case files etc.Also it did show a male taking pictures of the team.I think its Anderson -because he always was the do boy for the team and access to all files and personal info.I think he is upset about doing a lot of stuff for the team and getting no credit for anything.I'll be shocked if it wasn't- but this is CM "ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN" E.J Jahnes

  8. Sam – too new, make no sense , he as no prior involvement with the team.

    Erin Strauss – No, she may have hated Hotch but she would not go after the whole team just to get at Hotch, beside she’s been pretty nice to Hotch and the team lately.

    Will Lamontagne – why? Just cannot imagine a reason why Will would go after anyone on his wife team especially after they saved his life in last season finale!

    Gideon – I could see him do this if he hated everyone on the team, he doesn’t he just hate the job.

    Stephen Gideon – he hates his dad or his dad job but not the team and if he wanted to get back at his dad he would go after someone close to his dad and Gideon is no longer close to anyone on the team.

    Karl Arnold – he sure hate the BAU team, enough to have help Foyet gets at Hotch but does he have the means to do this elaborate scheme? Does he have money and contacts outside prison to get into the BAU cases and get enough info to replicate murders? I don’t think so.

    Kevin Lynch – Well he sure could want to get back at Garcia but I am sure he just doesn’t have what it takes to take the whole BU team!

    Elle – She sure would have motive, especially if after leaving the FBI her life went downhill. She doesn’t like either Hotch or Gideon. Didn’t get along with either Garcia or JJ. She would need a partner in this, someone on the inside to supply cases info. Does she have money to pull it off?

    Reid – Unless Spencer lost it all when Maeve died, have no idea why he would go after his team. He is henry godfather, would he hurt JJ? No I cannot see Spencer doing anything like that.

    Anderson – interesting choice and the obvious one. He does have access, he knows the team, how they work together and he is low key enough to not being suspected. His motive could be having been pass up often for a position as a profiler on the team. We don’t know enough about him to know if he does have money to pull something like that.

    Sean Hotchner – well we know he will be in the season finale ( or at least in the one leading to the finale) he could resend his brother for their childhood, he could want to take all that his brother hold dear from him and we know the BAU mean so much to Hotch that when he was given an ultimatum by Hayley, his family or the job, he did choose the job. Since we don't know much about the Hotchner, Sean, via the family inheritance, could have money and means to pull it off but somehow I doubt it. Sean ways to get back at his brother is mostly to defy him.

    Talbot – he is my favorite suspect. Prior to showing up in his little town, he was a school teacher who after being suspected of kidnapping, raping and killing girls, probably lost his job and would, I would guess, being shun from everyone in town. Also, he knew about what the unsub was doing, he did developed pictures for the unsub but never reported what he saw in those pictures. He is a good photographer and he does have a dark room. He sure as motive and means! I like him as the # 1 suspect!

  9. Well Frank is dead, and I dont think it could be anyone like a kevin or anyone who works close to the team or else Blake would have noticed them sittting in her classroom that time.I'm sure she has met Gideon.

    Gideon's son has no motive.
    I at first thought it was Talbot because of the way the photos were developed but his motive doesn't seem great enough.

    I don't think it is Elle because I believe the unsub is a male and again, Garcia and Morgan would have recognized her in London when the unsub was a waiter at the dinner Morgan attended.

    Reid's nieghbour has been stealing his stuff for years, baskets, newspapers and letters from Lila Archer. She is obsessed with him not the team.

    My two best bets would be Sean Hotchner. He lives in New York and has fallen in love with Beth. The two of them have plotted together to be rid of Hotch. Haley's sister would get custody of Jack.

    My best suspect is Sam. I too thought the idea of Garcia being used by an unsub for the third time, was ridiculous. but I also thought they wouldn't kill Maeve either because that story was already done with Hotch. Sam seems a little too good to be true. If i were Garcia i would do backround checks on anyone who wanted to date me.

  10. Sorry guys, it can't be Anderson. In the Replicator episode, the Replicator is in Pittsburgh around the same time Penelope has Anderson drive her home. She explicitly says Anderson drove her home to shower...and even if he wasn't in Pittsburgh at the time, the Replicator was in Philly. Also, they would notice if Anderson was not as work half the time because he was wandering around taking pictures and killing people.

    Frank is dead.

    The Fox is in jail and if he had escaped, everyone would know and we would have heard of it by that point on the show

    Sam has no reason to do anything...I think fans just wanted Penelope to get some love

    It's not anyone on the team...come on. how would Spence take pictures of himself like that? And it's not Will. He takes care of Henry...and JJ is on the phone with him at home in DC when they are in Pittsburgh following the Replicator

    I think the best guess is Marcus Talbot. We've already seen him with photos in a similar dark room. The only problem I have with that theory is that he is probably not financially capable enough to travel that much and he has no real reason to kill people because of the BAU. He got off pretty likely...but he is the most likely choice from this list. I wish it could be Gideon because that would be awesome, but Mandy quit the show so I doubt he'd come back

  11. I Just saw the episode with Talbot. I had ruled him out. I change my mind. It could definitely be him.

  12. Sean. Brothers Hotchner. Nuff said!

  13. I think it's GIDEON as MARK HAMILL. Same age. Hamill wouldn't sign on for small role. Could be Hamill as a new guy though.

  14. As much as I'd like it to be someone listed above, I really doubt it's someone we've seen previously. It's probably someone with a connection to a captured/killed unsub. They would only take the Gideon route if Mandy were willing to return to the show, and he's said numerous times that the show left marks on his soul and it was his biggest mistake. It would make my life if he were the Replicator, but that's just not going to happen. And the man who played Luke Skywalker in three extremely famous movies isn't going to have a minor role as an assistant cop or something. He's definitely playing the Replicator.

  15. Sean Hotchner. In the first season Hotch mentioned that children that grew up in very abusive households grew up to be killers or those who catch killers. Sean certainly did not grow up to catch killers and also seemed to be very jealous of Hotch in the episode he was in.

    I certainly don't think that Mark Hamill is going to play The Replicator because that just seems way too obvious.


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