Monday, March 11, 2013

Criminal Minds date for the Season 8 Finale announced

The Criminal Minds Season 8 finale will air on May 22, 2013 from 9pm to 11pm!

Yes we will have, like last season, another two hours season finale!

source: CBS


  1. Yay 2 hour finale!!

    I hope we get the agents in peril this finale.

    Also hope this is a good sign for season 9 renewal :D

  2. That is one sexy cast in that photo! I can't wait to see the season finale 2 hour event. They are always amazing.

  3. Does this mean Brothers Hotchner is getting bumped from the 15th to the 22nd? or does it mean that Erica is writing a two-hour long episode?

  4. zannej

    'Brother Hotchner' will be seen on May 22 at 9pm and at 10pm we will have the season finale.


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