Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - 814. All That Remains - From EW: Ken Olin turns to Hotch and Co. for help

by Sandra Gonzalez

On this week's Criminal Minds, Hotch and Co. will head to the eastern shore of Maryland where a father (Ken Olin) needs the team's help to search for his two teenage daughters. The twist in this tale? The girls’ mother went missing exactly a year before.

“The idea is what's going on with the father? Is he a serial offender or is he the unluckiest man on the planet and the victim of a serial offender?” executive producer Erica Messer says...

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  1. I always tape Criminal Minds, but I'm staying up to watch this one! Thomas Gibson is so excited about this episode, it's got to be extra special.


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