Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Criminal Minds promo video for 'Carbon Copy'


  1. Some observations:
    Ok, so we see Hotch's picture on one of the bodies. The board with Morgan's picture had "Zugzwang" all over it.

    JJ saying "Which one of us is next" made me think someone gets attacked or abducted or maybe killed. If killed I'm thinking Anderson- although I really hope it isn't...

    The hair on the corpse didn't look like Anderson's.

    I hope they really show the team coming together and having Hotch actually be really creeped out. He was somewhat stoic and unafraid (at least outwardly) when being attacked by the Reaper, but this is his team and family at stake. What if the dude goes after Jack or something? I'm hoping to see them all sticking together and not wanting to have any team member be alone just in case.

    I wonder if Blake will be targeted first... Hmm...

  2. Zannej, I agree with you re: Hotch. You would have to hope that there might be at least a 'not again' moment/reference, but I wont hold my breath on that one :) And yeah, Blake..I wonder if she is closer to this hold thing than we think HMMMM


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