Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Criminal Minds Comments thread for episode 8.13 'Magnum Opus'

Here you can comments, talk about the latest episode of Criminal Minds 'Magnum Opus' written by newcomer Jason Bernaro.

Enjoy the episode!


  1. The way Reid's grief was handled in this episode was very well done...and not everything was all better by the end, keeping it realistic. His mourning was visceral and compelling--I'm usually not very emotional during TV shows but I nearly cried. Everyone's concern for him was sweet and I liked how Reid opened up a bit and allowed his friends to help him clean up--helping him begin again, symbolically. He wasn't completely snappy like he was with dilaudid or with Prentiss' return. I think the way he acted was very much more aligned with his characterization than the snappiness. For a first episode, Mr. Bernero did very well. Though I usually get a bit annoyed with chunks of unsub screen time, I thought this unsub was interesting. There was a good deal of profiling IMO, especially considering the sideplot. The jump to hemophiliac seemed a little bit rushed but other than that I found believability in the unsub and his MO. The gore level with the custodian friend was maybe a bit heavy--I'm not too bothered, but I don't think a show should go much further than that. I don't know exactly why I really liked this episode, other than how moved I was by Reid's pain and (beginnings of) his acceptance. The episode, for me, was well done and it reminded me (as many episodes do) why I love CM.

  2. I agree with everything said above! I thought how Reid was mourning was accurate and realistic. I thought everyone showing their concern for Reid was great too! The unsub's story was pretty interesting too. Even though the unsub was showed, I didn't feel like it was too much Unsub.

  3. I liked this episode a lot! I think last week and this weeks episodes were two of the best this season because of the personal touches with the team. I think seaon eight lacks the personal lives of the team that I loved about seaon 7 so much. I can't wait to see more of the season long unsub and much more JJ!

  4. IMHO, the Reid subplot, was the only thing that saved this episode. The unsub did not interest me all, I saw the rejection coming by the museum lady and I knew she would be the unsub's next target. Onto the good. Like the folks commented before me, it was excellently done. Hotch's little chat with Reid had a ton of undercurrents yet was very simply done. Reid didn't need the "been there, done that" message from Hotch. And I loved the ending with Morgan, JJ and Garcia helping Reid. Plus, I have to add I now am officially a fan of Blake. The character has been wonderfully handled into gradually working into the team and Jeanne is doing a wonderful job with her.

    Final grade: 7/10 (and I'm being generous cause I loved the Reid parts as much)

  5. I really do enjoy this show, I still get peeved whenever I see the unsub and like rockhotch31 said I saw what the unsub was about to do a mile away. One thing my dad pointed out was how the unsub had to lift up the scapel and then tried to plunge the knife into the art ladies neck while realisticly he couldve just cut it in one move. Just those little things get annoying but other than my minor complaints loved how Reid was taking his greif. Unlike with Hotch (who people love to compare his wives death scene to Maeve) who had a child to look after during his time of grief, Reid rather stayed in his home and kept his distance.

    That totally fit his character. Also always love how the team supports each other. And I am also a Blake fan, I see she is usually mosty put with Reid, Rossi, or Hotch but those combinations fit better.
    I really am liking this season, even though the writer's are still incoporating the teams lives it doesn't seem as.....forced as before. Overall I give this episode a solid 9/10

    (also am I the only one who really loved seeing where Reid lives, I also bet those people who love making CM fanfics are having a field day with Reid's grief)

  6. A little off topic but does anybody else think that the season long unsub/copycat might mimic Maeve's death?

  7. I always love when they take advantage of MGG's abilities as an actor because I think he's really capable of so much more than they usually ask for-even given that the entire cast is so talented. I LOVE the way they handled his grieving process. Since I'm honest I'll admit I completely ignore the unsub/gore stuff. I like the team/character dev.and the solving the puzzle part. I thought those areas were well done.

  8. Well, Maeve is connected to the Replicator in some form or fashion, and we'll find out how later in the season. So it wouldn't shock me in the slightest if he mimics her death. It would be a fitting ending if that were the case.

  9. For me the best parts of this episode were the personal scenes with the characters and their support for Reid. One of the main reasons i love cm is the seven main characters are all great no one is over the top annoying and their chemistry with one another is awesome!! I think having Garcia, JJ, and Morgan at Reids apartment at the end was fittig. I too look forward to the season long unsub. I hope we start getting more and more snippets each episode!!


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