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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - 812. Zugzwang - Promo Video


  1. Does anyone else wonder if the scene where Reid is playing chess with Blake is a dream? The way Maeve is lit and the fact that he's not looking at her makes me wonder...

    It needs to be Wednesday already!

  2. I've been wondering if the church scene is a dream? The one where Reid's suit is poorly fit and his bowtie is crooked.

  3. Elphie, I think it is a dream as well. They said we would find out what the tux was about in the first scene of the episode.

    I won't be surprised if this one has dream sequences and flashbacks and stuff. I sort of expect it to go somewhat like "100" where they show the present and then flashback to what led up to this.

    I could not help but laugh when Reid walked in and the guy said "I know you!" and then it had the flashback sequence ala "The Highlander" series.

  4. O.M.G!!!! Can't Wednesday come any sooner??!!!

  5. never have I been so glad to be Canadian... only one more day for me!!!! this episode looks soooooo amazing!!!

  6. The writers of this show have a problem.Seriously. The only thing that was missing from tonight's episode was Reid's son hidden in a chest as a sole survivor. The lack of originality astounds me.I was so impressed with 100 it was an amazing episode but Zugswang or whatever the Hell it was called, left me cold.Why? Cause I saw this before, in this exact TV show.Stupid. Now we will see the funeral with the white roses and Reid giving a speech about the world having spun faster with Haley of I'm sorry, Maeve in it. I always liked that the show was somewhat realistic but two members of the same team having the same story with the same ending is simply poor, unrealistic and plain unoriginal writing.If you have no new ideas, simply let the show go for God's sake. I might as well be watching reruns at this point.

  7. I mean let's examine the similarities:
    Haley telling Hotch love is the most important- Maeve insinuating to Reid that the stalker will never take away their love Both in their final moments
    Both killed by the unsub with a gun, in the head
    Both having been stalked by the unsub for months
    Both Hotch and Reid witnessing the killing and crying(granted, Hotch over the phone but still)
    The team listening in/being there for both killings
    Both Hotch and Reid trying to convince the unsub that they will be famous, in a desperate attempt to save their loved ones
    The Reaper killing Haley to hurt Hotch, Unsub #2 ultimately killing Maeve because of how much she meant to Reid

  8. Actually it was a fantastic episode, IMHO, and Maeve was a perfect character. The relationship was different and quirky and utterly perfect.

    The ending screwed everything.

    Seriously, we get that some of the powers that be don't like Reid as a character. Well guess what, he had a huge fan following and we don't like you either cutting him or using him as a whipping boy.

    Someone on Facebook suggested a boycott until they get Reid a lasting relationship. I happen to think that's a brilliant idea. I don't know how they're going to top Maeve and ten months of letters but they're going to have to because the fans are getting out the torches and pitchforks already.

    I don't plan to watch until they publicly announce that Reid's going to get that relationship we were promised.

    - Rebecca

  9. Make that has, not had. I can type I swear.

  10. Yeah, the ending just screwed it. I mean, I thought she was going to die, but that ending was a WTF moment. Not even a closing quote. And the team (other than Hotch in some brief scenes) seemed so distant. No comfort from Garcia (who seemed rather blithe in this one for such a serious situation-- she was not like that when Haley's life was on the line). Something was missing.

    Poor Reid was felt up and kissed by the same chick who killed his woman. That is something he would not forget-- but I bet the writers will forget about that detail by the next episode.

    Other aspects we have already seen in previous episodes:
    1. Reid having some trauma involving a girl tricking him in high school. Not to mention that Reid previously said he wasn't into girls at that age. The goal post one rang more true. I just can't picture him falling for similar tricks twice. Methinks Breen didn't know or remember the goalpost thing.
    2. The abductor who has been keeping tabs on the BAU member having them sitting captive in a chair and unbuttoning the shirt. At least Reid didn't get branded on the chest like Prentiss.
    3. Reid being interested in a girl who had a female stalker.
    4. Someone getting killed in front of Reid after he failed to talk the killer down.

    Why didn't they just have a SWAT team sneak up on her? Why couldn't one of the team (who have made tougher shots in the past) shoot the crazy chick?

    Why was Reid not able to wrestle the gun away? Why didn't he try to take the gun away as soon as she had her guard down the first time? When she was kissing him would have been an opportune moment.

    The team acted like a bunch of amateurs. The sense of urgency was also not there as much as it was in 100-- and I am not a fan of 100.

    This was a complete waste of a good character. Beth Reisgraf actually had very good chemistry with Matthew and the character was interesting. Why is it that we get stuck with Hotch getting to have Beth (who has zero chemistry with him and is written very poorly) but they come up with a better girlfriend for Reid and kill her off. Plus Bellamy is no longer available or filming but Beth Riesgraf is. It's just total crap.

    I was just annoyed when it ended. I looked at that and said "Really?" and sighed in disappointment. I didn't cry or feel any sorrow or anything. It was just too predictable for me.

    I know they probably thought they were shaking things up and having the team not be able to save someone-- but its been done before.

    Is it wrong that I hope they will reveal that Maeve is really just in a coma?

  11. I just realized that three team members had the same story: Gideon's love interest also gets killed by an unsub.Remember Sarah? Remember Frank? Also yeah, we were promised a relationship, the girl dying before Reid could say two words to her face to face? NOT a relationship.Again, this whole thing was plain stupid. Oh also Zannej stop wondering why the team or SWAT couldn't have prevented this, I mean the writers expected us to also believe that no one had shown one picture of The Reaper to Haley so she was clueless until the very last minute.So yeah...

  12. Not worth it, I have to say you have a good point. I actually noted that before. They killed Sara. They killed Gideon. They killed Rossi's ex-wife. They killed that Kate woman that Hotch seemed to like. Been there, done that.

    Don't even get me started on the plot holes for "100". I actually started to write (in my head) how that whole storyline would have gone in a way that made sense. Although I still can't make sense of how Foyet had any $$ to do anything unless he was killing people and stealing their money and credit cards and hiding their bodies and nobody was checking ID. oh wait.. I started...

    This episode had so much potential. I've seen people saying they hope Maeve is in a coma or something and that her parents won't let Reid see her because they blame him somehow. I wonder if her parents will ever even show up again...

    Up until that last moment I was still ok with the episode, but that last moment just ruined it. Such a letdown.

  13. Hey guys -

    If I hear that she's in a coma I'll watch it on line but I'm boycotting until they get him the girl we were promised. The only thing they listen to is ratings after all.

    - Rebecca

  14. Zannej wrote 1/16....

    "Why is it that we get stuck with Hotch getting to have Beth (who has zero chemistry with him and is written very poorly) but they come up with a better girlfriend for Reid and kill her off. Plus Bellamy is no longer available or filming but Beth Riesgraf is."

    My reply ....

    At the time this arc was being filmed, Beth Riesgraf was still a part of the TV series "Leverage" which was being shot up in Portland, Oregon. They didn't know if it was going to be renewed for another season or not, so I doubt she could have committed her time for more than a brief appearance on CM. She is such a good actress that I doubt she'll be out of work for long and who knows where that will be filmed.

    This is a problem they have with recurring cast like Bellamy who is filming another series, Will, JJ's husband (can't think of this name), who has been off shooting a movie and of course Jane Lynch, Reid’s Mom, is busy with "Glee". I read somewhere that was one of the reasons they had to kill Haley (Meredith Monroe) off because she wanted to pursue her film career. I'm beginning to feel that the writers think it's just easier to kill these important love relationships off then try and write around their busy acting schedules. As one poster wrote, it does up the drama of the episode. I understand this, but when it happens so often it looses it's impact and becomes an endurance test for the viewers.

  15. Someone on Facebook pointed to Beth R's interview where she says their relationship lasts through the end of the season.

    If they would just say that she was doing X more episodes this year at least for me that would solve the problem and make this one of the more amazing episodes in the history of the show.

    I mean really, for me they nailed it. Tons of drama, great profiling, a character that's a good fit for Reid's girl, a great actress and Reid loving Maeve just as hard and completely as I knew he always would. It was perfect until the last 30 seconds.

    So yeah, if it's not over, great. If it leads him to someone else, good enough. If it's neither, horrible.


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