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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - 811. Perennials - Comments Thread

Here you can post comments about tonight's Criminal Minds episode "Perennials", written by Bruce Zimmerman.

Enjoy tonight's episode!


  1. This was a disgusting piece of garbage. I'm about done.

  2. As I was watching the first part of the episode, I kept saying WTH is going on here? But as the team developed the profile, (gee, they really are profilers!!!) the more I understand the case came together. Which reminded of the S3-5 episodes we all loved so well. The UnSub, who I thought at first was just plain wacko, turned out to be be a deeply twisted individual, who as Rossi said in Profiling 101, "it only has to make sense to him". And great bit of thought and filming that the UnSub would now be reincarnated as a maggot. So for all that, Bruce Zimmerman gets a standing ovation.

    However, I was live chatting with a hospital employee, and she pointed a couple glaring inconsistancies. First off, they would never do a C-Section in the ER. And there are no longer nurseries for newborns in hospitals. They stay with the mothers to help the bonding.

    As to the team, great profiling like I said. Reid disappeared in last part, which I'm sure was due to post-production on last week's ep. And I've never been a big fan of the Morgan/Garcia thang (yes, spelled the way I want). But if's that your cup of tea, you got your golden moment. And the meeting in the Round Table room at the end was terrific!!

    Final score: 9.25

  3. They could of just as easily made their point about what the guy believed by showing a couple of bugs here and there.

    But they went ridiculously overboard with the damn bugs.I can just imagine someone dvring this to watch later.I hope they don't watch it right after or right before they've eaten.

  4. I really liked this episode. Felt like a good old CM from season 3 & 4. Good, solid writing. Lots of profiling, minimum information given by the unsub, could feel the team really work the case.

    Loved the scene at the start with Reid and Blake. I like the friendship between those two. It is not the same as what reid had with Prentiss or does have with Morgan.

    I love how we had lots of Hotch the FBI agent! Hotch was without a doubt the BAU Unit Chief that I loved from previous seasons!

    The case was bit weird, an unsub whoi think he was the re-incarnation of a serial killer? But that was interesting as we got to find out, through the team working the case, why he killed and especially who.

    Love the scene at the hospital with the unsub dying and JJ taking away the baby and leaving the unsub to die with the maggots around him!

    have to say that I hate bugs and tonight there was two and type of bugs I cannot stand, maggots and flies! yuck!

    the ending with Hotch and Rossi telling the team about the unsub who is copying murders from previous cases was a great cliffhanger for what is to come in the second half of season 8!

    I'll give this one a 9.0/10.0

  5. Hey rockhotch31 -

    My husband works in an Er and he agrees with you, they don't do C-sections in there. They don't even do deliveries there anymore, the minute you say labor you're taken to L&D as fast as they can get you out of the room. But I don't know about 25 years ago, or whatever it was, things might have been different then.

    That said some hospitals still have nurseries. They are rarely used, as you said they try to keep Mom and baby together now, but if Mom is sick or something they will take a baby to the nursery for a short time. That would explain why there was only one baby and one nurse in there.

    I agree with you all, the profiling was excellent in this one. Well done.

  6. I found some of it interesting for maybe a few minutes and then it was just uninteresting. I didn't hate it, but it didn't have anything that stood out as good.
    I felt this one, while not terrible, could have been improved with a few changes:
    1) A different actor for the villain. I felt this guy was flat and that the little boy turned out a better and more compelling performance than him.
    2) Shortened intro scene for the death of Floressa. They could have had it just as is up until the guy calls her Patty and she says she's not Patty and then it could have shown his back and the chisel being pulled out of his pocket, his back passes in front of the camera and transition to next scene.
    3) Shortened diner scene or maybe even completely cut it out and then had the waitress who survived tell the team what she saw. Seeing the entire scene did not really further the plot any.
    4) More emotion or explanation on just why the guy didn't kill the boy. Did he relate to him? Did he feel sorry for him? Was he unable to kill him because he was so young?
    5) Gotten rid of the exposition dialog where the villain spouts off to the boy to explain the plot.
    6) Hotch could have called Garcia and told her the things he told the team to tell her.
    7) There could have been an explanation on why Hotch was walking behind while JJ led the interview with the one woman. I mean, I can figure it out, but it would have been nice to have Hotch say "JJ, this woman isn't accustomed to talking to men, I think she might be more comfortable talking to you".
    8. Cut the crap with Garcia coming to look at Morgan's abdomen. *sigh* I am really sick and tired of them trying to sell the supposed chemistry between them. I don't buy it. I don't even buy them as friends. Why did Morgan have a bandage if he was just bruised? Cold compress or ice would have made more sense. They could have had the makeup artists paint on some bruises or something.
    9. Done something different with the ending scene-- it just fell flat. It seemed to cut off abruptly and didn't have the right weight to it. It lacked the power it should have had.
    10. Maybe they could have shown the wall of the Replicator as he/she tacked up a picture of a new victim from another copycatted case and possibly shown a photo of Reid at the restaurant waiting for Maeve in there somewhere and/or a picture of the team getting off the jet with Morgan holding his ribs (all wearing the same clothing they wore in this episode).

    The concept of this one wasn't so bad but the execution wasn't the best. I wouldn't necessarily change the station if it was on again, but I wouldn't seek it out to watch again. This one was filler.

  7. I really wish they'd quit with the Morgan/Garcia stuff.... it's getting really old. Have the writers forgotten that they are able to interact with other characters and that may be the other characters may like the 'nice' scenes too.
    Please quit it writers.... You're killing Garcia's character!

  8. Apparently the Morgan/Garcia scene was just to show off Morgan's abs because the producers/writers think that the fans want to see that crap. I don't care. No offense intended to any people who find Shemar attractive, but I'm not a fan of muscular abs like that. Just not my thing.

    What would Erica Messer say if someone said they wanted people to show more skin on JJ so the fans could drool?

    It really is ruining the Garcia character.

    I want to see Garcia interact with someone else for a change and not act like a teenager. The writers said that Reid needs to grow up-- he is. It's Garcia who acts like she's not an adult.

    I wish they would tone it down and just have Morgan and Garcia as friends who tease each other occasionally instead of trying to push the over-the-top banter.

    When was the last time Garcia had a nice scene with JJ? Or with Hotch?

  9. Hotch didn't let JJ lead the interview with the priestess, they alternate asking questions.

    What I truly LOVED in this scene was seeing his gentlemanly ways make an appearance.
    In the beginning of the walk and talk Hotch was walking slightly ahead of the priestess and JJ and when they reached the narrow archway he waited until both women passed through and continued behind them.

    Always the perfect gentleman!

  10. Anonymus - Re Hotch. I agree, that is what I thought also. It is just what Hotch would do - holding doors, stepping aside etc. On a purely technical boring note, the positioning after they went through the gate is a very common camera position. It triangular/diamond style and is for camera angles in walking/talking scenes. I know this as I have worked on tv and film as an actor. The actor at the back has the hardest job as he/she must stay in position with other two actors or they will go out of shot.

  11. I guess I just remembered Hotch lagging behind a bit too far and not feeling like he was in control in the situation. Plus JJ was asking most of the questions and having the most interaction with the woman. Hotch seemed to be sort of there.


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