Thursday, November 15, 2012

Criminal Minds Comments threads for "The Fallen"

Here you can post comments about tonight's episode of Criminal Minds episode "The Fallen".

Enjoy tonight's episode!


  1. I could go into a big, long story about how much I loved this episode. I, like the wonderful Joe Mantegna, am very supportive of veterans; the sacrifices they made for all of us, et al. So I knew this epi was going to resonate with me and it did. Bottom line, when I want to immediately re-watch the epi, that means it was excellence! Yes, it was heavy Rossi, but the team all chipped in. Reid was fantastic with the milk!!! And Meshach Taylor was outstanding!!! Score = 10.

  2. agreed with rockhotch31 this was an excellent episode. Lots of Rossi but every member of the team did have their moment. We got to see the unsub only close to the end of the episode which did help to keep the mystery until the end.

    Interesting story with the veterant. A good man who, despite being a hero and serving his country well was living on the street. I loved how complicated and deep his friendship with Rossi was. Also, the contrast between the life the man who saved Rossi's life on the battleground, turned out so differently from the life of the man who got saved.

    The reason why the unsub killed the homeless was not new, but who killed and what was his trigger was.

    small things that I loved in this episode;

    - hotch finally kicking a door!
    - Reid showing up with milk to save the woman! where did he get that?
    - Rossi's agent was funny and was not afraid to push the fame writer!

    Great performance by Joe Mantegna and Meshach Taylor who had great material to work with written by Rick Dunkle and Dan Ramm.

    I'll give this episode a 9/10!

  3. Good episode.I liked learning about Rossi's military background.I really liked that we didn't see the unsub right a way.I feel that they've been focusing on the team more and a little less on the unsubs.

    It was a bit light on Hotch.I also wanted more Reid.LOL I guess last week's episode spoiled me.
    I was happy with the contributions Reid made though.Nothing against Alex bc I've grown to like her,but I'm glad that it was Reid,not her that gave
    Sarah the milk to drink,that helped neutralize the effects of the bleach until they could get her medical attention.

    There is still room for improvement.As much as I liked last week's episode I really think it'd been better with less unsub.

    Although it's not perfect,I'm happy to give this season 2 thumbs up so far as opposed to season 7 which I gave 2 big fat thumbs down.

  4. Anybody know the name of the song at the end of the episode?


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