Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - 806. The Apprenticeship - Comments Thread

Here you can post comments about the new Criminal Minds episode "The Apprenticeship" written by Virgil Williams.

Enjoy the episode!


  1. Oh wow. Way to completely creep out that storybook ending!! :'(

  2. Ahh man Reid playing sports made me laugh my a$$ off. I beleive he should still stick to the books than sports. Anyway good episode, not that shocking for the ending though since you kinda could guess the mentee would want to surpass the mentor. And than we got to see the season long unsub again. I really hope he is shown/mentiond more in episodes that are soon to come and that they'll explain the deal with the 'Silencer Copycat' maybe it could be the season long unsub maybe its something else, who knows. I would give this episode a 8/10.

  3. I'm not a big fan of knowing who the unsub is right away, but Virgil wrote a heckuva episode. We got a perfect Rossi snark line. (Think he's taking over for Emily). And as the team built the profile, we seen it in action. It was a perfect way to do it. And the softball stuff at the end was just perfect to the story. As Anonymous said above, the mentee surpassed the mentor! Gold!! And if you watched closely, Hotch high-fiving Jack when Reid scored was just too precious!! Wasn't total edge of my seat CM ep, yet still very, very good. I'll give it a 9.

  4. I nearly turned it off when I saw the unsub within the first few seconds, but I decided to keep the TV on.

    I have to say I wasn't very pleased with the acting from the younger unsub. Matthew Lillard did a fantastic job, but the boy's preformance was underwhelming and I just didn't buy it.

    The baseball thing with Reid was cute but too predictable and I sort of wish that Reid had actually been able to use his brainpower to figure out when to hit the ball instead of being told to just "feel" it.

    The supervisor girl seemed too young to be the supervisor and just didn't seem right for some reason.

    I wonder if the photographer at the end was actually the unsub or perhaps a private investigator hired by the unsub.

    Hotch still doesn't seem to have much to do and is not striking me as being the leader like in the past. And why is he looking at the maps now? Are the writers upset by the ReidXmaps fics?

    Garcia's banter with Morgan was bad in this one. The thing about her ears being hungry.. ugh.. And then the "Yes Yes!" thing.

    Just once I want to see them have a problem where they get a computer and the internet isn't working so Garcia has to walk one of them through the process on the phone instead of being able to hack it. Like, what if the computer is in a rural place that has Hughesnet (and thus the unsub was enraged by waiting for 4min30 seconds in the stupid menu before even dialing to tech support, then gets some incompetent imbecile in India who is reading from a script and gets confused and 3 hours later the "tech" still doesn't know what to do and doesn't comprehend what the customer is saying-- because they don't know or don't want to admit that the software that calculates the bandwidth usage is faulty and they claimed the customer loaded 300Mb of data when the computer was turned off so it couldn't possibly be loading-- and the customer finally flips out and decides to go start killing people at Indian restaurants or at Hughesnet HQ). Tech says "oh, we will have to send a technician out to your house and you will be billed $125-- you should upgrade to Gen4".. Ok, scratch the part about the unsub. :P

    This episode was still missing something and I was not pleased with how much they focused on the unsub. There was no mystery and it just wasn't as thrilling as the earlier episodes where we would see the team profiling and have to guess at what had happened and not see the actual crimes being committed until the end when the team came in.

    At least its an improvement over last season.

    PS. Hughesnet sucks.

  5. The Apprenticeship was written off well and acted out equally good.Finally Reid and Morgan get some good bonding time,just like we are used to seeing in the earlier seasons.
    To the person who posted before me,whatever bandwidth and computer turn-off stuff you're writing about,sorry pal,can't be understood by more than 60% of the population.Plus,the India thing is pretty racist.India has plenty of computers and a whole city of IT techno...might wanna google it before reaching to extreme and orthodox conclusions.
    The build-up to the season-long UnSub was good and a little ominous.Was it only me or did Reid become M.G.G towards the end bit?Rossi is the sunshine!Excellent writing Mr. Williams,looking forward to watch the next one!

  6. I loved it. It was more like a good old CM episode to me compared with the last two episodes who had IMO OTT creepy unsubs. It had lots of profiling and all team members contributed to the profiling. The Morgan/Reid scenes were cute and funny and I loved how Morgan encouraged Reid.

  7. zannej said...
    I nearly turned it off when I saw the unsub within the first few seconds, but I decided to keep the TV on.
    Why? So you can come here and complain about how bad you thought it was and to criticize every little thing? Seriously, I am curious to know, at this point, why the heck are you still watching?


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