Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - 809. Magnificent Light - Comments Thread

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  1. Again, wasn't the strongest episode of CM I've seen in my life. I really enjoyed all the team profiling. And I did get to see a bit more of Hotch. Not much, but it was more. The unsub was a sick, twisted puppy, which makes me wonder how the writers can come up with stuff like that. The rest "meh". And just when I was about to blow my stack at Garcia, the ending all neatly tied it up and I have to say I was quite pleased by it. Great shot of Morgan getting out of the car ala Bond. And great timing with "Skyfall". The ending though, totally creeped me out. They are really starting to amp up this season long unsub. Score - 8.

  2. I definitely liked this episode better than last week's.
    I didn't feel like the unsub was being shoved down my throat.

    I liked that it was Reid who figured out the guy's condition.Speaking of Reid,he sure looked gorgeous tonight.

    Garcia was irritating.I felt like telling her to mind her own business and leave Morgan alone.But of course seeing that it's Garcia I knew she wouldn't.

    Ok so she convinces Morgan to attend this event,but why was she the only one of his colleges there to support him.

    Ok that was strange.Why did that man want Morgan's glass.And was it the SLU himself or someone working for him who took the glass.

    I too enjoyed all the team profiling.

  3. The fact that in my psychology class we are researching synesthesia just when criminal minds airs a synesthetic episode,is very creepy and coincidental.Reid wore a 'magnificent' suit and Morgan got his hands on his batmobile were the two-glam up quotients of the episode.I really like the use of such rare disorders and how it can affect people,it is very informative.Psychology 101 all the way!

  4. Just want to point out the day this episode aired a motivational speaker came to my school and talked about how everyone has a special gift.
    I was actually a little bit scared.
    SO coincidental!!


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